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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hispanic Article of a person of the Brown Race

Why is Hispanic not a race?

His-panics are a Race;The Brown Race. Being of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, EL Salvadorian, Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Honduran, is NOT His-panic, it's a Ethnicity. Let's get there.  

Their nationality is their ethnicity and Hispanic is their Race. All people of color are considered ethnic of they are non-white and all people non-white are considered a minority.

What identifies us of who we are is our identity. Usually when you have blonde hair, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and fair pale skin, most likely you are identified as a Caucasian Albus or white person.

When someone has black hair or curly, thick hair with a natural tan hue to their skin or a deeper melaninated (or darker) color, usually this person will be considered a Hispanic, black or Jewish descendent person.

His-panic is not a race, yet, we identify many as Hispanic. Many Modern His-panics may very well belong to the Caucasian Race but a Hispanic is usually of Indigenous Origin.

This is a Hispanic. A Hispanic is a person belong to the Brown Race. Caucasians are called Caucasian and white. Black People are called African American and Black. Hispanics should be classified as a person belonging to the Brown Race. The removal of Hispanic and Latino to identify someone of Central, South and North America is not accurate and neither has it become socially acceptable.

This nomenclature (a systematic term or names) like His-panic has become just that. "He" panics over these Hispanics. Brown People are Indigenous people to all of the Americas, Africa and Asia.

People of Hispanic Origin need to be addressed as such. Filling out legal forms like the census, job applications, etc ask your race and ask whether you are Hispanic or not.

Why single out the His-panic Race?  Que Pasa, mi rasa?

Reject the term that strips you from your Original Origin. The classification Hispanic is the same term as Mestizo, which was used during the Casta System to refer to people that were of mix European and East Asian Ancestry. The word was first documented in 1582 used by the English in America.

Not until the 1980's, here in America, the term Hispanic was first used. 300 years after the term to identify the "Hispanic" people now as as "Mestizos" then. Because of this The Chicano Movement was born. The Power to the "Brown Race", brown pride and the term Chicano, to describe brown people who were proud of their lighter shades of brown.

Latino is someone who mother language is Latin. This isn't my race. What makes me who I am is my ethnicity and being part of the Brown Race.

Doesn't this sound better than a Hispanic or Latino? It should be documented as:

Are you a Person of the Brown Race?
What is your Ethnicity?

This explains identity. Minority is used to describe anyone non-white. How is this when 90% of the world from Asia to America is of brown coloring?

Reject His-panic, you are no longer that. You are a person of the Brown race who ethnicity is _________. Fill in the blank.

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