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Monday, January 28, 2013


Are you Melanintued? Well, it depends. Do you have intuitions, gut "God" like feeling that are always right on point?! Do you create Art based on an emotion or Insight "Intued"? Then that is you expressing your Creative form giving to you by your Melanintued.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do the cloth you wear determine your character?

It maybe shouldn't but it does. Dressing "grown" or wearing cloth that makes you look "loose" is not necessary when you are a pretty girl and most importantly, when you know your woman's worth. Even as a teen, you want to show the world not skin, but how confident you are in the skin you are in. Dressing "sexy" should not be your priority or should be your concern. When you are 14, (really) who are you trying to be sexy for? You have your whole 20's and 30's to dress as "sexy" as you feel when you are that age to determine your sexiness.
Are you a teen that dress sexy? What is the message you are sending? Maury and other talk shows that show little girls in women cloth is a disgrace to not only everyone around you but most importantly, to yourself.
Dress your age as I dress for the weather. If you are dressing "sexy" at a young age, you will only attract "old" or older men that will give you something in exchange for what's under the dress. Get my drift?

What you wear determines who you are no matter what age. Self express instead of wearing cloth that really isn't going to do anything to your character but tarnish it.