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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Angelitos Negritos and when did Angels become white?

"Never did you remember to paint a black angel"? 

These words I heard sung in Spanish on TV. The scene showed a man with dark hair sitting playing the piano with a little girl who looked white but with brown make up on to make her look darker than what she really was. Next, came out a lady, who looked like the help, also in "black face" make up.

I looked up the movie because the scene, the lyrics was just something I didn't expect to be hearing, especially in Spanish. The movie was called, "Angelitos Negritos" which translates in English to Little Black Angel. The movie was made in 1948 & Angelitos Negros in 1978 both based in Mexico. 

Belen, the little girl, the nanny/mom & the dad who was a singer on Film.

The film was written by Joselito Rodriguez , pictured below and it was based on a singer who meets a woman he eventually marries but realizes that she is racist towards people of color. 

She eventually gives birth to a daughter who comes out with darker skin and for that reason she doesn't show her that motherly love. She blames her husband for having black ancestry but come to find out the nanny, she openly expresses her dislike for was actually her mom. Her daughter knows her mother doesn't like her because of the color of her skin so she paints her face white.

Joselito Rodriguez film writer

If the movie wasn't enough, Valentin Pimstein Weiner, a Russian Jewish Man who was born in Chile and moved to Mexico, came out with a Spanish Soap Opera or Telenovela with the same name and same concept.  

I didn't finish watching the movie because as I was watching it. I started thinking. This is the goddamn problem when whites get involved with anything unrelated to them. This is their delusional sick muthafuckin' twisted as bullshit they bring. 

This is based in Mexico, in Spanish so one would automatically assume these producers, writers etc are real Mexican or Hispanic people and usually, they are neither. 

Watching this film, first thing I thought about was the English Movie called, Imitation of Life directed by a German, pictured below. 

10 years later in 1959, Imitation of life comes out which is also a remake of a 1934 film by John Stahl, another EuropeanThe movie basically is about two mothers who have 2 little girls and the black mother tends to take care of both while the white mom goes out to audition for her strike at fame.

The daughter of the "black lady" is fair skin and is also obsessed with passing for white.The lady who is playing a black lady ain't even black at all. Her name was Susan Kohner and she was the daughter of a "white" Mexican actress and a Czech Father. Both pictured below. 

Susan Kohner and her "Mexican American" Mom Lupita Tovar

So, the similarities of these films is this, white films intended on deception. Have you ever seen a black film or brown film produced that shows a Melanated child wanting to be white or imitating someone white as passing for someone ethnic? Most likely, hell naw. 

I don't get this shit and what I don't get neither is when did Angels become white? When did Angels become white pale babies with blonde curly hair with wings and diapers on?

In the "scared book" or the "Basic Instructions before leaving Earth ->" Bible, angels are described in Daniel 10:6 His body also was like beryl, his face had the appearance of lightning, his eyes were like flaming torches  <- Flaming torches?

Isaiah 6:2, Joshua 5:15Also Describe angels as being 15ft tall cherubims or having four or 6 wings in humanoid forms. Described as having an eagle, lion or an ox and human head wrapped in one. So, when did the little white baby displayed as an angel come about? No matter where you search this answer is hard to come about. 

When you go to religious grounds, angels are depleted as white "angels" with halos or wings, why is this? No where in the bible, Angels are pictured or mentioned to look like this. (By the way, this link ^ is just for reference purposes, everything that the author talks about I may or may not agree with. Everything you take should be taken with a grain of salt, incase, you dont know this already).  

So, like these movies, it is my conclusion that similar to these angels shown as whites, people imitating whites or these movies that suppose to be "ethnic" but made by whites is just another narcissistic personality disorder from those who may have money but a calcified brain put out there to distort the ones that are Melanin dominated. 

Because like, Nikki Giovanni said, Really, who would want to trade being black? 

It is disturbing that they put out these movies. If it wasn't for colonization no one would think that being white is somehow better or right. Having color, being rhythmic, having hair texture that can create dozens of hair styles, having natural strength ability to Serena & Venus for example, is something they continue to hate on so since they have the money and the media source they continue to engross this nonsense. 

All over the internet, there are countless examples of similar movies or events (which I could of continue putting up but got sick of this shit.) 

What really brought me to all this, was the recent statement of another "imposter" of the Mexican race. A "Politican" named Carlos Mannuel Trevino Nunez who lives in Mexico and says he hates soccer (what real Mexican would hate that sport, forreal?) and the "monkey" Brazilian soccer player (Two time FIFA World player Ronaldinho) who Carlos white looking as said held up traffic so he like a bitch went on facebook to vent. 

"Fake Mexicans" Mexico President Vincent Fox, Yolanda Vargas Dulche and Carlos Nunez - who hates "soccer" but a steelers fan. 
This is what happens as a result, of these whites who have no bloodline to what it really is to be a Mexican, black or have some type of Melanin. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Melanin Order

Having Melanin is in Order, not having Melanin is a disorder which usually originates in the Neurobiology.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Response to Misconceptions of a Non-Spanish Speaking Latina

Response to Misconceptions of a Non-Spanish Speaking Latina

:: If you are Latina but don't know how to speak the language how proud are you or better yet, what are you proud of?
Calling yourself Latina?

Parents (community, Tio's Tias, whoever) Have failed the Latina/o who grows up not being able to speak the language their race identifies with. Latinos first were colonized by the spanish hundreds of years before the invasion of the English (If you didn't like the language and didn't want to learn how to speak it for that reason, then that's a difference story and one I can understand. But that's not what it seems like you are saying).

When you are Hispanic or identify as a Latino/a, call yourself that but don't know the language it is a disgrace, you have been failed, You, personally, failed and don't care to speak it or learn it if you grow up and still don't know how to communicate in your very own native language especially, if you live within our communities.

No matter how loving, supportive, hardworking your mother was, why would she not teach a "spanish" related person, "spanish?" Just because you cook rice & read books on Puerto Rico, don't make you anymore Latina then blonde hair, blue eye singer Christina.

Does your child/ren speak their lineage language? Do you care? Being Bilingual is a + & not only higher pay but a wider range of opportunities.

If you "look" like a Latina; dark hair, skin & eyes, you should uphold yourself to one. That's all we saying...

Christina Aguilera isn't Latina enough

Christina Aguilera isn't "Latina" enough because not only does she not know how to speak spanish (but recorded an Album in Spanish), she doesn't culturally identify as one.

She is half white (Christina: "I'm split right down the middle,half Irish, half Ecuadorean") and her kids and their father, unlike her fathers ethnicity, are also of Caucasian heritage.

To be proud to be a "Latina" would be to not say you are (Christina: "I should not have to prove my ethnicity to anyone. I know who I am."). A proud one is a Latina who self expresses as one.

Read full article here 2012