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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The More Skin you show

When the sun is out and your outside, your skin is absorbing all the natural nutrients that the sun is "dishing out". The sun is working it's magic and you can tell this by the outcome that your skin is left in after you disconnect with the sun. When your skin turns darker, get browner more illuminating in bronze this is the Melanin activating in your skin that has been awoken by the Sun, the true Illuminator. The Sun illuminates the whole entire world and without the sun all would be truly without souls.

Many ancient statues and painting show a circle of light called a Halo above the head of a Saint or someone holy, like Jesus even, to represent their holiness. The reflection of the Sun disk attributes to your skin turning darker and those who absorb the sun realistically should be considered Holy too, wouldn't you think?

This natural tan may be one benefit of absorbing the sun but it also has many other great and important factors.

Here are some.

It's Ubiquitous
You are not alone with this connection that is not only felt everywhere but seen everywhere. Everyone who skin is naturally of a brown or darker pigment or has natural brown or black eyes or hair has Melanin. No matter what part of the world your in, no matter the region or culture, a human animal or a wild animal, the presents of Melanin is found everywhere,  omnipresence.

The Ultraviolets radiation (UV) actually helps you!
Due to this Melanin internal conversion between you and the sun, many cell types are considered literally surviving during the radiant of the Sun and your Melanin.

You have a Natural Sun Umbrella
When your skin has absorbed enough of the sun it acts as a"shield" from it naturally protecting your skin cells.

Skin cancer is not common with people that have more of a concentrated coloring
Because your skin is Melanin absorbent you are protected from the sun damaging your skin and causing cancer.

It's Natural Vitamin D
The sunlight stimulates your skin to produce natural vitamin d. Sunlight exposure produces billions of melanin to the epidermis,once this is done the outcome reflects on your skin tan.

The more Skin you show...
the more you are exposing your skin to influence your body functions and keep them functioning regularly. But of course, as always, you want to dress for the weather. But if the Sun out, connect it!

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