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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Melanating with the Sun to live

Me and the Sun Melanizing
It glows me
bronze my skin,
brown sugar baby
my skin is toasting

M skin is like
bath and body works
warm brown sugar lotion.

The sun and I melanize
and we are a unit

I get the sun and the Sun gets me

I don't believe I see

I see it on my skin because my skin is coloring

A live coloring book
brown skin girls

In this skin we are N///

& around the globe me and other hue people MORENOS
skin is toning from light brown to high yellow to red bone to dark berry
Are you listening to this?//

When your skin tans your skin is Melanating.
Like you on Spoken word night vibing

The sun and
I don't go through third parties
the sun and I always on
In fact it wakes me up every morning

The Sun and I 
the sun never late
and we up together
from day to night
from up to down just SOUL MATING

The sun Melanize my skin and we are all witnessing this

Melanism hue
Melanin truth
Melanic I
Melanical You

The truth is in the color of my skin
from soft tan to a walking
real life size
Pretty Brown Barbie................................
Can this be?

The skin I am in
people are BUYING
the coloring of my skin
is amazing and does more than just add color of tint  to
the skin
and other kins

The Melanin
the source
my living God
Why haven't I been seen this?

The sun
From now on
............. I devote more than a Sunday to the magnificent
burst of energy fire ball that circles the heads known as "Halos" to St.

The Sun awakes me every day
 I awake with the
we are a
living unit

I wouldn't exist without
the sun this is real shit

I would look 35 at 18 you witness it

The Sun, My God
I recognize this

I do because what else shine's other
than gold
the heat
of energy that's electrifying my body

The Sun, Melanism.
The word Sin is to close to this

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