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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ever wonder why usually black hair is on brown skin?

Having Dark or Black Hair is the best hair color to have, that is, if you want shiny, glossy and healthy looking hair. And I am not saying this because I myself have black hair.

Usually hair looks better when it's darker and usually the hair itself is much healthier versus any  other color.

A stylist has said that he has seen the most driest damage hair look much better and a lot more healthier once he has processed hair with a darker hue.

Ever wonder why usually black hair is on brown skin? This is because of the DNA pigment, Melanin. Melanin not only gives color to your skin but also your hair. Dark hues of hair, is also Melanin.

Is hair oil good for hair? YES!

People of color, Melanic people, need their hair moisturized because of the sun contact with the top of your hair, so it needs to be hydrated and usually natural oils to your natural hair oils go hand in hand.

Using coconut oil on natural hair, or castor oil for hair is an important essential for natural black and brown hair. Avocado for black hair intensify the hair coloring and in months, that long black hair will be noticeable anywhere.

The benefits of having black hair is a long list one,, Can you name some?

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