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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Health&Beauty | The 2 S's in Life you need to stick by

The 2 S's in your life that you need for good Health & Beauty are:
  • SUN &
You don't need anything man made or antibiotics. You don't need to go get a shot or an Implant of anything un natural to your Natural Body. If you didn't know, Doctors have a quota much like Salesman and Insurance Reps. If you have a headache or pain - Sleep. If you can't sleep or feeling unsettled like you are coming down with a cold or some kind of virus, Get SUN then SLEEP.

Why SUN?
If you are Melanic, a person of color, You forever need the Sun because you are one + Sun People by Nature. Sun doesn't only add color to your Skin but it also protects your outer and inner by being a natural protector to any impurities or environmental toxins in the air. Vaccines make you "Immune".. (Think bout this).
Why Sleep?
You need Sleep because although, they don't share -- Sleep is the best healer!

Best of all.... The two S's also are FREE. As the old saying goes,
"The best things in life are FREE".

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