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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Make up & Melanin

The only thing you need to put on your Melanic face is clean water, clean hands and a mild soap preferably something that is hand made by you or someone you trust that uses natural, god given ingredients.

Nothing artificial or no one but your very own pee or urea (used in many skin care products, hair products) (see more here) or any ingredients that have been linked to depression and cancer not attacking your skin but your body's organs should not be used on your face or no where near your body.

Your skin soaks up light from the Sun each and every time the sun rises and set's and your skin radiates even more during the summer when the sun is out giving more light to all natural brown entities depending on the sun for growth and strength (whether you know it or not).

You can see the transformation of Melanin in your skin complexion when it gets darker and radiates from brown to browner. How is this and why? Melanin is what is activating your skin pigmentation by the Sun Ultraviolet’s that your skin absorbs which in return, protects you against the highest Sun UV’s instead of causing harm to it. Melanin is a natural given protection shield and you should act as such with it. Artificial intakes and food cause harm since it is something un natural and man made going into your "temple".

It retro acts to what your natural elements are put in place to do. Since the natural sun is needed for the production of your Melanin, give natural back. Put on your skin the same thing you would put in skin deep and inside your body.

Scientist who have studied this potent for centuries themselves do not know what Melanin is and why it does what it does but Melanin is the make up of who you are and Make up isn't it. Make up is made of toxic chemicals also used as home cleaning agents. LOVE YOUR MELANIN. STOP MAKING IT UP WITH PRODUCTS NOT MADE FOR YOUR SKIN//

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