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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Longwood Plantation

Obtained for visual purposes only

When I see this "product" that has profited (Im sure) for the Plantation Owners and property that they still manage to have around, i think, who is this Black Woman who made the syrup what it is.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why is curlier hair curlier? Wassup with the twirl?

Curly hair is drier and becomes frizzy in humidity because curly hair fibers absorb the water in the atmosphere and causes it to go back to its original coiled structure.

[Shocks and structs on vehicles are coiled because they "spring"encircling it].  

Why you dont need to wear Sunscreen

The reason people of color need not to wear sunscreen is because people of color secretes natural oils in the skin and hair that lubricates the skin and hair causing it to become dry due to the sebaceous glands resistant.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Angelitos Negritos and when did Angels become white?

"Never did you remember to paint a black angel"? 

These words I heard sung in Spanish on TV. The scene showed a man with dark hair sitting playing the piano with a little girl who looked white but with brown make up on to make her look darker than what she really was. Next, came out a lady, who looked like the help, also in "black face" make up.

I looked up the movie because the scene, the lyrics was just something I didn't expect to be hearing, especially in Spanish. The movie was called, "Angelitos Negritos" which translates in English to Little Black Angel. The movie was made in 1948 & Angelitos Negros in 1978 both based in Mexico. 

Belen, the little girl, the nanny/mom & the dad who was a singer on Film.

The film was written by Joselito Rodriguez , pictured below and it was based on a singer who meets a woman he eventually marries but realizes that she is racist towards people of color. 

She eventually gives birth to a daughter who comes out with darker skin and for that reason she doesn't show her that motherly love. She blames her husband for having black ancestry but come to find out the nanny, she openly expresses her dislike for was actually her mom. Her daughter knows her mother doesn't like her because of the color of her skin so she paints her face white.

Joselito Rodriguez film writer

If the movie wasn't enough, Valentin Pimstein Weiner, a Russian Jewish Man who was born in Chile and moved to Mexico, came out with a Spanish Soap Opera or Telenovela with the same name and same concept.  

I didn't finish watching the movie because as I was watching it. I started thinking. This is the goddamn problem when whites get involved with anything unrelated to them. This is their delusional sick muthafuckin' twisted as bullshit they bring. 

This is based in Mexico, in Spanish so one would automatically assume these producers, writers etc are real Mexican or Hispanic people and usually, they are neither. 

Watching this film, first thing I thought about was the English Movie called, Imitation of Life directed by a German, pictured below. 

10 years later in 1959, Imitation of life comes out which is also a remake of a 1934 film by John Stahl, another EuropeanThe movie basically is about two mothers who have 2 little girls and the black mother tends to take care of both while the white mom goes out to audition for her strike at fame.

The daughter of the "black lady" is fair skin and is also obsessed with passing for white.The lady who is playing a black lady ain't even black at all. Her name was Susan Kohner and she was the daughter of a "white" Mexican actress and a Czech Father. Both pictured below. 

Susan Kohner and her "Mexican American" Mom Lupita Tovar

So, the similarities of these films is this, white films intended on deception. Have you ever seen a black film or brown film produced that shows a Melanated child wanting to be white or imitating someone white as passing for someone ethnic? Most likely, hell naw. 

I don't get this shit and what I don't get neither is when did Angels become white? When did Angels become white pale babies with blonde curly hair with wings and diapers on?

In the "scared book" or the "Basic Instructions before leaving Earth ->" Bible, angels are described in Daniel 10:6 His body also was like beryl, his face had the appearance of lightning, his eyes were like flaming torches  <- Flaming torches?

Isaiah 6:2, Joshua 5:15Also Describe angels as being 15ft tall cherubims or having four or 6 wings in humanoid forms. Described as having an eagle, lion or an ox and human head wrapped in one. So, when did the little white baby displayed as an angel come about? No matter where you search this answer is hard to come about. 

When you go to religious grounds, angels are depleted as white "angels" with halos or wings, why is this? No where in the bible, Angels are pictured or mentioned to look like this. (By the way, this link ^ is just for reference purposes, everything that the author talks about I may or may not agree with. Everything you take should be taken with a grain of salt, incase, you dont know this already).  

So, like these movies, it is my conclusion that similar to these angels shown as whites, people imitating whites or these movies that suppose to be "ethnic" but made by whites is just another narcissistic personality disorder from those who may have money but a calcified brain put out there to distort the ones that are Melanin dominated. 

Because like, Nikki Giovanni said, Really, who would want to trade being black? 

It is disturbing that they put out these movies. If it wasn't for colonization no one would think that being white is somehow better or right. Having color, being rhythmic, having hair texture that can create dozens of hair styles, having natural strength ability to Serena & Venus for example, is something they continue to hate on so since they have the money and the media source they continue to engross this nonsense. 

All over the internet, there are countless examples of similar movies or events (which I could of continue putting up but got sick of this shit.) 

What really brought me to all this, was the recent statement of another "imposter" of the Mexican race. A "Politican" named Carlos Mannuel Trevino Nunez who lives in Mexico and says he hates soccer (what real Mexican would hate that sport, forreal?) and the "monkey" Brazilian soccer player (Two time FIFA World player Ronaldinho) who Carlos white looking as said held up traffic so he like a bitch went on facebook to vent. 

"Fake Mexicans" Mexico President Vincent Fox, Yolanda Vargas Dulche and Carlos Nunez - who hates "soccer" but a steelers fan. 
This is what happens as a result, of these whites who have no bloodline to what it really is to be a Mexican, black or have some type of Melanin. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Melanin Order

Having Melanin is in Order, not having Melanin is a disorder which usually originates in the Neurobiology.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Response to Misconceptions of a Non-Spanish Speaking Latina

Response to Misconceptions of a Non-Spanish Speaking Latina

:: If you are Latina but don't know how to speak the language how proud are you or better yet, what are you proud of?
Calling yourself Latina?

Parents (community, Tio's Tias, whoever) Have failed the Latina/o who grows up not being able to speak the language their race identifies with. Latinos first were colonized by the spanish hundreds of years before the invasion of the English (If you didn't like the language and didn't want to learn how to speak it for that reason, then that's a difference story and one I can understand. But that's not what it seems like you are saying).

When you are Hispanic or identify as a Latino/a, call yourself that but don't know the language it is a disgrace, you have been failed, You, personally, failed and don't care to speak it or learn it if you grow up and still don't know how to communicate in your very own native language especially, if you live within our communities.

No matter how loving, supportive, hardworking your mother was, why would she not teach a "spanish" related person, "spanish?" Just because you cook rice & read books on Puerto Rico, don't make you anymore Latina then blonde hair, blue eye singer Christina.

Does your child/ren speak their lineage language? Do you care? Being Bilingual is a + & not only higher pay but a wider range of opportunities.

If you "look" like a Latina; dark hair, skin & eyes, you should uphold yourself to one. That's all we saying...

Christina Aguilera isn't Latina enough

Christina Aguilera isn't "Latina" enough because not only does she not know how to speak spanish (but recorded an Album in Spanish), she doesn't culturally identify as one.

She is half white (Christina: "I'm split right down the middle,half Irish, half Ecuadorean") and her kids and their father, unlike her fathers ethnicity, are also of Caucasian heritage.

To be proud to be a "Latina" would be to not say you are (Christina: "I should not have to prove my ethnicity to anyone. I know who I am."). A proud one is a Latina who self expresses as one.

Read full article here 2012

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Differences in Melanin and Melatonin

Melanoma is a diseased caused by cancerous cells that eventually spread further causing contamination enough to cause death. Melanoma is one of the deadliest skin cancers out in this age. Melanoma is caused by exposure to the Sun UV rays.

However, people that have Melanin, contrary to developing Melanoma, are able to withstand long periods in direct or indirect sunlight, not affected by the sun uv ray, which doesn't result in red or burned skin but the total opposite, darker pigment with usually a sun glow to the skin.

People that have Melanin, including animals and plants, have a high compound hue mostly showed in skin color, hair color or dominating, as in black or brown, eye coloring. In addition to adding color, it also has many health benefits having color.  

Melanin is a sun adaptive trait that can be seen almost as a natural survival kit as the melanin you have, when exposed to high UV, can still absorb energy or light, even when your body has penetrated enough Sun energy.

Without the sun, the world wouldn’t be warm or warm enough to maintain earth survival. Melanin is now, like Melatonin, created in a lab synthetically. I wonder where they are getting the "Melanin" from to make synthetic melanin or melatonin, which is able to be purchased now in stores in pills or in liquid forms.

Melanin, melatonin, carbon and oxygen all are natural living compounds  that coexist naturally with mother earth. These high broad class of substance is being tested, studied with still no clear assumption as the real role melanin plays in the body.

Melatonin is something that usually older people buy in a synthetic form. Made from real Melanin that is produced by Melanic animals, plants or humans, to help them sleep better since nonetheless, their own body is unable to produce Melanin.

Because they are unable to consequently, they are also unable to produce the natural sleep hormone, Melatonin, that is secreted by the pineal glands that maintains proper function of our biological functions including the body's circadian rhythm.

This is a major health concern and something people shouldn't take lightly of.

Melatonin much like Melanin helps act as a shield to extreme or hot environments.

In studies it is proven when humans eat Melatonin rich foods such as pineapple, bananas the blood levels increase melatonin massively. Similarly in animals such as when birds ingest melatonin rich plants, the melatonin forms quickly together in the melatonin receptors in the brain. Some interesting facts about stuff your body produces naturally, melanin and melatonin.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mo'ne Davis: "Kids from Philly now going to Williamsport".

Mo'ne Davis Pitcher for the Philadelphia Taney Dragons 2014

Mo'ne Davis may only be 13 but she is already making a household name for herself breaking world history.

She is the only girl in her all boy baseball team and as a pitcher, leading her team to the 8-0 victory.

Mo'ne 3 hitter quitters, throwing a 70 mile per hour fastball (her age bracket usually throws at 50 mile per hour), sends her team, the Philadelphia Taney Dragons,  to play in the Little League World Series.

She is Melanic & talented & not to mention, has some beautiful hue eyes.
Mo'ne Davis

She is 1 of 2 girls to play in the 2014 LL World Series and 1 on the 2 to play with another female player at the same Little League World Series.

She is also the only girl pitcher to pitch a shutout in Little League History and the 4th American female to play in the Little League World Series. She is the top 10 female already for breaking other records.

Mo'ne & team on their victory

Make sure to pick up Sports Illustrated Magazine August 25, 2014 as she appears on the cover as the first baseball player ever to appear on a Sports Illustrated front cover.

Read more about her on Wiki which is pretty much on point with actual amazing facts about her.
More here about the Little League History 

Watch a clip of Mo'ne Davis on Sunday Conversation here
On this point forward: 

"I will go as far as I can. Baseball or soccer may be my favorite sport. You never know… I wanna go to UCONN (Connecticut Women's basketball team) and be a point guard on the basketball team, that’s my dream & go to the WNBA." MD 

Mo'ne Twitter

Did you know:

Maybe its in the blood.

In 1987 Black Philadelphian team called, the Dolly Vardens, were the first paid baseball team and they were all black women.

147 years later, Mo'ne Davis becomes world breaker also.    

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wake me up when it's all over

I heard a song on the radio, "Wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older". I loved the lyrics and thought this song or video has to represent something.

I looked it up. Aviccii came up, a white guy. I knew something wasn't right. I knew this voice I heard on the radio was someone not white singing it. Apparently, the song belongs to Aloe Blacc but performed by Aviccii, have no clue why. (Made me think of the history with black music & whites performing it).

Clip from Aloe Blacc Wake Me UP

End of clip Aloe Blacc

Anyway, I found Aloe video & was amazed. I was proud for what the video represented, the lyrics,"Guided by a beating heart, I can't tell where the journey will end"... This touch a spot. I am glad to see an Artist really using their craft to create music with dignity & purpose for a cause instead of just entertaining.

This reminded me of millions of immigrants who migrate mainly to the US, because most likely, as a result of their own country facing a war or economic setback. It reminded me of the child they leave behind and put into locations around people who look like the arresting officers who deported their very own people.
It also reminded me of these illegal detention camps. Yes, maybe legal  to the system but morally wrong. 

..Wake me up becos I must be dreaming. I thought America was a land they also came to freed from..

Watch Aloe Black Wake Me Up Video here

Oscar Grant Daughter, Tatiana

Who they leave behind anytime one has committed murder... 

Monday, August 18, 2014

How I feel about Michael Brown

I want to say #RIP first and foremost to Michael Brown & his love ones. I have never met him but I feel for him, what he was feeling in his last moments & a lost I, too, have been hit with.

We all have. Why? Because he was amongst those teens we see in our communities. The same teen that we saw walking today up the street, at the park shooting ball, standing outside the store or just kicking it with his homeboys. He is someone we all see, everyday in our community.

One doesn't have to come to prejudgements as Hannity or Megan Kelly suggests on FOX, one can simply just come to their common senses and make sense of it.

Michael Brown was shot on the arms, eye and head. It don't matter in this case what his police records show or what he was doing before he, a teen civilian, unarmed and untrained gets killed by a 6 yr Veteran to the Department.

Why the need to shoot? Is this how they are trained is the question & troublesome. RIP for you & your family, young life lost so early by the hands who suppose to serve & protect the community, this is why the anger has risen.

Protect & serve the community not kill with insanity.
["Insanity manifest in ways of abnormality behavior,  uncontrollable impulsive behavior that continues, once too many times to revisit in insane patterns shown by law officials. When does the government think its enough already?. Killing when dark matters". - Elifi Blackroots

Killed this 18 yr old who worse crime that day was possibly stealing from a store.
Micheal Brown RIP August 09, 2014 killed 6 times by Ferguson Police Department, where only 3% of the officers are black. Serving a community that more than half are predominantly black. #Justicegivepeace #itstimealready

How I feel about Michael is how I will feel over my brother. Ed Henry and Ben Carson said Obama statement about Trayvon could of been his son was a "bonehead" or careless prejudge comment but couldn't he have been?

"Do I look Black or mixxed?"

I wanted to share with you what this Native American Lady shared with me. "Look in the mirror who or what do you see?". "That is what & who you are".

Because Melanin is the original "Make up" of our outer appearance, you can tell easily, usually defined by hair texture, hair color, eye color and largely skin color, who is black or who has black in them, which is a large percentage, larger than you are being told or could even image.

When someone ask,"Do I look black or mix?", usually, that is because you have some percentage of Melanin that displays in who you are.

This girl post,"Do you think I look black?" I stared thinking, why would you ask? #Prettybrowngirl shouldn't want to be anything other than that.

Do schools teach about Melanin?

When I was growing up and going to school, I don't remember learning about Melanin or don't remember learning much about it since I had to become an Adult to find out what Melanin is and what it had to do with me. To find out Melanin is ubiquitous and that I have a complete makeup of it, It is astonishing and makes me wonder do schools teach about Melanin? If you are around a school age child or teen, see. Ask, Do you know what Melanin is and/or heard about it in school? Ask the teachers, get involved. If they don't teach about Melanin dont you think they should? The very least we can know about ourselves is what we are and that's Melanic becos we have the substance Melanin.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Sun illuminates within YOU

The SUN HALO SunRainboow image by: FPLAAP
I had the pleasure of witnessing this magnificence in person. I saw this & automatically thought of YOU. Yes, you. 

You why? 
Because The Sun, is something your skin doesn't negate. In fact, it's energy penetrates. 

The Halo around this SUN [Not SON but Sun] at it's most high illuminates the world but it also illuminates through you. Through your skin... into the painting of who you are & to everything in you that has Melanin. 

I am thinking of you & hope you know about that skin you are in!   

Sunday, August 3, 2014

More benefits of Brown Skin/People of Color

Some of the benefits of Brown Skin is not needing to go out and buy Sunscreen. Sunscreen is not needed by people who have Melanin because the Melanin itself  protects us from in taking too much Sun energy.

The cells that regenerate from sun light protects Melanic people from receiving "too much" sun UV. When you go outside and your skin is exposed to the sun, melanocytes cells begin to go into production which produces Melanin, the hues of brown in the skin that is a natural "sun screen" and needs no additional chemicals put on it.

The darker the flesh then the deeper the roots. This refers to the Melanin you produce which ranges from 100% to 50%-100% from the Sun. People around the world from millions of years before any sun screen was created lived nakedly around the sun strongest equators points & all have an abundance amount of Melanin.

People of darker hues which reflects dominated in dark hair or dark eyes, dark eyebrows, dark skin; are Melaninated. People who have the opposite in color, have little to no melanin production.

Why are People of color, people of color again

People of color are considered a person of color, no matter what part of the world they are from, if and when they have brown skin or strong hair coils as in Afro texture hair or even in Asians who Melanin is formed in the delicacy of their eye structure.  

Because of this brown pigmentation in people of color, they are able to saturate the sun light heat & penetrate the energy of the sun exposing more hue to the skin. This occurs only in people of color who have melanin. The benefits of having brown skin is it's natural ability to take in enough Melanin and still resistant to the intake of more.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What are the two types of Melanin?

What are the two types of Melanin? 
Eumelanin & Pheomelanin.  

Neuromelanin is also a basic type of Melanin in the Neuron system.

Eumelanin is produced mainly in a abundance of black and brown pigment, when present. Eumelanin is considered the absorber of light. Pheomelanin pigment is more reddish yellow in hue. These natural existence are ubiquitous & anything that is a natural entity & has these colors exhibits Melanin,
Eumelanin & Pheomelanin.

Black People Tan?

The Sun and your skin. Get to know it. The two are one in the same.
 Protect your skin from the sun by not putting anything on it. If you have Melanin, you don't  need any form of "Sun screen" because your skin is naturally equipped with this. When your skin has enough sun, the body natural clock will convert the heat transmitting.

Black people get a instant tan when in the presents of the Sun, this is why, usually, when people have Melanin, a protective pigment, they don't burn after long or short periods in the sun.

What makes Black or other Melanic People resistant to the Sun?



Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Creative Soul

What type of Creative are you?

Almost always the creative "Minority" changes the world for better, said DR MLK. The creativity that rest in our spirit reflect in our sounds that we make. Similar to how birds & other species may not sing as humans do but they surely, create sound. You hear it too, don''t you? (Close your eyes & concentrate right now on the outside, especially, if the SUN is out, you can hear the birds soundly communicating).    

This music of life, as I like to call it. Think about it. The Creator created these colorful creative species that make earthly melody! Sounds for us to listen to, enjoy, sounds that alert us, draws attention, even the noise of a rooster, a natural earth alarm, we can depend on!

Even water falls make some sort of sound vibration. This is why therapist recommend water as a natural therapy to help boost the physical & mental.

Our brain responds to music in so much ways, productive & constructive. makes us feel good, can make us feel bad. Soul Music, R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Acoustics, Rap music studies show IS FEEL GOOD MUSIC & usually the listener is creative w/ high self esteem. Now, that's  #goodmusic isn't it?

Music & The BRAIN

This I thought was really interesting. The functioning of the brain, sound, movement, the visual even behind the cortex (the outer layer of our brain composed of a matter that plays a divine role in consciousness).

The Brain or cerebrum, which is located in the front of the skull consisting of two hemispheres, the left & the right, is responsible for the integration of the complex sensory & the coordination of the body voluntary activities & movement.

For example, there are areas in the brain computational centres that all play a part in the music/sound/rhythm intake.

When we first listen to sound, the first stage is the Auditory Cortex, which rest right smack in the middle of the brain, along with a host of other functions needed to gravitate to what music creates for you. This first stage listens to the notes of the sound you are listening to and analysis the perception of it.

Then our sensory cortex, physically gives feedback to the brain "sensing" how we react & our reaction to what we are listening to & or the instruments we play.

Movement such as dancing including tap dancing or any foot action, playing a instrument & the emotional involvement in this cerebellum location resides somewhere closer to the ear & closer to the behind of the head.

Our Amygdala (our emotional reaction to music) is located directly across from the ear but more centered on top. This is responsible for the emotions that are created when we listen to certain types of music.

The visual cortex, is what creates responses to when reading a book or to the sensation when we are visually watching someone dance in movement & with rhythm or our very own. This is located at the very back of our head.

Our Hippocampus, is the memory drive in our brain that memorizes music, lyrics, melody & our musical experience. This is also composed in the center of the brain.

There are other scientific terms to describe the other assets of the brain but these are just a few for you to see how AMAZIN the Creators work is!

Written all over your face

Heard of this expression before? When someone listens to music that makes you feel good, you can see it on their face. Your face, usually, looks at peace or a slight smile expression or you visibly singing along or moving your head in a non aggressive or combative movement.

This is the brain at work, responding to how the music we are listening to affects us.

It is shown that depending on the type of music we are listening to, this can affect how we see others neutral faces. If we are listening to nice soothing, rhythmic music, we will see neutral faces as happy.

If we are listening to sad or destructive music, we will usually read neutral face as the same.

This is our emotions that are affected by the music intake. Our perceived emotions & our emotions that are felt... meaning some can listen to sad music & not get depressed because they are perceiving the music, rather than feeling it. Even so, if you are depressed, you should be listening to music that is considered a "feel good" music or instrumental music that can uplift you.

So, what instruments drive you? What kind of music do you create?

Playing the Piano

Playing the Keyboard
Playing the guitar

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Legal Central American on Illegal Immigration

Amerika has a ugly, delusion on who are the illegals, who are "aliens" and the civil war in El Salvador, that as a result brought over countless of Salvadorian Indians to find refuge in the North Americas.

When "Americans Founding Fathers, pilgrims and pirates" came to this side of the pacific ocean in search of gold in the seven cities and throughout the whole damn continent including Mexico, which is now California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, etc; we, Native Brown Melanin dominating Indigenous peoples, failed at providing the same treatment as our people, those who blood is in this soil now colonized by English speakers, experience then and still yet, being treated today.

They say they won the war fair. They had weapons that killed people, their stocks and even today, flying birds just for hobbies while we live in a wealthy country that has massive of homeless mothers and children, empty buildings and not too mention, homeless disabled Vets that risked body parts for this great Saint or Satan.

Won a war fair. Although, we were nomadically, naked delighted to intake the sun energy while we went and hunted and gathered our own food peacefully. Won a war fair, although the weapons these english and spanish colonist had to our rocks and tree made knives couldn't compare.

Won a war fair, although, we signed our land that was ceased by non natives forcefully and had unknowingly sold acres to these new settlers for 1 pesos or for $16 dollars because the documents were in English a language FOREIGN to the Indigenous peoples of  America we now call a mere Mexican.

The smallest country in Central America - so they say - El Salvador, during the civil war, which was aided by the US & The UN, took the lives of 75,000+ Salvadorians either by guns, disappearance or relocation/refuge.

The Socioeconomic inequality burden that Americans in Central America face . I always wonder, why are they called "Central Americans" if they don't have the same rights as Americans in the North? Reminds me of slaves and black people in the south trying to freed to the North. What's the difference isn't this the same shit?

As a "Legal" Central American here, and I use the term LEGAL loosely, because this term only apply to the politricks behind this demonical game of the dirtiest muthafukas that we pay respect to because of how they dress, cars they drive even tho they are as soulless as the ones who came to take over land that provided every earthly source imaginable.

But as someone who is a resident here, I no longer watch TV because of the poision it instills in everday struggling Americans who are easily influenced that brown people are illegal or aliens even tho, we all know non brown people came here to discover those same looking brown people they calling immigrants.

Just becos we cross over on feet, utilize the Creators dirt floors rather than coming over on ships in the sea, don't make us a criminal. AMERIKA is OUR HOME to us BROWN INDIGENOUS NOMADIC PEOPLES.

#CNN want to have all white Politicans and maybe one black lady and a democrat (to make us feel all a little better, minorities are present) don't mean shit and they want to talk about #Immigrationcrisis as if their forefathers didn't immigrate from across oceans to take Earth wealth that we already amongst ourselves shared.

As a Central/South/North Nomadic decendent, it is disgusting to see all the benefits these New Citizens, New Mexico, New California residents have reap.

To those whites now who say "we didn't own slaves, we weren't here in those days" and to have the recessiveness to even to say,"get over it", only shows the inherited bigotry that their forefathers, news stations, media and everything else "majority" driven.

Everyone knows, the past is the present and this is a reflection everyday when you turn on your television and they want to call my people illegal or aliens, just no respect for humanity and for the melanin they take from us to turn into synthesis melatonin to help them sleep better from their ill conscious behavior.

They say the border isn't secure. I been hearing this same gimmick since I was a teenager. 10 presidents before Obama was talking about the borders and with the minutemen taking it upon themselves to protect the border, you still mean to tell me it's not secure enough?

What's not secure is the killers in the US by rich, depressive, uncool teens and policeman taking out their madness on US Citizens and students.

As a brown female, watching the hatred dispel is my only American Dream at this point becos were my people belong is fukn everywhere, we were Nomadic then and that will never change.

MAY THE EARTH SUN & NATURE PROTECT US becos how many of our people belong to the NRA, National Rifle Association?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why is everything natural costly?

Why are we being charged for water, lemons, other fruits and vegetables, seeds and herbs that grow from plant on trees? 
Why do we pay for electricity? 
How about for milk and why is there even a grocery? 

Why do we pay for what comes from nature?
Why are you paying for WATER?


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Melanina Tee

This is our new Melanina Tee... will its in the works.. something similar very similar to this. Can you guess the "message" behind it?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cigarettes take life, Marijuana gives it

Depression, epilepsy causing seizures, stress and anxiety, business owners and CEO's; terminal cancer, insomnia, cancer survivors, ADD's, back pain, stomach cramps, headaches, bowel movement stability, panic attacks... This is  just some of the things Marijuana, a plant grown from a seed how like corn does; this cures.

We live in a democracy that Cigarettes that have killed over 200 million people is legal and sold to eight teen year old and older. It causes, in addition to death,throat cancer,terminal cancer, heart attacks, strokes, a lot of what marijuana cures cigarettes causes. Yet, cigarettes are legal and things like natural herbs that grow wild and pants sagging comes with fines and jail time.What in the WORLD?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If Beyonce can have an alter ego and other "Artist" how come Nick Cannon can't have a white alter ego name Connor Smallnut?

Because of the hatred embedded in the melting pot of America, a comedian who doesn't have a track record with racism, racist friends or affiliated to any racist organizations, in fact, married to a biracial woman, Mariah Carey; Nick Cannon can't even dress up like a :totally rad out" white boy because it's now called "reverse racism". Meaning instead of the usual, white racist, it's now someone else returning the treatment. This term, Reverse racism, symbolizes someone who is nonwhite but does something oppressive.

Is Nick Cannon "white dude" look racist? He look like that white boy who had everyone fooled talking about his "24" or (Foes how he says it) but infact was a white boy,  mackelmore, rapping on black music/ black beats.

Is this similar to whites putting on black make up portraying black performers, to entertain or blatantly poke fun in times where slavery was legal and the equivalent of a white man and a black one was non-existing?

How come it's OK for Justin Beaver and miley cyrus, mackamore to mimic black artist and/or black culture but to promote an album called, white people party music it would only make sense, wouldn't it for Nick to get into actual character. American Idol always have whites singing "soul music" when we all know who stabilized the rhythm and blue in R&B.

If Beyonce can have an alter ego and other "Artist", How come Nick Cannon can't have a white alter ego name Connor Smallnut?

"Black face" begun in the most racist times when killing and lynching was done in the public on street corners. As early as 2008, Robert Downey Jr, in Tropic Thunder, played the whole role in "Black costume" but he's just "acting" right?


From "They would then create an offensive stereotypical caricature of a black person for humor, not giving any thought to dehumanizing nature of their act. The practice was popular during the 19th century, propagating American racist stereotypes such as the "happy-go-lucky darky on the plantation" or the "dandified coon." This so-called art was popular for about 100 years, starting in the states in the 1830's and qickly making its way overseas".. Read more

Monday, March 24, 2014

Black and White Mix

How is it to be this? Melanin skin w/ white mixed in.

Lupita Nyong'o Melanin Skin

They said, Oprah even called her Beautiful.

The preference for light skin.

By who? Who is this preference by?
Her beautiful Melanin.

Yet, in the motherland she wanted less
pigment even try to cut deals with God
so that she could have lighter skin.

Raised in Kenya and like us American Color girl,
she too, wanted skin less equivalent
becos we really haven't been taught about this magic brown skin that we are dressed in...  

Why is this?
Why would anyone want skin that doesn't have all the benefits that Melanin give?

Melanin, dammit.

VOW to know in YOU it exist.

Lupita Nyong'o  Complexion Obstacles HP

Empowering Women is Empowering The Nations

What is a woman in Nations that consider women second class citizens, inferior to the superior man, prone to rape, being assaulted, harassed and violated?

What is a role of women in society?
Who created this state of being for women?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Arizona and Georgia Immigration Laws, hate and hatred

Controversial immigration issues, Immigration decisions and laws some unthinkable. How can a actual real human come up with such buffoonery and spoof to call Old Mexicans "immigrants"?

The latest on new immigration bill constantly throw in sourness to the melting browning back of America. Pre-Americans have always been colored and the united states immigration bill has always from it's origin has been fraudulent and the mother of law breaking and human rights assaults and violations.

Protect and serve the community is in fact the organization of the brotherhood because evidence proves that the police kills those who are teenagers and now no one just about trust them. 

Anti immigration bill only is applicable to people with spanish accents, spanish last names and skin as dark as the color of the indigenous people who by many were killed by the ancestors of today's managers, business/land owners and law makers that use brown services in exchange for slave wage although, American's "need jobs" they say, but those employers who employee Melanic workers rather not pay, so they created animosity and resentment when everyone is trying to find ways to make it. Why you mad muthafukkka, why the hate bitch as Plymouth rocker, sun blocker?

SB1070 Arizona immigration law and other similar laws state wide have created tension and resentment towards another race of people who are accepting lower wages to also, like them, try to make it.

Get mad, get sad then weep. Understand the plan that comes from the powers that be.

Take the anger to the organizations
not the people putting in work for money that to them also brings shelter, food and other life needs.

Making ends meet. 

Effects of Arizona Immigration law
and placing brown kids in white environment
creating self awareness of brown hateness

Laws CEASE, breaks so many human rights, can't beg for no more mercy.

The land of the land, not the law of the man in most cases justified by the US Supreme Court.
Who am I suppose to ask for more if I can't get basic human necessities? 




Efi Boquio

Ever wonder why usually black hair is on brown skin?

Having Dark or Black Hair is the best hair color to have, that is, if you want shiny, glossy and healthy looking hair. And I am not saying this because I myself have black hair.

Usually hair looks better when it's darker and usually the hair itself is much healthier versus any  other color.

A stylist has said that he has seen the most driest damage hair look much better and a lot more healthier once he has processed hair with a darker hue.

Ever wonder why usually black hair is on brown skin? This is because of the DNA pigment, Melanin. Melanin not only gives color to your skin but also your hair. Dark hues of hair, is also Melanin.

Is hair oil good for hair? YES!

People of color, Melanic people, need their hair moisturized because of the sun contact with the top of your hair, so it needs to be hydrated and usually natural oils to your natural hair oils go hand in hand.

Using coconut oil on natural hair, or castor oil for hair is an important essential for natural black and brown hair. Avocado for black hair intensify the hair coloring and in months, that long black hair will be noticeable anywhere.

The benefits of having black hair is a long list one,, Can you name some?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Glad to see you haven't had any plastic surgery

"I am glad to see you haven't had any plastic surgery".

 Many people "think" that those who get plastic surgery aren't displeased or dissatisfied with how they see themselves when they look in the mirror. But they must be. Please don't feed that naive. 

To "try" to modify what the creator has already created by going under "the knife" or injecting chemicals inside your skin and into your blood stream that somehow "freezes" the aging of your skin as in "Anti-aging", is a mind frame out of this world of cloning, filters and botox.

The beauty about Melanin is that none of this for us is really necessary. The beauty about Melanin is that those who use "Anti-Age" products often have ZERO Melanin therefore needing "artificial" to enhance what they don't have "natural".

Having Melanin decreases fast aging (this is why commonly "Black don't crack"). The Melanin usually present in the skin provides a great abundance of collagen and pigmentation that leaves Melaninated skin usually healthy, with a glow and "youthful" looking. 

While whites have this plastic surgery epidemic on lock, many of our women of color also have fallen in the trap of "self delusion". Did Lil' Kim really have to become this species that often becomes after plastic surgery?  Lil' Kim was Lil' Kim when she first came out and once she got caught up in that industry she became less of who she was and become what the fame wanted her to become. 

While whites going out and buying color to their skin, cheek implants, hips & trying to achieve a black or Brazilian "ass"; or while they are getting their lips artificially "plumped" like Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out and more here our people like Lil' Kim or Dominican Samuel Peralta "Sammy" Sosa and Save by the Bell, Laura Voorhies are trying to achieve the diminishing of Melanin and the whitening to the beauty in brown natural skin. 

When will this epidemic end and when will people like this see the MAGNIFICENCE in being Brown and having Melanin? 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Is having an accent a flaw? Arizona Board of Education think so

Why would someone who isn't English be expected to be fluent and accent-free? This is because of assimilation and what happens when English is the primarily language we all speak as United States Citizens.

Although the Spanish came to America before the English, English is still dominating and those who speak with an accent are not allowed to teach. English is not the most spoken language in the world, so why would it be in a diverse country like America?

Is having to learn proper English oppressive? Hell, the fuck yeah it is.

English is the hardest language to learn because it is stripped from sound, rhythm and is basic as hell. The only people that should be speaking English are those from England, nothing more nothing less. English is only dominating if it has something to do with the global workforce that you at some point will have to be subject to.

Do babies speak with an accent?

This Article, I found interesting, the way we speak, begins in the brain.

Do babies speak with an accent?

"Kuhl observed that the infants were more responsive to the sounds of their own language than to the sounds of other foreign languages—even before they were able to speak themselves. She discovered that babies as young as one year acquire the specific accented sounds of their parents and that the first year of listening makes a lasting impact on the way we speak for our entire lives. As she told Smithsonian magazine, “Our research shows that a kernel of that pattern of speaking begins to form in the brain well before actual production of speech". Read more here  

If GOD was a Man would he look like this?

If "God" did have a son, would he be white? Would he look like the images they have portrayed this "son of God" to look like? Blonde medium length hair and pale skin? 

Is this what the SON OF GOD looked like?

I think, not. Man was not to be idolized or thought of to be better than a woman who bared life. Not into religion was introduced was the woman secondary to a man. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Cupid, God of love & sex, known for being Magical. Guess why the arrow shoots you.

Instead of just going along with this “Traditional” Holiday, We wanted to show you some Love by sharing with you the TRUE meaning of this day. Because, Certainly – if you did know its roots, you wouldn’t want to celebrate it.
Valentine’s is a day celebrated every year with Cupid, Chocolate, Cards, Candy and Roses! Unfortunately & consequently, a high number of those who “involve” themselves with Valentine’s Day don’t know the origin at all. Who & What is Valentine’s? Who was Cupid? To begin, this day origin starts in Rome and was a Ceremony Rite celebrated from the 13th to the 22nd of February for, Lupericulous. Often seen performing in goat skin thongs & other Roman Priests would gather at this time, in a Cave named, Lupercal.

In this Cave, Human & Animal (Sheep’s & Dogs) Sacrifice’s would take place & blood could be seen all over. Then they would go and smear the “purification/sacred” blood onto women and crops to make them fertile within a year. (For host of Fertility/Sex Gods go here)

Also, in this cave, The Founders of Rome, Twins Romulus and Remus, were also born and raised there by their Mother, Juno, who was also a Wolf (below). (If you live in Cincinnati, OH you can see the statue located in Eden’s Park for yourself). In 498 A.D. This holiday was outlawed (as Christmas and Easter once was) by Pope Gelasius who ended The Feast saying it was Unchristian.
Ages later, The 1st Official ’Valentine’s’ Day was celebrated in England in the 17th Century, replacing ‘The Pagan Feast of Fertility’ to “Valentine’s Day” held on February 14th in dedication to another Roman Priest named St. Valentine’s, who use to marry young boys and girls secretly (hence “Secret Crush”).

Cupid character was also changed to a healer who healed the blind, cured the sick & helped Christians flee of Roman Execution. Often showed depicted with 2 arrows, A Gold Arrow, for falling in love and A Silver Arrow, for falling for hatred. Cupid interestingly enough was son (or Lover according to other sources) of Venus, The Goddess of Beauty and the bright morning star/Lucifer.

They are countless Myth’s to these stories but as legend tells it, Venus became very jealous of  Psyche, Greek Goddess of Soul & sent Cupid to punish her (by shooting her with the silver arrow) and making her fall in love with a demon.
But once he saw how beautiful she was, he ended up marrying her. However; in her Mortal life, she was forbidden to see him. After being convinced to take a peek at him, she was sent to the underworld with a small box. She was told to use the box to collect some of the beauty of Proserpine, the wife of Pluto.

Psyche was warned not to open the box, but temptation would overcome her. When she opened the box, Psyche fell into a death-like sleep (hences Sleeping Beauty). Read full story here. The color “Red” also, is sacred to this day & popular because of the blood and the “heart shape”, which has nothing to do with “love” or the human heart (because it looks nothing like it). This shape represents the human female opening of a sacred copulation.

Wheew!  Amazing, right? With St.Valentines, Luperi, Cupid, Venus – Black History Month surely is shorter than 28 days! Even so, you shouldn’t need a month or day, to show love for your Culture or for your love ones. It is extremely important for you to identify each and everything that you come across because most likely, (as the saying goes) it ain’t all what it seems! Now, Will you continue celebrating this day after finding out the true meaning of it?
Related Topics:
Who is FAUNUS (left)? He is similar to Pan, God of Flock. (Actually they possibly are the same person in Roman and Greek Mythology) Both are humans who have legs, ears and horns of a goat.
Faun is where we get the meaning to favor and fawn (as in “fawn of you”).
 Shakespeare used this rite in Act I, Scene II of Julius Caesar, during the feast when he says: Forget not, in your speed, Antonius, to touch Calpurnia; for our elders say, the barren, touched in this holy chase, shake off their sterile curse.

Did you know?
Cupid comes from Latin Cupido meaning Desire.
Brought to you by Freedumb People

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Behind the Colors of Race

Black get Back
Brown stick around
Yellow mellow
White right

What is the message in this coloring of Races? If you can read, then everyone knows exactly what this mean, because it means just what and how you read this.

Black may rhythm with back but all over the world you will see the Indigenous people of just about every country including Europe are Black. "Black" people are actually a person of Brown skin just a darker hue than someone else so while they gotta get back a lighter shade of brown person may be allowed to stick around.

Yellow people, which are usually Asians and who are usually considered "Model Minorities" are mellow because of this. Often in our society, the lighter you are, the straighter your hair is ---- you are more Albus friendly.

Albus, the Latin word for 'White' and the origin word for Albinism has got us all fucked up. Being WHITE isn't RIGHT. Being WHITE is something that lacks pigment in most of the body organism and usually is associated with bad eye sight and damage from the natural light source; the sun, causing cancer and life threatening diseases like cancer that often results in death.

What's RIGHT about this shit and why is being this RIGHT?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What do you see in this word, Hispanic?

I see what I AM. I see not a race or ethnicity but clearly what I must be to them. He Panics when he see so many of us still living.... Hispanics are considered Aliens when we weren't even the First Immigrants.

New Stadiums for the world of sports

                                Minnesota, Arizona, The Yankee and The Viking New Stadium....

New Stadiums being build in a country full of homeless families and Veterans.

Why couldn't we remain who we are culturally?

I often wonder why the need for global domination? Why couldn't we just be left alone and left in the state each of our own people were suppose to be in? Why  I couldn't be who my people was, I often think. 

Why the racial division, why Native's speak Spanish & why in America speaking English is somehow primary? Why consider Native people, illegal immigrant when we are Nomadic? Why didn't I or better yet, why couldn't I remain who my people were and who we were intended to be? 
Why don't I have that option to decide: Colonized or un-colonized? Do you agree?  

It gets depressive at times, but I guess I'm so strong mentally that to this day, still, I remain un-deranged and continue to act as a law abiding citizens or at least, accordingly. I don't walk around with hate or display superiority; I have suppressed my feelings, in a sense, because I pay to live and before I know it, 2 weeks have gone by and I find myself still living and paying to live. But everyday that goes by, I look at the plainness of the society I live in and the people who look like me or act like, creative as can be, but considered just a mere "minority" or ethnic, yet, ethnic I can't really be. 

I have been told my hair to curly and "settle" it for work. I have been told my tattoos represent crook or convict yet, my people have been getting tattooed as long as the Polynesians been using the word, Tatu. 

You see them, these people. Look at us! What do we have in common? We are all COLORED. Dressed from the Earth; furs, bows & feathers. Tribal Designs, paint from the mud, sundried fruits and banana leaves dressing our naked bodies. 

These people STILL EXIST.. Somewhere out there far from SOCIETY

This is NOT Satanic or "uncivilized"! This right here, is Gangsta! This is Individuality of Culture. True Self Expression

How many BLACK Woman do you see with NATURAL HAIR like this???? Who would want to "RELAX" this shit?

Twist, locs, braids, puffs and this. How many hair styles can one do with coils like these?? How creative and bad is this chick hairstyle?

One word: BAD, man! Compare him to these little "dweebs".

Paint from sun dried coloring. Where is SHE on a daily basis?? This could of been ME!

Images provided for visual purposes. How many of these people do you see now personally on the street? Naw, now we all in suits and briefcase looking hella busy yet, going to nowhere road as we continue to the  dead end zone with our dead end job [JUST OVER BROKE]. 

Look at my gangsta ass people. My people; exotic, creative, swagged the hell out hueman beings. We wore tight as shit and colorful clothing, body ornaments and tattoos even covered some of our faces, backs and even some whole bodies, being who WE ARE - TRIBAL. Imagine us then and look how plain we now are. Disgusting. (Spray painting, adding color and creativity to the public is even illegal and sentenced to time in jail, what the fuck is this shit?). 

Do we just belong in the Zoo's and in museums talked about as if we are past tense? Was this so bad who we were and so ugly that my culture has been completely replaced? Why did all the color go away and now we simply live so god damn plain? 

Tan, white and black. Uniforms, white plain collar shirts with black or blue slacks. Tan shorts in the summer possibly. My people didn't dress like that, damn. How did we transform and how much of this was voluntarily. I'm so damn sick and tired of being sick and tired. Y Tu?

Why couldn't I remain my culture? Who my people were and still are in uncolonizing, undeveloped places? Why couldn't I be left for what I was? Why have to be born into this war? 
Why am I not speaking my Indigenous language, living as an Indigenous person? 

This isn't anti-government neither. It's just me expressing my emotions and mind state. Why the force extermination and experiment? Why the boarding schools and assimilation to make English my primary language? Why the English customs when I am not? Why brown people speaking English and expected to speak it properly? Why people associate Immigration with people who have been here nomadically living for ages? 

All these questions when I just want to know what I am. And what I am ain't English. I am not from England and I didn't come on the  Mayflower and I didn't land on a land foreign neither. 

I want to be who my people are; Indigenous. I want to live from everything they have taken. They go there and vacation to my root of origin they have taken. They have stole the making of who I am and who we are if you look anything like me. You see? 

Do you have brown skin (any hint of hue to you) or do you have "black" features like black, thick or curly/coiled hair or do you have high cheek bones or structure to your face like a Moor or a Asiatic Woman or Man? 

If so, then your roots too have been pulled forcefully from the ground up and re-planted with a whole nother form of mind now hybrid.