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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Melanin mAgnet Tee

The Melanic Magnetic Reversal Tee dignifies the cipher of 

Melanical People. This tee reversal shows the reverse state 

of mind people of Melanin be. This tee attracts, let it 

attract you!  

Get yours here 

Pigments define race in America. Because of your pigment you are objectified to such brutal bias behavior from those who have little to non Melanical features. Skin color pigments are mere a curse, but the same color of all earthy creations. Think of fall, leaves once green turn red, orange and yellow. In skin hues, we have mocha, olive tone,  red bone, high yellow and caramel complexion, to name some. , Our melanin is produced by what gives colors, like the leaves that turn color In the fall or for the seasons, for that matter. Melanin is magnetic in a way that just about everything on planet earth naturally has Melanin. Rocks have melanin, plants. People, animals. Birds and animal fur. Hair texture, eye color. Hair thickness and fullness, hair coils. Melanin is attractive, nothing like a bronze GODDESS.

Melanin is Magnetic