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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The sun role in your hair, skin and eyes

As long as I have been told that the Sun provides vitamins to the skin, hair and eyes, I have always been an advocate for the sun. With time, it seems, eye doctors now say that it is possible for your eyes to have too much eye exposure to UV Light from the sun and that it can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and make you at risk for other eye diseases. Eye doctors recommend the usage of Eyewear to "block" the sun waves and "protect" your eyes.

In contrary, the World Health Organization continues to recommend sun exposure to prevent and reduce bone diseases, heart diseases, forms of cancer and improve overall health. Exposure to the sun, which produces the dark matter or substance called Melanin, explains in a sense the overall health or your body, your tissue and your organs.

Skin "Researcher" test determine that long hours under the sun can cause a life threatening form of cancer. The highest receivers of the Ultraviolet light from the Sun is in Australia and Australia has the oldest known people to humanity. So, this theory that the sun has a more negative impact than the support on humanity I start to question and conclude as debunked until I see the Indigenous people of Australia start to deteriorate.

Until I see them wearing shades and UV protection lenses and sunscreen, I will continue to "believe" what I "see"  and that's the role that the sun plays in much of humanity, 90% of the world population.

Rather than some test results or numbers  in forms that include words I can't pronounce; the sun is more than beneficial, it is vital to people who have the same skin hue as the dirt, dessert and other pigmented elements.

Thickness in the hair and the thickness of the recoils in the skin: The dermis in the skin or collagen is rich in fibers that are like our hair, elastin or elastic, that also stretches, coils and recoils. Hair follicles have this same dermis. This "coil" lays solely on people of color and not to non-color people. When hair is blonde or red, this is considered a mutation because the hair lacks no color, no thickness. Usually hair that is blonde is malnutrition hair and doesn't have much "life" to it. People with darker hair have, undeniable, stronger, better and healthier hair thanks to the sun nourishment.

Hue People or people of color, those in-respectably labeled as His-panics or Black/African Americans, have this same common pigment unlike those of albus color in skin and also in hair.

The damage that the sun could cause to non-whites is as slight as a dog being able to drive a straight line. Simply said, the positive affect that the sun, a natural energy source, has on people of color is substantially higher and richer than the effect that takes place in the bodies of non-people of color outer organ and internal ones.

When you watch commercials you have to remember that if you are a person who doesn't resemble the model being used to promote and advertise this product, this product isn't necessarily marketed to you and may be getting manufactured with products that can cause or worsen your natural stage and oil in hair and in skin.

You can buy products that aren't designed with you in mind if you like to because a business man will never turn down money. So, your money will be accepted if you decided to go ahead and still support something that may not be good for your hair texture, your haircare regime and the overall health of your hair.

Most likely, nonetheless, because of your hair retaining Melanin deposits, you require different nutrients for your hair. Things made more natural and may be with ingredients from nature it's self. Go in your bathroom and try to read the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner (might as well read your body wash too, since that is also no good for you).

If you can not pronounce what you are lathering up into your brain and into your hair follicles (which affects hair loss) you need to stay away from it. It isn't hard to make your own diy hair and body care for that matter.

With Colonization came relocation. Whites are those of albus/Caucasian descent who have relocated to places not known to their inhabitant and therefore now are suffering from a cancer of the skin that is taking their lives in huge numbers by direct sunlight contact. Our skin finds nourishment, in fact, total absolute energy and power from the absorption of the sun, having the opposite affect.

Whites in America and in South Africa, another place known to vicious apartheid of the Indigenous people including displacement to make room for more whites under the blazing sun waves; are most likely to get a form of cancer and the most common cancer is skin cancer. Skin cancer affects 1 in 5 of those fair skin. If you are of albus or Caucasian descent and grew up in South African, the chances that you will develop skin cancer is close to 100%, according to

This is not the same for non-whites whether be the sun contact with skin, hair or the eyes. For others, the sun supports hueman life and is vital for earthly entities who need the light of the sun in order to function properly and sufficiently. People of color bodies were created with a auto like alarm clock that tells the body, so to speak, when no more sun absorption is needed. 

Sun burns, which are very common amongst white or fair skin and red or blonde hair beings, don't typically affect people of color. The ones who may disagree should first consultant with someone of Caucasian descent and do some comparison of the skin before they really think that their "deep" sun tan is in fact sun burning to the skin.

To sum it up, people of color are walking "natural sun protectors" therefore, chemical artificial ingredients filled into bottle that spray onto your skin as a sun protection factor or SPF is non necessary. Applying sunscreen is only necessary when your body doesn't have a pigment that coexist with the illuminator to the world we call the Sun. Stop wasting money on products that are not good for your skin, hair and eyes and start spending time with the best source that charges absolutely zero to recharge you for days to come in our lives.

The proper care for your eyes, hair and skin begins with the Sun. If you have concerns about the sun and your well being first, examine what you have a concern with and how the sun could possibly assist you with it. If you are warned to stay away from the sun, you most likely don't have Melanin but a gene that doesn't produce Melanin or doesn't produce enough of.

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