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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The sun role in your hair, skin and eyes

As long as I have been told that the Sun provides vitamins to the skin, hair and eyes, I have always been an advocate for the sun. With time, it seems, eye doctors now say that it is possible for your eyes to have too much eye exposure to UV Light from the sun and that it can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and make you at risk for other eye diseases. Eye doctors recommend the usage of Eyewear to "block" the sun waves and "protect" your eyes.

In contrary, the World Health Organization continues to recommend sun exposure to prevent and reduce bone diseases, heart diseases, forms of cancer and improve overall health. Exposure to the sun, which produces the dark matter or substance called Melanin, explains in a sense the overall health or your body, your tissue and your organs.

Skin "Researcher" test determine that long hours under the sun can cause a life threatening form of cancer. The highest receivers of the Ultraviolet light from the Sun is in Australia and Australia has the oldest known people to humanity. So, this theory that the sun has a more negative impact than the support on humanity I start to question and conclude as debunked until I see the Indigenous people of Australia start to deteriorate.

Until I see them wearing shades and UV protection lenses and sunscreen, I will continue to "believe" what I "see"  and that's the role that the sun plays in much of humanity, 90% of the world population.

Rather than some test results or numbers  in forms that include words I can't pronounce; the sun is more than beneficial, it is vital to people who have the same skin hue as the dirt, dessert and other pigmented elements.

Thickness in the hair and the thickness of the recoils in the skin: The dermis in the skin or collagen is rich in fibers that are like our hair, elastin or elastic, that also stretches, coils and recoils. Hair follicles have this same dermis. This "coil" lays solely on people of color and not to non-color people. When hair is blonde or red, this is considered a mutation because the hair lacks no color, no thickness. Usually hair that is blonde is malnutrition hair and doesn't have much "life" to it. People with darker hair have, undeniable, stronger, better and healthier hair thanks to the sun nourishment.

Hue People or people of color, those in-respectably labeled as His-panics or Black/African Americans, have this same common pigment unlike those of albus color in skin and also in hair.

The damage that the sun could cause to non-whites is as slight as a dog being able to drive a straight line. Simply said, the positive affect that the sun, a natural energy source, has on people of color is substantially higher and richer than the effect that takes place in the bodies of non-people of color outer organ and internal ones.

When you watch commercials you have to remember that if you are a person who doesn't resemble the model being used to promote and advertise this product, this product isn't necessarily marketed to you and may be getting manufactured with products that can cause or worsen your natural stage and oil in hair and in skin.

You can buy products that aren't designed with you in mind if you like to because a business man will never turn down money. So, your money will be accepted if you decided to go ahead and still support something that may not be good for your hair texture, your haircare regime and the overall health of your hair.

Most likely, nonetheless, because of your hair retaining Melanin deposits, you require different nutrients for your hair. Things made more natural and may be with ingredients from nature it's self. Go in your bathroom and try to read the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner (might as well read your body wash too, since that is also no good for you).

If you can not pronounce what you are lathering up into your brain and into your hair follicles (which affects hair loss) you need to stay away from it. It isn't hard to make your own diy hair and body care for that matter.

With Colonization came relocation. Whites are those of albus/Caucasian descent who have relocated to places not known to their inhabitant and therefore now are suffering from a cancer of the skin that is taking their lives in huge numbers by direct sunlight contact. Our skin finds nourishment, in fact, total absolute energy and power from the absorption of the sun, having the opposite affect.

Whites in America and in South Africa, another place known to vicious apartheid of the Indigenous people including displacement to make room for more whites under the blazing sun waves; are most likely to get a form of cancer and the most common cancer is skin cancer. Skin cancer affects 1 in 5 of those fair skin. If you are of albus or Caucasian descent and grew up in South African, the chances that you will develop skin cancer is close to 100%, according to

This is not the same for non-whites whether be the sun contact with skin, hair or the eyes. For others, the sun supports hueman life and is vital for earthly entities who need the light of the sun in order to function properly and sufficiently. People of color bodies were created with a auto like alarm clock that tells the body, so to speak, when no more sun absorption is needed. 

Sun burns, which are very common amongst white or fair skin and red or blonde hair beings, don't typically affect people of color. The ones who may disagree should first consultant with someone of Caucasian descent and do some comparison of the skin before they really think that their "deep" sun tan is in fact sun burning to the skin.

To sum it up, people of color are walking "natural sun protectors" therefore, chemical artificial ingredients filled into bottle that spray onto your skin as a sun protection factor or SPF is non necessary. Applying sunscreen is only necessary when your body doesn't have a pigment that coexist with the illuminator to the world we call the Sun. Stop wasting money on products that are not good for your skin, hair and eyes and start spending time with the best source that charges absolutely zero to recharge you for days to come in our lives.

The proper care for your eyes, hair and skin begins with the Sun. If you have concerns about the sun and your well being first, examine what you have a concern with and how the sun could possibly assist you with it. If you are warned to stay away from the sun, you most likely don't have Melanin but a gene that doesn't produce Melanin or doesn't produce enough of.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Eye sight with brown eyes and blue eyes

Have your eyes ever felt tired or dry? Maybe irritated or even blurry? Have you seen double after spending hours in front of a computer screen? Has your head hurt or have you gotten overwhelmingly sleepy after being on your computer or cell phone or anything else that's a device?

What has caused 1/3 of all Americans to wear prescribed eye glasses? What has caused our kids to start wearing glasses at 2 years old? I have seen a 2-3 year old in some pretty thick glasses. What has caused this?

Studies have shown bad eye sight is now common and that 50% to 90% of people who work in front of a computer screen has had symptoms of headaches, migraines and eye problems. These are common symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. Our eyes are being put to work overtime. We are living in the computer world instead of the real one and our eyes are paying a price.

Adults spend a lot of time online because of work but kids are spending equally just about the same amount of time. This not only create present problems but long lasting ones. Our eyes should not be straining as they are. We are over forcing our eyes to focus drastically.

Sitting long hours in front of a screen not only reduces eye health but you are also not allowing your eyes to naturally refresh. This is why many rely on artificial tear drops and eye drops. For your eyes to refresh naturally, your eyes have to blink naturally. Looking into a digital device for periods of time reduces the natural ability for your eyes to blink causing dryness and itchy eyes.

Your eyes and worse; your kids eyes are being over worked to focus on detail really nonexistence. Time spend in front of a device should really be limited up to a couple of hours, especially for kids.

Even though, people who have brown or darker color eyes are less sensitive to light because the pigment in the eyes block the light from the retina; it is still important, if not the absolute more reason why not to spend too much time online and instead turn off from it. If you have blue eyes, because your eyes have less pigment you are more at risk of sensitive to colors because your eyes can't reflect light from the retina as those with darker color eyes.

If kids, particularly those with the pigment hue of black/brown, Would of been left at their natural inhabitant which included no television urgency or electronic dependency, would these kids have better eye sight?

Many think so. Kids need to be outdoors, outside with grass to play in natural light in a world away from digital. Many believe are convinced that the retrogressive strength of eye sight is because of eyes constant contact with changing artificially colors, shapes, movement displayed on TV.

America lifestyle at a youth and under age is very robotic like: Wake up, have cereal, get dress, go to a school they most likely hate to  be at with the exception of recess or lunch and friends. They have the same 8 hour shift adult workers have.

They go home and glue themselves to the TV or to their phone, tablet, laptop, pc, etc. Say it isn't so?

These are one of the main reasons why kids as early as 2 years old are walking around with binoculars or with prescribed eye's.The modern made up world of reality TV and the internet are devastating to not only the human mind but human health.

Carrots and other fruit and vegetable help retain eye strength but if your child or you yourself are spending more than an hour watching Television or on a computer, your health is slowly but surely deteriorating. If you have to be in front of a screen, try taking a break away from it every 20 minutes.

Look away at least 20 feet, take deep breaths and after 20 minutes you can dive on back into the internet world. Doing this helps at least a little retain some of your human eye natural functions.

Most importantly, Vision works by converting the energy of the "light" or the reflection of the color of light into the chemical signifying Melanin. If you are a person who has darker features, the sun should be absorbed from head to feet including not blocking the chemistry between your eyes and the light of the electromagnetic radiation. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to stop gray hair and grey hair natural remedies

Melanin is formed through cells known as melanocytes. Before hair gets its color, the pigment, Melanin injects itself into the keratin. Keratin cells known as Keratinocytes thereafter, form the coloring on hair and the lack [of color] thereof. Not only is our hair composed of Keratin but also is our skin including the fingernails. 

When the hair follicles have a low amount of Melanin, it creates grayish white looking hair. When hair goes completely white that means that the body has shut down its Melanin production.

When you stress and spend minimum time in the outdoors under the sun, you risk at a larger scale of losing Melanin. When the body stresses from society order on how things suppose to be: Job, bills, payments, debt, workplace, health scares, etc, your chances of suffering physical damages such as heart attacks, stomach conditions, headaches that leads to sleep disorders and compromising the Immune system and also complicate your skin and the hair coloring.

Science also gathers that the difference in Melanin dominated people vs. those lacking the Melanin substance plays a very different role.

People of Color or Black people usually tend to gray well into their mid-forties while whites at first place start to gray in their late 20's early 30's. This is decades in difference.

This has something to do with Melanin in another fashion called Canities. Canities is the diminishing of pigment causing a whiteness or gray to the hair.

Hair loss color naturally alters to a recessive color as it does with seniors and others who lack Melanin as they age but it is much more rapid in the non-people of color race.

At any age that you may be and maybe of every race, one should stay away from smoking cigarettes if they are dealing with gray hair. There are chemicals in cigarettes that damage hair follicles not only decreasing both types of Melanin, eumelanin or phaeomelanin, but also causing hair loss.

We all have a genetic determining factor when our hair will also lose the strength of the pigment Melanin but eating a dish full of color can help give the body nutrient promoting Melanin increase.

If you are noticing that new hair is growing in without pigment increasing foods in coloring can help somewhat slow the process of Melanin suppression.

Intakes in green pigments called Chlorophyll in all green foods; earth plants and sea plants as in seaweed, black seeds, black fruits as in blackstrap molasses and wheat grass should be consumed.

A natural and easy remedy to try if you are dealing with one or two or even a couple of white/gray dull hair strands can be possibly treated by applying lemon juice to the area and going outside to have your hair under the sun for some time.

Because people with black or brown hair is Melanin dominating they may have a little more trouble creating a still inferior color from gray to let's say a "organgy brown".

But most likely if your skin produces Melanin your gene's will kick in around the time where everyone with hue, due to age, will becoming unable to produce as strong Melanin as it did when at youth.

Living a stress free life as possible, enjoying the sun and "heating" up natural with the sun heat is the best way to take care of your Melanin and how to retain Melanin compounds from head to the whole body.

Melanating with the Sun to live

Me and the Sun Melanizing
It glows me
bronze my skin,
brown sugar baby
my skin is toasting

M skin is like
bath and body works
warm brown sugar lotion.

The sun and I melanize
and we are a unit

I get the sun and the Sun gets me

I don't believe I see

I see it on my skin because my skin is coloring

A live coloring book
brown skin girls

In this skin we are N///

& around the globe me and other hue people MORENOS
skin is toning from light brown to high yellow to red bone to dark berry
Are you listening to this?//

When your skin tans your skin is Melanating.
Like you on Spoken word night vibing

The sun and
I don't go through third parties
the sun and I always on
In fact it wakes me up every morning

The Sun and I 
the sun never late
and we up together
from day to night
from up to down just SOUL MATING

The sun Melanize my skin and we are all witnessing this

Melanism hue
Melanin truth
Melanic I
Melanical You

The truth is in the color of my skin
from soft tan to a walking
real life size
Pretty Brown Barbie................................
Can this be?

The skin I am in
people are BUYING
the coloring of my skin
is amazing and does more than just add color of tint  to
the skin
and other kins

The Melanin
the source
my living God
Why haven't I been seen this?

The sun
From now on
............. I devote more than a Sunday to the magnificent
burst of energy fire ball that circles the heads known as "Halos" to St.

The Sun awakes me every day
 I awake with the
we are a
living unit

I wouldn't exist without
the sun this is real shit

I would look 35 at 18 you witness it

The Sun, My God
I recognize this

I do because what else shine's other
than gold
the heat
of energy that's electrifying my body

The Sun, Melanism.
The word Sin is to close to this

Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to remove black spots in face naturally

The best method on how to remove black spots in face naturally is always better rather than with chemicals and artificial ingredients found in make-up that over time can worsen the black spots or blemishes and your overall skin appearance.

Removing black spots in face is better done with natural ingredients because your skin recognizes the benefits of natural goods rather than man made ones. Black spots usually begin as brown marks but due to the production of Melanin in that area the color increases when direct or indirect contact with the sun. Because the Sun also plays a role in the development of Melanin it can cause a discoloration in that area since it is sensitive to the exposure.

The best natural ways to remove any marks on the face is to not apply anything to the skin and leaving it at it's natural stage. This includes make-up, lotions, any skin care products that have ingredients that you can't pronounce or have never heard of. If there are ingredients, even one ingredient, that you have never heard of or are not familiar with it is best to not put it on your skin. The reason for this is because most likely these products will not rectify your problematic skin but instead make you dependent to the products that only temporary offer a "quick fix".

Lemon for centuries have been the best natural source in the treatment not only skin discoloration but the whole body wellness. Lemon can be applied to the skin directly and as you know, taking internally by eating it or by drinking it.

When applied to the skin, you can use lemon in just about anywhere you have spots on the body. You can apply lemon on your face, elbows, underarms, legs, feet, etc. Applying lemon will help to decrease the skin discoloration and bring the skin back to it's natural color by naturally bleaching and fading the marks away. Time varies on how quick lemon can treat discoloration on the skin but you can usually notice a different within two weeks if you apply this lemon remedy daily. Sugar, natural brown sugar will also bring your skin color back to it's natural stage. You can cut a lemon and sprinkle some sugar on it and rub it onto your skin in a circulating motion. You can also add some sugar to a teaspoon or so of water or buttermilk and apply it with your fingertips by "exercising" the skin for a few minutes at night.

If your eyes can handle the aroma of onions, slicing an onion and rubbing it on the affected area can also diminish skin discoloring. If the odor of onion is too much to handle alone, you can add honey to the onion slice and apply it in rotating motion to wherever you like. It is also expresses that other natural elements like tomato juice, papaya juice and garlic applied topically also helps eliminate the increase supplement of Melanin in any particular area.

Treating natural causes is best done with ingredients such as these because not only will it treat the problem but it will also provide powerful nourishment for the longevity in your skincare treatment. ​

Monday, December 2, 2013

Role of Melanin and the benefits of Melanin

Many people, unfortunately, don't know what Melanin is. Those who don't know what Melanin is, ultimately, will not know themselves truly. How you can tell if you have melanin is by first looking at your parents, your family and yourself. Do you have skin that illuminates when in contact with the sun? Does your skin get browner under sunlight? No matter the concentration, from light tan to a dark rich pigment. If your skin has a tint of brown, then congratulations, you have Melanin.

It is easy to know if you have Melanin or if you don't. You can tell if you have Melanin also by your eyes. Do you have a dark coloring to your iris? Are your eyes any shade of brown, dark hazel or green? These hue's come from Melanin, the substance that gives a brown pigmentation to earth entities including huemans. If you have color to your eyes, your body can produce Melanin. 

You can distinguish a Melanic person from a nonmelanic person also by the shape of eyes, as in Afro-Asiatic, African/Black and Asian/Naive people. The outline, the configuration of the eye's of Melanic people is a attribute of Melanin.

The same Melanoid features in cheek bones are the mere definition of the quality that Melanin is. The Melanin factor also results in hair and hair texture. Do you have brown or black hair color and curls or coil texture hair?

The darker your hair colour is, the better in essence the hair follicles and properties are. If your hair requires moisturizer this is most likely, because your hair is Melaninated, activated through the energy of the sun, and since it is sitting on top of your head it gets first contact with the sun. Because of this, your hair can become "dry" and therefore, the preservation of your own natural hair oils needs to be moisturized.

Because "black" hair or strong hair, often called "Nappy" hair, retains a-lot of heat that comes from the greatest light source; the sun, hair (since it is a living source) becomes dehydrated (similar to how the body does when the body temp is hot) therefore needing to be "moisturized" and this is done by keeping your hair "hydrated" and avoiding liquidation.  

Depending on your hair texture (thick, dark hair) your scalp is actually protected from high UV Sun rays. Not providing proper care and nurture to natural coils and natural hair textures only results in damaged and destructive hair in the long run.

You can also be secure that you have Melanin when your skin actually protects you from how much UV lights your body adsorbs. Your body absorbs the sun "heat" through skin and if you are not sure if you have Melanin, this is by far a certainty you have Melanin when the energy that "burst out" the Sun to planet earth starts to "paint" your skin in shades of brown and retains it through the seasons.

When the skin tans, turn brown in hue, you have melanin and this is one of the greatest ways of being certain that you possess this ubiquitous and amazing, unexplainable chemical that connects just about all living earthly entities.

Melanin is present in the coloring in just about everything imaginable. Flowers, animals, the designs on reptiles and butterflies; in dirt, in the sea and the sea animals. The trees, plants, planets and in you. Source:

Providing help to a Melanoma cancer patient and how to notice the signs of cancer

The very first caretaker job I took on was providing help to a Melanoma skin cancer patient. She was an Irish descendent woman in her mid-40's who I use to call "cannella". This is Spanish for cinnamon because her skin, her hair and her red freckles reminded me of it.

Although at times, I would take notice of her skin complexion, it never was much of a concern. She was very pale and the older the days got, not only did her skin get paler but it also start to get much more delicate to all light in general. This is one sign she says that begin to get her worried. 

She found out she had melanoma shortly after she started noticing, what is called the melanoma staging, which is unusual lumps and blotches on her skin. Before going to seek treatment she would always say her skin condition would go away someday but it only worsen.

She was told she had Melanoma, stage II and that it was malignant. In the beginning, she was told she had squamous cell carcinoma, which is a nonmelanoma skin cancer.

Squamous is a form of skin cancer that resembles scales or a flat like thin scale on the skin usually found on the face area including the lips, ear and neck area.

Skin cancer falls into two groups; nonmelanoma and melanoma. Squamous skin cancer is considered nonmelanoma since it forms in cells that develop on sun exposed areas.
Melanoma is skin cancer that forms in the melanocytes, which is the cell that produces Melanin, the skin natural color pigment, usually a brown tint or darker.

The first signs of melanoma, early signs and symptoms of melanoma usually begin with moles. If you are noticing an increase in new moles or changes to your moles that you currently have on the body, these could be warning signs of melanoma.

Signs of nonmelanoma usually begin on your upper body, as I mentioned, your face, neck area, back or chest area. It should be noted that the most common locator of nonmelanoma, called Basal cell carcinoma, is on the nose.

It is reported that basal cell carcinoma is more common than squamous cell skin cancer.

Despite different location sites, shapes and colors the treatment for this cancers are usually followed by the same treatment.

In the case of my skin cancer patient, the lumps that she start to notice increased from 3 to 6 and was told it was spreading rapidly. Because of this reason, if you notice a change in the shape and size of a mole or the color of it, consulting your healthcare provider is crucial and could be life saving.

Caring for a Melanoma cancer patient requires a lot of care, love and patients. Learning of this skin cancer can help you become a better health care provider.