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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Differences in Melanin and Melatonin

Melanoma is a diseased caused by cancerous cells that eventually spread further causing contamination enough to cause death. Melanoma is one of the deadliest skin cancers out in this age. Melanoma is caused by exposure to the Sun UV rays.

However, people that have Melanin, contrary to developing Melanoma, are able to withstand long periods in direct or indirect sunlight, not affected by the sun uv ray, which doesn't result in red or burned skin but the total opposite, darker pigment with usually a sun glow to the skin.

People that have Melanin, including animals and plants, have a high compound hue mostly showed in skin color, hair color or dominating, as in black or brown, eye coloring. In addition to adding color, it also has many health benefits having color.  

Melanin is a sun adaptive trait that can be seen almost as a natural survival kit as the melanin you have, when exposed to high UV, can still absorb energy or light, even when your body has penetrated enough Sun energy.

Without the sun, the world wouldn’t be warm or warm enough to maintain earth survival. Melanin is now, like Melatonin, created in a lab synthetically. I wonder where they are getting the "Melanin" from to make synthetic melanin or melatonin, which is able to be purchased now in stores in pills or in liquid forms.

Melanin, melatonin, carbon and oxygen all are natural living compounds  that coexist naturally with mother earth. These high broad class of substance is being tested, studied with still no clear assumption as the real role melanin plays in the body.

Melatonin is something that usually older people buy in a synthetic form. Made from real Melanin that is produced by Melanic animals, plants or humans, to help them sleep better since nonetheless, their own body is unable to produce Melanin.

Because they are unable to consequently, they are also unable to produce the natural sleep hormone, Melatonin, that is secreted by the pineal glands that maintains proper function of our biological functions including the body's circadian rhythm.

This is a major health concern and something people shouldn't take lightly of.

Melatonin much like Melanin helps act as a shield to extreme or hot environments.

In studies it is proven when humans eat Melatonin rich foods such as pineapple, bananas the blood levels increase melatonin massively. Similarly in animals such as when birds ingest melatonin rich plants, the melatonin forms quickly together in the melatonin receptors in the brain. Some interesting facts about stuff your body produces naturally, melanin and melatonin.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mo'ne Davis: "Kids from Philly now going to Williamsport".

Mo'ne Davis Pitcher for the Philadelphia Taney Dragons 2014

Mo'ne Davis may only be 13 but she is already making a household name for herself breaking world history.

She is the only girl in her all boy baseball team and as a pitcher, leading her team to the 8-0 victory.

Mo'ne 3 hitter quitters, throwing a 70 mile per hour fastball (her age bracket usually throws at 50 mile per hour), sends her team, the Philadelphia Taney Dragons,  to play in the Little League World Series.

She is Melanic & talented & not to mention, has some beautiful hue eyes.
Mo'ne Davis

She is 1 of 2 girls to play in the 2014 LL World Series and 1 on the 2 to play with another female player at the same Little League World Series.

She is also the only girl pitcher to pitch a shutout in Little League History and the 4th American female to play in the Little League World Series. She is the top 10 female already for breaking other records.

Mo'ne & team on their victory

Make sure to pick up Sports Illustrated Magazine August 25, 2014 as she appears on the cover as the first baseball player ever to appear on a Sports Illustrated front cover.

Read more about her on Wiki which is pretty much on point with actual amazing facts about her.
More here about the Little League History 

Watch a clip of Mo'ne Davis on Sunday Conversation here
On this point forward: 

"I will go as far as I can. Baseball or soccer may be my favorite sport. You never know… I wanna go to UCONN (Connecticut Women's basketball team) and be a point guard on the basketball team, that’s my dream & go to the WNBA." MD 

Mo'ne Twitter

Did you know:

Maybe its in the blood.

In 1987 Black Philadelphian team called, the Dolly Vardens, were the first paid baseball team and they were all black women.

147 years later, Mo'ne Davis becomes world breaker also.    

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wake me up when it's all over

I heard a song on the radio, "Wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older". I loved the lyrics and thought this song or video has to represent something.

I looked it up. Aviccii came up, a white guy. I knew something wasn't right. I knew this voice I heard on the radio was someone not white singing it. Apparently, the song belongs to Aloe Blacc but performed by Aviccii, have no clue why. (Made me think of the history with black music & whites performing it).

Clip from Aloe Blacc Wake Me UP

End of clip Aloe Blacc

Anyway, I found Aloe video & was amazed. I was proud for what the video represented, the lyrics,"Guided by a beating heart, I can't tell where the journey will end"... This touch a spot. I am glad to see an Artist really using their craft to create music with dignity & purpose for a cause instead of just entertaining.

This reminded me of millions of immigrants who migrate mainly to the US, because most likely, as a result of their own country facing a war or economic setback. It reminded me of the child they leave behind and put into locations around people who look like the arresting officers who deported their very own people.
It also reminded me of these illegal detention camps. Yes, maybe legal  to the system but morally wrong. 

..Wake me up becos I must be dreaming. I thought America was a land they also came to freed from..

Watch Aloe Black Wake Me Up Video here

Oscar Grant Daughter, Tatiana

Who they leave behind anytime one has committed murder... 

Monday, August 18, 2014

How I feel about Michael Brown

I want to say #RIP first and foremost to Michael Brown & his love ones. I have never met him but I feel for him, what he was feeling in his last moments & a lost I, too, have been hit with.

We all have. Why? Because he was amongst those teens we see in our communities. The same teen that we saw walking today up the street, at the park shooting ball, standing outside the store or just kicking it with his homeboys. He is someone we all see, everyday in our community.

One doesn't have to come to prejudgements as Hannity or Megan Kelly suggests on FOX, one can simply just come to their common senses and make sense of it.

Michael Brown was shot on the arms, eye and head. It don't matter in this case what his police records show or what he was doing before he, a teen civilian, unarmed and untrained gets killed by a 6 yr Veteran to the Department.

Why the need to shoot? Is this how they are trained is the question & troublesome. RIP for you & your family, young life lost so early by the hands who suppose to serve & protect the community, this is why the anger has risen.

Protect & serve the community not kill with insanity.
["Insanity manifest in ways of abnormality behavior,  uncontrollable impulsive behavior that continues, once too many times to revisit in insane patterns shown by law officials. When does the government think its enough already?. Killing when dark matters". - Elifi Blackroots

Killed this 18 yr old who worse crime that day was possibly stealing from a store.
Micheal Brown RIP August 09, 2014 killed 6 times by Ferguson Police Department, where only 3% of the officers are black. Serving a community that more than half are predominantly black. #Justicegivepeace #itstimealready

How I feel about Michael is how I will feel over my brother. Ed Henry and Ben Carson said Obama statement about Trayvon could of been his son was a "bonehead" or careless prejudge comment but couldn't he have been?

"Do I look Black or mixxed?"

I wanted to share with you what this Native American Lady shared with me. "Look in the mirror who or what do you see?". "That is what & who you are".

Because Melanin is the original "Make up" of our outer appearance, you can tell easily, usually defined by hair texture, hair color, eye color and largely skin color, who is black or who has black in them, which is a large percentage, larger than you are being told or could even image.

When someone ask,"Do I look black or mix?", usually, that is because you have some percentage of Melanin that displays in who you are.

This girl post,"Do you think I look black?" I stared thinking, why would you ask? #Prettybrowngirl shouldn't want to be anything other than that.

Do schools teach about Melanin?

When I was growing up and going to school, I don't remember learning about Melanin or don't remember learning much about it since I had to become an Adult to find out what Melanin is and what it had to do with me. To find out Melanin is ubiquitous and that I have a complete makeup of it, It is astonishing and makes me wonder do schools teach about Melanin? If you are around a school age child or teen, see. Ask, Do you know what Melanin is and/or heard about it in school? Ask the teachers, get involved. If they don't teach about Melanin dont you think they should? The very least we can know about ourselves is what we are and that's Melanic becos we have the substance Melanin.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Sun illuminates within YOU

The SUN HALO SunRainboow image by: FPLAAP
I had the pleasure of witnessing this magnificence in person. I saw this & automatically thought of YOU. Yes, you. 

You why? 
Because The Sun, is something your skin doesn't negate. In fact, it's energy penetrates. 

The Halo around this SUN [Not SON but Sun] at it's most high illuminates the world but it also illuminates through you. Through your skin... into the painting of who you are & to everything in you that has Melanin. 

I am thinking of you & hope you know about that skin you are in!   

Sunday, August 3, 2014

More benefits of Brown Skin/People of Color

Some of the benefits of Brown Skin is not needing to go out and buy Sunscreen. Sunscreen is not needed by people who have Melanin because the Melanin itself  protects us from in taking too much Sun energy.

The cells that regenerate from sun light protects Melanic people from receiving "too much" sun UV. When you go outside and your skin is exposed to the sun, melanocytes cells begin to go into production which produces Melanin, the hues of brown in the skin that is a natural "sun screen" and needs no additional chemicals put on it.

The darker the flesh then the deeper the roots. This refers to the Melanin you produce which ranges from 100% to 50%-100% from the Sun. People around the world from millions of years before any sun screen was created lived nakedly around the sun strongest equators points & all have an abundance amount of Melanin.

People of darker hues which reflects dominated in dark hair or dark eyes, dark eyebrows, dark skin; are Melaninated. People who have the opposite in color, have little to no melanin production.

Why are People of color, people of color again

People of color are considered a person of color, no matter what part of the world they are from, if and when they have brown skin or strong hair coils as in Afro texture hair or even in Asians who Melanin is formed in the delicacy of their eye structure.  

Because of this brown pigmentation in people of color, they are able to saturate the sun light heat & penetrate the energy of the sun exposing more hue to the skin. This occurs only in people of color who have melanin. The benefits of having brown skin is it's natural ability to take in enough Melanin and still resistant to the intake of more.