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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What do you see in this word, Hispanic?

I see what I AM. I see not a race or ethnicity but clearly what I must be to them. He Panics when he see so many of us still living.... Hispanics are considered Aliens when we weren't even the First Immigrants.

New Stadiums for the world of sports

                                Minnesota, Arizona, The Yankee and The Viking New Stadium....

New Stadiums being build in a country full of homeless families and Veterans.

Why couldn't we remain who we are culturally?

I often wonder why the need for global domination? Why couldn't we just be left alone and left in the state each of our own people were suppose to be in? Why  I couldn't be who my people was, I often think. 

Why the racial division, why Native's speak Spanish & why in America speaking English is somehow primary? Why consider Native people, illegal immigrant when we are Nomadic? Why didn't I or better yet, why couldn't I remain who my people were and who we were intended to be? 
Why don't I have that option to decide: Colonized or un-colonized? Do you agree?  

It gets depressive at times, but I guess I'm so strong mentally that to this day, still, I remain un-deranged and continue to act as a law abiding citizens or at least, accordingly. I don't walk around with hate or display superiority; I have suppressed my feelings, in a sense, because I pay to live and before I know it, 2 weeks have gone by and I find myself still living and paying to live. But everyday that goes by, I look at the plainness of the society I live in and the people who look like me or act like, creative as can be, but considered just a mere "minority" or ethnic, yet, ethnic I can't really be. 

I have been told my hair to curly and "settle" it for work. I have been told my tattoos represent crook or convict yet, my people have been getting tattooed as long as the Polynesians been using the word, Tatu. 

You see them, these people. Look at us! What do we have in common? We are all COLORED. Dressed from the Earth; furs, bows & feathers. Tribal Designs, paint from the mud, sundried fruits and banana leaves dressing our naked bodies. 

These people STILL EXIST.. Somewhere out there far from SOCIETY

This is NOT Satanic or "uncivilized"! This right here, is Gangsta! This is Individuality of Culture. True Self Expression

How many BLACK Woman do you see with NATURAL HAIR like this???? Who would want to "RELAX" this shit?

Twist, locs, braids, puffs and this. How many hair styles can one do with coils like these?? How creative and bad is this chick hairstyle?

One word: BAD, man! Compare him to these little "dweebs".

Paint from sun dried coloring. Where is SHE on a daily basis?? This could of been ME!

Images provided for visual purposes. How many of these people do you see now personally on the street? Naw, now we all in suits and briefcase looking hella busy yet, going to nowhere road as we continue to the  dead end zone with our dead end job [JUST OVER BROKE]. 

Look at my gangsta ass people. My people; exotic, creative, swagged the hell out hueman beings. We wore tight as shit and colorful clothing, body ornaments and tattoos even covered some of our faces, backs and even some whole bodies, being who WE ARE - TRIBAL. Imagine us then and look how plain we now are. Disgusting. (Spray painting, adding color and creativity to the public is even illegal and sentenced to time in jail, what the fuck is this shit?). 

Do we just belong in the Zoo's and in museums talked about as if we are past tense? Was this so bad who we were and so ugly that my culture has been completely replaced? Why did all the color go away and now we simply live so god damn plain? 

Tan, white and black. Uniforms, white plain collar shirts with black or blue slacks. Tan shorts in the summer possibly. My people didn't dress like that, damn. How did we transform and how much of this was voluntarily. I'm so damn sick and tired of being sick and tired. Y Tu?

Why couldn't I remain my culture? Who my people were and still are in uncolonizing, undeveloped places? Why couldn't I be left for what I was? Why have to be born into this war? 
Why am I not speaking my Indigenous language, living as an Indigenous person? 

This isn't anti-government neither. It's just me expressing my emotions and mind state. Why the force extermination and experiment? Why the boarding schools and assimilation to make English my primary language? Why the English customs when I am not? Why brown people speaking English and expected to speak it properly? Why people associate Immigration with people who have been here nomadically living for ages? 

All these questions when I just want to know what I am. And what I am ain't English. I am not from England and I didn't come on the  Mayflower and I didn't land on a land foreign neither. 

I want to be who my people are; Indigenous. I want to live from everything they have taken. They go there and vacation to my root of origin they have taken. They have stole the making of who I am and who we are if you look anything like me. You see? 

Do you have brown skin (any hint of hue to you) or do you have "black" features like black, thick or curly/coiled hair or do you have high cheek bones or structure to your face like a Moor or a Asiatic Woman or Man? 

If so, then your roots too have been pulled forcefully from the ground up and re-planted with a whole nother form of mind now hybrid.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Authentic Artist and cloned performers

Natural Authentic Artist and Cloned Mimickers American Idol shows you who represents Authentic R&B Soul Artist and those who mimic them. Mimicking Gospel Legends using "chil" at the end of her note while the other singing and acting like he Bruno [Mars]. SMH Water falls compared to those recessive watered down performances. Aye, American Idol is becoming Karaoke, Open mic night. Vote! LOL

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hispanic Article of a person of the Brown Race

Why is Hispanic not a race?

His-panics are a Race;The Brown Race. Being of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, EL Salvadorian, Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Honduran, is NOT His-panic, it's a Ethnicity. Let's get there.  

Their nationality is their ethnicity and Hispanic is their Race. All people of color are considered ethnic of they are non-white and all people non-white are considered a minority.

What identifies us of who we are is our identity. Usually when you have blonde hair, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and fair pale skin, most likely you are identified as a Caucasian Albus or white person.

When someone has black hair or curly, thick hair with a natural tan hue to their skin or a deeper melaninated (or darker) color, usually this person will be considered a Hispanic, black or Jewish descendent person.

His-panic is not a race, yet, we identify many as Hispanic. Many Modern His-panics may very well belong to the Caucasian Race but a Hispanic is usually of Indigenous Origin.

This is a Hispanic. A Hispanic is a person belong to the Brown Race. Caucasians are called Caucasian and white. Black People are called African American and Black. Hispanics should be classified as a person belonging to the Brown Race. The removal of Hispanic and Latino to identify someone of Central, South and North America is not accurate and neither has it become socially acceptable.

This nomenclature (a systematic term or names) like His-panic has become just that. "He" panics over these Hispanics. Brown People are Indigenous people to all of the Americas, Africa and Asia.

People of Hispanic Origin need to be addressed as such. Filling out legal forms like the census, job applications, etc ask your race and ask whether you are Hispanic or not.

Why single out the His-panic Race?  Que Pasa, mi rasa?

Reject the term that strips you from your Original Origin. The classification Hispanic is the same term as Mestizo, which was used during the Casta System to refer to people that were of mix European and East Asian Ancestry. The word was first documented in 1582 used by the English in America.

Not until the 1980's, here in America, the term Hispanic was first used. 300 years after the term to identify the "Hispanic" people now as as "Mestizos" then. Because of this The Chicano Movement was born. The Power to the "Brown Race", brown pride and the term Chicano, to describe brown people who were proud of their lighter shades of brown.

Latino is someone who mother language is Latin. This isn't my race. What makes me who I am is my ethnicity and being part of the Brown Race.

Doesn't this sound better than a Hispanic or Latino? It should be documented as:

Are you a Person of the Brown Race?
What is your Ethnicity?

This explains identity. Minority is used to describe anyone non-white. How is this when 90% of the world from Asia to America is of brown coloring?

Reject His-panic, you are no longer that. You are a person of the Brown race who ethnicity is _________. Fill in the blank.

Monday, January 13, 2014

People are brown like Plants are green

All plants are green just like all roots are brown. People are brown too, light skin or dark skin. We all have a shade of brown tint to the skin we are in. What gives color to plants is equivalent to the same pigment that gives color to all people of color. What gives plants it's green hue is a pigment that is responsible for the green color.

All people around the world, the dominating color of these people is Melanin. Melanin is like chlorophyll. Chlorophyll paints plants green and Melanin gives people it's brown shades of color.

No matter what part of this world you are in: India, Central America, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Asia; you will find brown skin. You will find Indigenous people who hue is deep of brown coloring.

Who skin is really Black? No ones. We are all brown if you don't artificially tan (falsely creating color to your skin because your naturally human body can't produce a dominating pigment). And if you are not naturally brown most likely your skin is a distasteful, leather in texture, orange in appearance color that only  will get worse in time because of your attempt to get color the unnatural way.

People of color should be identified similar to the plant life. We call "Greens" green so why can't brown people be just that?

I'm Brown and I'm down. You down?
Que Pasa, Mi Rasa?

People who don't have Melanin take Melanin pills to help produce color to the skin or get Melanoma. This is a disease of the skin that is deadly and is caused because their skin doesn't have the same healthy and protective healing cells and pigment production that coexist with the only natural light source, only true light bearer; the SOL or the SUN or the SOUL (depending on who you ask).

People should live for the skin they are in because everything in this world has color and brown is the majority of the shades to human skin coloring.

A Person of color or colored was a more accurate term than the terms of African American, Hispanic or Latino. Call us the BROWN Melanin RACE. Don't this sound better?

B Melanic, B U  Melanin.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Rifle & Bible Tee

States murder rates, firearms that take millions of countless lives everyday in America at times for no just reason or from gun violence or from hate or vicious violent crimes, is now very common in modern USA and for this reason this Tee was created. 

This Tee was created to not forget the foundation of how we live in this society in which we live in. These two things were used heavily during the manifest destiny, trails of tears and other relocation and displacement operations. 

Gun control always seems to be the topic of the evening news yet yearly murders or killings from guns are growing higher and higher. Teens, the young and the old, men and women die from fire arms, guns and rifles. Many also, inside and outside America, die for and because of religion, for the cross that represents sacrifice. 

Animals, even, get murdered as a hunting sports game played mainly by White Europeans and white Americans. Fishes, birds, pigeons, rabbits and dears are some of the victims to this taunting game. Moose's who heads are hung on old walls also are a result to this twisted game of preying on the defenseless.  

The History of Colonization in America is deeply rooted  with the domination of religion and the weaponry used to make sure the mission was concluded.

The Rifle & Bible Tee was inspired by the formation of corporations in the making of America's Guns, rifles other land and air weapons that have been used to dominate since the beginning of contact with those wanting to colonize and control races not common to theirs.

The origins of Rifles as to why they were made is always difficult to trace but where rifle/guns were made started in Europe and brought into America. 

Historically since the beginning of colonizer's (or missionaries like the Knights Templar, Christian Crusaders) time, weapons have been used and wars have been going on. Guns, rifles the seven year war, the American war of Independence, the war of 1812, countless battle wars with Native Americans and the wars in Iraq and Syria today; the domination of guns and rifles and the efforts to convert Indigenous people into a one world religion, This Tee Rifles & Bibles, only made sense to be properly names.

This Tee is important to wear because you want to exploit the matter that Rifles & Bibles are being used each and everyday senseless. Some that hate other races simply based on race, own guns and are part of the NRA or National Rifles Association Agency.

If you don't have a gun, hopefully you have something to protect yourself with and if you don't own a weaponry, it may be time to get yourself a gun, a steel bat or a pepper spray, especially when wearing this Tee because you putting those who use the combination of these two together straight on blast.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years 2014 | What this New Years Resolution is...

When is New Years depends on what calendar you are going by. In America we go by the European Gregorian Calendar. Typically in America, all Americans, despite nationality, origin or religion, begin The New Years countdown at the last day of December. A Big festival of lights and alcohol takes places after a new years celebration on new years eve.

Many for the new years, vow to a new years resolution: to lose pounds of fat around their waist (or waste) and to be in shape, eat healthier, stop spending freely, buy a house; all so determined to challenge themselves for the new year to come.

On New Years, I did the same, I must admit, no lie. As a Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, it can get hectic becos money is on everyone's mind when it comes down to bid'ness. So, my new years resolution was to develop a network of young, small business owners with big minds to barter talent, creativity and multiply revenue by exchange ideas and creating fire!

This is my New Years Resolution, what is yours this year and will you come through with it? New Years is big in the Gregorian Calendar and maybe the idea even of a New Year becos this symbolizes (in every calendar I'm thinking) a New start! Is new years a holiday? I am not sure but it is a day of festivity to many because of this new chapter in life that begins with a New Year. A New Year to not relive what happen the last [year]. You should find improvement in self and surroundings and want to resolute and be persistent to improve your overall well being.  

A New Year means to me a New start. Get rid of everything from last year that didn't make sense, didn't make you feel good, held you down or didn't make you feel as you should. This could apply to a person, to clothing, to a credit card debt, to shoes, to other material possession; anything that should of been left in the past leave it there and come into that determination.

This is what a New years resolution is all about. In 2013, Melanic Tees was suppose to launch a, soft launch spring tee edition. This didn't happen. Mostly because of preparation but this taught me what I shouldn't do, how much time I need to prep (how much goes into putting this together) and most importantly, what I am not going to do the second time around.

Last year, 2013, I did a lot more planting seeds rather than watering but this is just another lesson in the chapter I needed to get through. Get to the roots of things from last year seeds that you planted and this year, watch the outcome off the seeds grow!

This year, 2014, different laws take place politically but personally, put the law of attraction to work. This year become a better for you. Because a better you does create a better world.  

You know... The oldest calendar was the unit of the moon and the season into a new moon or lunation. The Calendars of The Egyptian, Maya, Roman, Gregorian Calendars all origin arise from the Lunar calendar, the oldest calendar known to man kind.