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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why things of Hue..

This is a ONE on 1 I would like to have with you and your spirit. Melanic Tees convo with Melanic Yous. YOU Are merely just the "Receptor" on how Society has molded you to be, but your spirit./ your soul knows the in depth of you and see things as Realization, in the Real Deal. So Why tree's like this we don't see? We use Color paper but don't see Color Trees. Have you ever seen Hue Melanic Trees? No, not really are they common to you? No, not really. How would you like walking down the street and seeing Trees like these? What do you have in common with these beautiful colorful creations? How come they are not common as you would think they were? Did you ever imagine the creator was this creative? Is the creator reserve or exhibits all these Colors? I think the creator creates in Color! Its proven. Hell0o. Beautiful Rainbow trees courtesy of: / / /

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