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Friday, July 31, 2015

Races in Colors - Red, White, Black, Brown, Yellow

Race Classifications is something that determines what race of stock you are based on your physical appearance, primarily skin color, hair textures, features including the shape of your skull in some cases.

White, African American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Hawaiian, Native American usually is answered in legal documents. This racial biased was first introduced by, Johann Blumenbach.

Born in Gotha, Germany Professor of Medicine & Author of 'On the Natural Varieties of Mankind', Johann Friedrich Blumenbach created the classifications of Race in History. Social ideas, as in superiority & inferiority inequality, has shaped mankind mind into "stereotypes" to discriminate against massive of people who are unlike Caucasians.

The layout of the science behind race categories is justified in 'On the Natural Varieties of Mankind', which describes placing Caucasians at the top of the pyramid of the 5 human types because he [Johaness] believed that the Skull that was found in the Caucasus Mountain was the most beautiful form of skull known to man therefore, others diverged from The Superiority of white. "I have allotted the first place to the Caucasians because this stock displays the most beautiful race of men".

His beliefs and teachings were that other races, other than white, degenerated from environmental factors such as the sun and poor diet. He believed that the degeneration could be reversed in a proper environmental control and that all forms of man could revert to the original Caucasian white race.

He claimed Negro pigmentation arose because of the heat of the sun, this much is true and the one dominating reason really, that contradicts his whole theory.

Activated through the sun heat and instantly tans the skin after exposure to the sun creating melanogenesis without the need of laboratory made sunscreen for long period of times in direct contact with the sun light, is not a degeneration gene. For the inability to withstand natural sunlight and decline in health is defective and melanin is the total opposite of something retrogressive.

Races in color according to his work in the early 17th Century:

The white race the Caucasian race
The yellow race the Mongolian race
The brown race the Malayan Southeast Asians
The black or Ethiopian race
The red or American Indian race

Many more like, Georges Cuvier, French Naturalist, shared similar bias: "The white race appears to us the most beautiful of all, superior to others by genius and courage".

Christoph Meiners in, The Outline of History of Mankind, 17th century divides mankind into the "beautiful white race" and the "ugly black, inferior, immoral race".

Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant also carried on similar ideology dividing main races to colors such as "white, black, yellow, brown; composing the "colored" and white race in separate categories.

President of the American Association of Physical Anthropologist, Carleton Coon, into the late 1960s, divided homo sapiens into five races:
Caucasoid race
Congoid [Negroid] race
Capoid [sub type of Negroid] race
Mongoloid [East/Central/South Asian or Pacific Islander] race
Australoid [Aboriginal] race

The color of races is embarked by these men egotistical view on their own race. Beauty isn't color divided, beauty is what the body is composed of and to have melanin is to be of every color that melanin has created. Melanin unites not divides.

Where skin color classifications begins.
Written by Alifiku

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The More Skin you show

When the sun is out and your outside, your skin is absorbing all the natural nutrients that the sun is "dishing out". The sun is working it's magic and you can tell this by the outcome that your skin is left in after you disconnect with the sun. When your skin turns darker, get browner more illuminating in bronze this is the Melanin activating in your skin that has been awoken by the Sun, the true Illuminator. The Sun illuminates the whole entire world and without the sun all would be truly without souls.

Many ancient statues and painting show a circle of light called a Halo above the head of a Saint or someone holy, like Jesus even, to represent their holiness. The reflection of the Sun disk attributes to your skin turning darker and those who absorb the sun realistically should be considered Holy too, wouldn't you think?

This natural tan may be one benefit of absorbing the sun but it also has many other great and important factors.

Here are some.

It's Ubiquitous
You are not alone with this connection that is not only felt everywhere but seen everywhere. Everyone who skin is naturally of a brown or darker pigment or has natural brown or black eyes or hair has Melanin. No matter what part of the world your in, no matter the region or culture, a human animal or a wild animal, the presents of Melanin is found everywhere,  omnipresence.

The Ultraviolets radiation (UV) actually helps you!
Due to this Melanin internal conversion between you and the sun, many cell types are considered literally surviving during the radiant of the Sun and your Melanin.

You have a Natural Sun Umbrella
When your skin has absorbed enough of the sun it acts as a"shield" from it naturally protecting your skin cells.

Skin cancer is not common with people that have more of a concentrated coloring
Because your skin is Melanin absorbent you are protected from the sun damaging your skin and causing cancer.

It's Natural Vitamin D
The sunlight stimulates your skin to produce natural vitamin d. Sunlight exposure produces billions of melanin to the epidermis,once this is done the outcome reflects on your skin tan.

The more Skin you show...
the more you are exposing your skin to influence your body functions and keep them functioning regularly. But of course, as always, you want to dress for the weather. But if the Sun out, connect it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We offer Melanic Tees in 3 Cool Fabrics: Hemp, Cotton & Bamboo

Being unaware of what Melanin is, in general, allows ignorance & disparity amongst people of Indigenous Cultures.

Melanic Tees pays homage to Melanin for all it's attributes that transpires because of it, from our skin tones to our most valuable body functions.

There are more than 30 shades of brown/black hue's and a small minority in non people of color.

Melanin protect us from absorbing too much Sun UV & The Sun instantly starts tanning Melanic People when in contact. Beautiful thing..

Melanic Tees Chart

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Melanic Tees Body Ornaments Adornments

 Melanic Tees presents A Coolection of Body Ornaments that Melanic People will Adore. Body Adornments have been used by Indigenous Tribal people since Hue-kind existed. We have revamped the concept by remixin' designs, colors, feathers, fibers and embellishing unique once in existence pieces.
Please check back!



Melanin Quote

"I will not stop my mission until everyone knows what they need to know about Melanin. About the root of who they are, initially, it shoudl have been taught. It's not a curse, it's actually a gift, the total opposite from a curse. Its actually a god or godess of goodness. It's humble, it's creative, it's strength. It's something to be excited about really."  - Annae

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Melanin and the pineal gland

The cradle of God by ARay

Pigment comes from melanin; and the pineal gland secretes melanin. Melanin is a gift of GOD. Black people are not black because they live(d) in Africa; South Americans are not black because they live in south america; Hawaiians are not black because they live in Hawaii; Aboriginals are not black because they live in Australia. 

Indigenous people all over the world are pigmented because pigmentation comes from the pineal glands melanin. The ancients called the location of this gland, in the center of the brain, the cradle of GOD.

Crystals were worn by the ancients to stimulate melanin and the master gland, the pineal gland.  Melanin makes the brain cell for all cells in the body.  When melanin is active, higher thought is active. Caucasians, on the other hand, thought crystals to be only decorative jewelry.

Sunlight increases pineal gland activity; it also increases melanin secretion and serotonin. It's no wonder that caucasians love to soak up as much sun as they can. It doesn't help them much though; for they only burn; and they don't have the necessary melanin content to protect them against the suns' rays. 

Hanging like a pinecone (resembling the shape of a pinecone, it is from this appearance which it derives its' name) within the brain, the pineal gland also secretes melatonin, a hormone that affects sleep cycles; and other circadian rhythms such as reproduction.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in regulating sleep, mood and appetite.  Seratonin is released from the brain stem, cerebellum, pineal gland and spinal cord; and is involved in depression and anxiety as well.