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Monday, January 13, 2014

People are brown like Plants are green

All plants are green just like all roots are brown. People are brown too, light skin or dark skin. We all have a shade of brown tint to the skin we are in. What gives color to plants is equivalent to the same pigment that gives color to all people of color. What gives plants it's green hue is a pigment that is responsible for the green color.

All people around the world, the dominating color of these people is Melanin. Melanin is like chlorophyll. Chlorophyll paints plants green and Melanin gives people it's brown shades of color.

No matter what part of this world you are in: India, Central America, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Asia; you will find brown skin. You will find Indigenous people who hue is deep of brown coloring.

Who skin is really Black? No ones. We are all brown if you don't artificially tan (falsely creating color to your skin because your naturally human body can't produce a dominating pigment). And if you are not naturally brown most likely your skin is a distasteful, leather in texture, orange in appearance color that only  will get worse in time because of your attempt to get color the unnatural way.

People of color should be identified similar to the plant life. We call "Greens" green so why can't brown people be just that?

I'm Brown and I'm down. You down?
Que Pasa, Mi Rasa?

People who don't have Melanin take Melanin pills to help produce color to the skin or get Melanoma. This is a disease of the skin that is deadly and is caused because their skin doesn't have the same healthy and protective healing cells and pigment production that coexist with the only natural light source, only true light bearer; the SOL or the SUN or the SOUL (depending on who you ask).

People should live for the skin they are in because everything in this world has color and brown is the majority of the shades to human skin coloring.

A Person of color or colored was a more accurate term than the terms of African American, Hispanic or Latino. Call us the BROWN Melanin RACE. Don't this sound better?

B Melanic, B U  Melanin.

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