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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why things of Hue..

This is a ONE on 1 I would like to have with you and your spirit. Melanic Tees convo with Melanic Yous. YOU Are merely just the "Receptor" on how Society has molded you to be, but your spirit./ your soul knows the in depth of you and see things as Realization, in the Real Deal. So Why tree's like this we don't see? We use Color paper but don't see Color Trees. Have you ever seen Hue Melanic Trees? No, not really are they common to you? No, not really. How would you like walking down the street and seeing Trees like these? What do you have in common with these beautiful colorful creations? How come they are not common as you would think they were? Did you ever imagine the creator was this creative? Is the creator reserve or exhibits all these Colors? I think the creator creates in Color! Its proven. Hell0o. Beautiful Rainbow trees courtesy of: / / /

One on 1 w. Melanic Tees Creator, Annae PR

Born & raised in South Central LA, 80's baby Annae at the age of 30 decided to create a platform that mission would be to empower Melanic people about their self awareness of who they are & the magnificence behind Melanin (which gives pigment to all natural things on planet earth). 

Annae at an early age, 11 she recalls, became inquisitive about the awareness of who she was & the lack of self knowledge that others had about themselves. The more she went on a quest to find herself, the more distant she found herself getting away from what we call "Modern Fashion".

"I try to self express with how I dress, the jewelry I wear and how I wear 
my hair. In essence, I feel this is my only expression of cultural identifying with who I really am. I am culturally different, my culture dresses different. I thought what I was wearing was assimilated enough. I wanted people to READ how I felt, certain expressions I wanted to not say verbally but expressively & I thought what other better way to self express than on a cute Tee that is designed accordingly to my liking. 

Melanic Tees, Melanic Products & Melanic Me, Indie & body ornaments are my babies! Watch em' grow w. me on this journey! Para hoy y siempre (For today & always)!" 
Los Angeles, CALI Native Annae Padilla aka Api creator of Melanic Tees Coolection will be debuting her New Tees for her Coolection of Cool, Feminine Tees featuring fluency, tribal designs and Indigenous patterns. Api says she was inspired to do a Tee line specifically for Women&girls of color because she feel there is a definite absence of Models Keen to Native, Indigenous Melaninated People. She goes on to say,"I am very conscious of the Fashion World that uses "tribal or native" designs for seasonal or recreational use. However, I think it's been forgotten that we are actual cultures that still exist now, today and always and I'm not really appreciating our prototype being used for seasonal fashion statements when in reality it is OUR cultural attire that we should have been exhibiting year round anyhow".

The First Tee used for Melanic Tees was the Curak (Cool Rock) Tee that simply offers the Creation Name - Melanic Tees Coolection. It is Melanic Tees stamp of recognition; simple, elegant and in font that eyes are drawn to. The Second Tee for Melanic Tees features a Native Female with Native Headdress and garment, featuring the Serpent, The Powerful Spiritual Metaphor. "This Tee is very sentimental to me while the creation of the design was unfolding. I wanted to make sure that people knew women&girls that look like me surpass just being "striking". We are Indigenous, keen to the Native people before any Colonizers Colonized us. It reads with assurance, "Here I am, Didn't Vanish".

The Newest Addition to Melanic Tees is the "Concrete Mela Jungle" Tee. "This Tee illustrates the Concrete Jungle that we, Melanic people have adapted to. The representation of the concrete pattern is the cities in which we live in with these colonized modern buildings that offer us unpleasant living conditions removing all our natural resources like the green of the grass, trees and overall land. On top of the design sets 5 Melanin Inspired words: Melanin, Melanic, Melanical, Melanintued and Melanistic. More to come; so, stay Melanintued". ....
Melanic Tees represents the women&girl that lives in Melanical Women: Strong, Cultural, Intriguing, exotic and grounded by any means. We showcase Self Expression Tees to exhibit Melanism while rockin' Cool, Feminine Tees. Melanic Tees is an Inventive offering new varieties of Tee's that are one of a kind and original. These tee's are the beginning of Evolutes creations that will inspire change and persevere who we are and who we forever will be: Melanic. These Tees are intended for Leaders and for Women&girls who are looking to do more than just wear clothing. These tees were created to be inspirational and to be a motivational reminder of who your keen was and how you are them today. Melanic tees will offer power through Self Expressions and designs that may be duplicated but Melanic Tee's will always be remembered for striving to Embody all of the Indigenous ways of life that we must maintain in our lifestyle, in fashion and in women&girls wear.

Api is a Nomadic Traveler, Poet, Publisher, Freedom Fighter/Activist, Conscious Writer, Designer and Creator of Melanic Tees & Melanic Me

Friday, February 8, 2013

What is Melanintued?


Definition: Much like "Intuition", Melanintued is a direct in tune sense of knowledge, powerful and inference. It is effortless exhibits naturally, without any interference and is also activated by what transmit light and energy: The Sun.

Used in a Sentence: "I knew how to rap when I was only 4 years old. Rhyming just came so natural to me. I was Melanintued at a very young age".

"Like a genius of different senses and styles. Just Melanintued".