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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Melanin and the pineal gland

The cradle of God by ARay

Pigment comes from melanin; and the pineal gland secretes melanin. Melanin is a gift of GOD. Black people are not black because they live(d) in Africa; South Americans are not black because they live in south america; Hawaiians are not black because they live in Hawaii; Aboriginals are not black because they live in Australia. 

Indigenous people all over the world are pigmented because pigmentation comes from the pineal glands melanin. The ancients called the location of this gland, in the center of the brain, the cradle of GOD.

Crystals were worn by the ancients to stimulate melanin and the master gland, the pineal gland.  Melanin makes the brain cell for all cells in the body.  When melanin is active, higher thought is active. Caucasians, on the other hand, thought crystals to be only decorative jewelry.

Sunlight increases pineal gland activity; it also increases melanin secretion and serotonin. It's no wonder that caucasians love to soak up as much sun as they can. It doesn't help them much though; for they only burn; and they don't have the necessary melanin content to protect them against the suns' rays. 

Hanging like a pinecone (resembling the shape of a pinecone, it is from this appearance which it derives its' name) within the brain, the pineal gland also secretes melatonin, a hormone that affects sleep cycles; and other circadian rhythms such as reproduction.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in regulating sleep, mood and appetite.  Seratonin is released from the brain stem, cerebellum, pineal gland and spinal cord; and is involved in depression and anxiety as well.

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