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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Melancholy, Melanin & Supremacy

You often here of White Supremacy; but in all aspects, You, a person of color, are the ultimate Supreme. Why are you the Supreme? Because Melanin is the true rhythm of the beat... the vital source that keeps the body in to it, so to speak. Because of Melanin and the Sun unity there is sound, strength, built, spirit, dance, vibration, movement and more... Why Mela in Melancholy if Melancholy means dark not as in Melanin but as in negative, gloomy, depressive in a deep long lasting sadness and sorrow?? 

In the Hue WO/man body Melanin activates people prime source being the Sun - LIGHT from it's rays of Energy.  It is the total opposite of what the origin of The root word for Melanin is in Melancholy. Why the root word in Melanin in Melancholy? [Melan=Melanin=Color=Black/Brown - the dark as in the dark skin of people of color and that is the explanation as to why.] Because the difference is it's not gloomy, MELANIN glows! It's not sad, people of color dance and laugh despite the struggle. We celebrate, live life under the sun and rain dance also. Melancholy shouldn't be associated to anything Melanic because Melanin is actually light activated by the Supreme Source of Energy, the Sun. Why Melanic, Melaninated, Melanical, Melanistic Supreme being of all The Earth Queendom be associated then with Sadistic??

To think about in this Eagle World of ours!

The Earth Queendom

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A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness.

Sad, gloomy, or depressed.

noun.  sadness - melancholia - gloom - sorrow - dejection
adjective.  sad - gloomy - melancholic - mournful - dismal - blueby google

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sun=Light=Energy=Transmitted. Get it?

Melanin source is the sun. 

Although, people of color already have the gland, pineal glands, that naturally darkens the Skin with Vitamins it only gets activated through the Sun. Sun=Light=Energy=Transmitted. Get it? 

That's why it is very important to get natural sun light everyday especially if you are a Natural Hueman being. The darker your skin is the closes to 100% Melanination you are! That's a beautiful thing! 2pac "the darker the berry" - - the deeper the roots! was symbolizing this, Melanin.
Melanin doesn't stop there neither. Melanin also plays a portion in your eye sight and color. The healthier your Melanin production is the better your eye sight is and the clearer your color and  hair color and texture, creative and physical abilities. Basketball is a brain functioning power. Almost like being a physic depending on your energy to get your brain to transmit the power of it to the ball and into the basketball. 

Melanin is part of the brain and without Melanin your brain wouldn't function properly. How much do you know about Melanin? Wouldn't you want to know what makes your brown or why your curls are spirals and why her hair has tight curls and why her hair is thick and into a nice shape afro? Or you ever wonder why your complexion is high yellow while hers is caramel? Never thought why whites have blonde hair and blue eye, generally, and people of color range in shades of brown and hair varies? I read a bold statement today that said Sun really doesn't play any part in our life. What a bold face lie and one you should never believe if you are a person of color. The Sun to you means everything. Without the sun you wouldn't grow and the world would be a life less and cold place without any growth of anything. Plant or hueman life couldn't and can't grow without the Sun. The Sun rises and resurrects much like you do every day and night. This pattern is universal and purposeful in life. Without the other there would be none. Melanin is who you are. 

Express it by living it and loving it and wear it!

More on Melanin..

Melanin is what contributes to the variations of skin tones. Whether red, "yellow", brown and black - all these shades of brown are attributes of Melanin. In the summer, you get natural shades of brown, skin sun kissed because during the summer the Sun is at it's highest peak giving all the Sun people that Xtra love. Similar to a Bear when it eats, Black and Melanical People can almost hibernate for 6 months without any (if worse came to this imagining) Sun aka source of Energy.

Melanin stores energy in the largest organ in your body, the Skin. Melanin protects your skin from dangerous toxins that can suppress your immune system.

You have whites and non whites, people of color because of it's source of light=energy=hue matter.

Even though, people of color are categorized by  Nationalities and diluted racial separation we maybe shouldn't continue this practice, of racial classifications. In fact, you shouldn't from this day forward classify yourself with nothing else but what is your Maker, Melanin. Instead be classified and identified with your Scientifically term, Melanin [People]. Melanin lives amongst all people of color, and dark Caucasians - Italians, Greeks, The Portuguese, the Spanish, etc - despite regions and country distances. Melanin is what is the root of all the branches in the family tree of life. It's cos of Melanin you live.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Health&Beauty | The 2 S's in Life you need to stick by

The 2 S's in your life that you need for good Health & Beauty are:
  • SUN &
You don't need anything man made or antibiotics. You don't need to go get a shot or an Implant of anything un natural to your Natural Body. If you didn't know, Doctors have a quota much like Salesman and Insurance Reps. If you have a headache or pain - Sleep. If you can't sleep or feeling unsettled like you are coming down with a cold or some kind of virus, Get SUN then SLEEP.

Why SUN?
If you are Melanic, a person of color, You forever need the Sun because you are one + Sun People by Nature. Sun doesn't only add color to your Skin but it also protects your outer and inner by being a natural protector to any impurities or environmental toxins in the air. Vaccines make you "Immune".. (Think bout this).
Why Sleep?
You need Sleep because although, they don't share -- Sleep is the best healer!

Best of all.... The two S's also are FREE. As the old saying goes,
"The best things in life are FREE".

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Fundamental Phenomenon of Melanin

The Fundamental Phenomenon of Melanin don't except too much to be told about. They may not tell you how Melanin lives outside of Melanesia because of the fear of his panic that people will come into an formation of understanding that they share the same common root after all, Melanin. Different Branches, same Tree. Semi (similar like) in shades of brown like Soil & Oil. Why are you Brown? Same reason you are Black. Melanin is centered in the mid brain shaped the size of a Pea and Black. Outside of the country they have settles in Asia; Europe, blond hair is extremely rare. Why is this? Because everything has Melanin. Animals, butterflies, reptiles all have Melanin. Albino-ism in animals also is rare. All over the world, you will travel and meet the Indigenous People to be of Melanin Origin. Melanin pigmentation comes in Black, Brown, Red & Yellow. Colorful like the seasons and the rainbow.  

The Fundamental Phenomenon of Melanin don't except too much to be shared.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Circadian Rhythms | The Body Rhythmic Format

Do you know what AM and PM Stands for in time? 

Most likely, you don't. And that's OK I didn't either until I looked up what the acronym stood for. AM and PM is actually Latin. AM stands for Ante Meridian and PM stands for Post Meridiem or "Meridian" with time. Interesting Ain't it? Meridiem or Meridian is Latin for Afternoon. Ante suppose to mean Before but now it means "against or oppose". I'm not sure if AM suppose to mean before noon or if it means against Morning not sure.. but either way when you say these abbreviations you saying it in Latin.

The Clock was used by the Romans for "time" However The body goes by it's own time. Not even time, temperature - this is called Circadian [Cir-Cadian] Rhythms. When the Sun rises, the heat is beginning to "heat" up the body. Heat as in "Energy", Energize the body. This is why you are barely awakening in the Morning and get more energy throughout the day, usually by Mid-Morning. And naturally, as the day goes into the Night, our body prepares to go into REM. Wouldn't you rather want to go by this Rhythmical Natural Time instead of Man made hours? Why aren't we going by Natural time, like other Earthly Entities, instead of going by hours made up by estimating what time it was?
When I say other Earthly entities, I am meaning like Roosters and Birds for example. You ever notice how Birds wake up chirping, Roosters crowing by the rising of the Sun? Usually, more often then none, they also retire by the setting of the sun. Why are Humans not responding to life in this form?

Because we have a JOB? Because we have to work and be on a Schedule? This is Artificial Time. Not real. Circadian [Cir-Cadian] Rhythms. The body in the daytime [AM] increases energy and at night [PM] it produces. If we lived Nature as we should be, We would be getting up naturally with the rising of the sun. Not getting up by an Alarm that disturbs our Circadian Rhythms. Stress is the Number one killer in America and Stress also affects your CR [Circadian Rhythm]. Our CR's is essential responsive for our behavior. For instance, it affects us Mentally and Physically. If our CR is altered or disturbed we wake up with what? An Attitude! Still tired talking about you are not a Morning person because most likely, your sleep pattern is off and not on Natural CR time. Ever been so sleepy you can't keep your eyes open? This is an altered behavior because you are not One, so to speak, with your Natural time. It also affects a lot more, I'm sure, with time.

Love your Melanin, produce your Melatonin and get back on time with one.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Make up & Melanin

The only thing you need to put on your Melanic face is clean water, clean hands and a mild soap preferably something that is hand made by you or someone you trust that uses natural, god given ingredients.

Nothing artificial or no one but your very own pee or urea (used in many skin care products, hair products) (see more here) or any ingredients that have been linked to depression and cancer not attacking your skin but your body's organs should not be used on your face or no where near your body.

Your skin soaks up light from the Sun each and every time the sun rises and set's and your skin radiates even more during the summer when the sun is out giving more light to all natural brown entities depending on the sun for growth and strength (whether you know it or not).

You can see the transformation of Melanin in your skin complexion when it gets darker and radiates from brown to browner. How is this and why? Melanin is what is activating your skin pigmentation by the Sun Ultraviolet’s that your skin absorbs which in return, protects you against the highest Sun UV’s instead of causing harm to it. Melanin is a natural given protection shield and you should act as such with it. Artificial intakes and food cause harm since it is something un natural and man made going into your "temple".

It retro acts to what your natural elements are put in place to do. Since the natural sun is needed for the production of your Melanin, give natural back. Put on your skin the same thing you would put in skin deep and inside your body.

Scientist who have studied this potent for centuries themselves do not know what Melanin is and why it does what it does but Melanin is the make up of who you are and Make up isn't it. Make up is made of toxic chemicals also used as home cleaning agents. LOVE YOUR MELANIN. STOP MAKING IT UP WITH PRODUCTS NOT MADE FOR YOUR SKIN//