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Friday, May 22, 2015

What is this?

Hair interlacing overlapping each strand over the other can be done in several different ways including the old time french braid style where its a simple center braid gathered by all the hair. Or the two braids commonly associated to the Native American Tribes. Multi-single or Individuals braids are very common and the always in trend most popular braids or woven hair, cornrows.

Braids are 3 strands of hairs combined in one to create different hair designs. This technique has been done for centuries. Many ancient statues depletes the Indigenous wearing braids or coil hair like. This hair style is a cultural style not a trend. Cornrows and braids creatively worn are now hitting runways. Except the runway models in braids arent the culture of the braid wearers but are the opposite. Does she look naturally authentic with this braid style? Usually this braid style is worn when you are putting a weave in but hey, its on the runway now....

Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 21, Anti-Chevron Day

"May save you a few cents cos the Chevron gas oil is cheaper but the greater impact is the lives that the company threats".  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What could happen if you tan without the sun

Naturally tanned Asians can be found everywhere, Melanesia, The Figi Island, Eastern Indonesia. But countries like China and Japan, typically, may have little Melanin or may have a complex with Melanin altogether. Nonetheless, this is a result to faux tan. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

10+ things you can do with Annatto Seeds

Annatto seeds comes from the Achiote Tree that derives from the tropical regions of South America & The Caribbeans. It is a common spice in Mexico. It was also used in Mexican Manuscripts & used in Brazil for spiritual ritual purposes in body decorating. Annatto has an orange-red coloring, similar to turmeric, saffron or paprika and it's used in a wide range of ways amongst the Indigenous people.
  1.  Make paste or powder from the seed.
  2. Add spice, natural coloring & flavor in food.  
  3. Make oil for body or to cook with.
  4. Dye hair.
  5. Take it orally as an digestive aid.
  6. Use as an antioxidant.
  7. Use as natural sunscreen.
  8. Use as natural insect resistant when applied to skin.  
  9.  Make water from the seeds
  10. Use as Decorative &/or Paint: 
  • skin
  • body
  • pottery
  • fabric
  • jewelery 
  • other materials
  • outside/inside textiles 

    20 Things US Indigenous People would or would not do

    1. We would not remove trees, plants or other plant life forms from their natural inhabitant. We would not remove trees for power lines or relocate them for "show" in suburban areas.  
    2. We would not have Zoo's nor remove, ship off or send wild animals to be held in bondage. We would try to place them back in their original location surrounding its original people. 
    3. We would give back the land mass that belongs to Mexicans and Native Americans before the removal by Colonels and Colonization. 
    4. We would try to dis-assimilate from English language, culture and customs including being at a workplace during sunlight for 8 hours. 
    5. We would immediately tear down any unnecessary buildings, starting with churches and schools. 
    6. We would eliminate paper money. Indigenous way of life was trade, the better way.  
    7. We would completely get rid of any food, fruit or vegetable hybrid genetically modified/gmo, artificial, cloned or injected with pesticides, etc. 
    8. We would not have "junk" food or carbonated beverages. 
    9. We would no longer use fluoride an anything. 
    10. We would not use any man made or "medicine" that is chemically filled. We would exclusively use the natural medicinal herbs that most US Drugs take from. 
    11. We would not spray any kinds of chemicals or biological agents in the Air or use any form of weather manipulation. 
    12. We would not play God but instead respect Mother Earth and live accordingly to co-exist with it. 
    13. We would try to re-fertile land that has been contaminated as well as water. 
    14. We would not charge for electricity, water or food and it would be available for everyone at their disposal. 
    15. We would still have a form of government but a more sense-able one. 
    16. We would not microchip animal nor human. 
    17. We would provide free dental, eye/vision and medical.  
    18. We would not build dams and ruin perfectly arranged river and water streams. 
    19. We would not dump oil on forest lands. 
    20. We would respect all Indigenous & different tribes of people. 

    Thursday, May 14, 2015

    Indigenous and Colonization of America

    It's early in the morning. And as I look out the window, hear the birds chirp, see the trees blow from the wind, I started to think about this Great Country we live in. I begin to examine the struggle, that's been real, since the founding of the United States of America. Sometimes, with all that has happened, it seems like it's better to keep things swept under the rug, to not bring anything to surface to avoid hostile feelings or to avoid an argument because your realization of things may differ from the person you are conversating with.

    But I, often, sit back and just drift, say to myself, "this I just don't get it". I go back to the early 19 hundreds, when the US was establishing itself and women then, didn't have the same rights as men and weren't seen as equal but were treated as less. This woman suffrage, I still see women suffer today, the exercise to just be a woman and having to work on such days. The worse pain, besides labor pain, possibly, to me is menstrual pain (OK, and maybe dental pain). The woman body, monthly, goes through a cycle that sometimes I can't even bare. Most woman, or at least myself, during this time, don't want to be bother and want to be left in peace for the most part. To not have this recognized at a workplace, and to be subject to endure such distress at this time is insufferable and essentially, has no comparison to male counterparts. It's disparate and I hope for a change that will provide women additional days off during the time when only women go through a series of physiological and psychological unpleasant discomfort. Grant, menstrual leave (or Woman Relief Leave to not have to disclose your private business every time) as workplace grants maternity leave. To make sure this time is not being abused, since most cycles last 5 days, women should be given 3 days off a month during this time. 

    Women in America aren't the only one's who have experienced inequality. People of color of all backgrounds whether be, Black, Hispanic/Latino and Asian have also been heavily discriminated against.

    We all know of the long, inhumane drawn out pure hatred towards the black race by their opposite counterparts dating back to before America became America. Too much quite frankly for me to give into bringing it all up here. But from that time to the mid 1960's where they were given the rights to exercise their voting rights, there has been major disconnection between black people and those in Authority for far too long and now its a universal disparity. Imagine, attempting to go to the poll & having to ward off the evil spirits that still linger on or simply having to be murdered all for their attempt to be PERMITTED to having just a decent life.

    Hispanics, similar to the dominating Melanated group, since the time of the mid 18 hundreds, Manifest Destiny, that took the largest Hispanic population land mass away, Mexico, and the California Gold Rush, Mexicans and other "Latinos" to this date are viewed and treated much like they were back then. Servants and domestics for the white race who were lucky enough to have weapons that would force millions to be marched away from their very own homelands to later becoming aliens subject to discrimination for illegally being there.

    In the mid 19 hundreds, as I type this in phantom, I feel for the Asian Japanese who during World War II were rounded up & similar to the Native Americans, in the early 16 hundreds, relocated and removed forcefully to internment camps reservations in the United States. I feel for the Chinese with Acts like the Chinese Exclusion Acts and I only can't help but to wonder, why is no one else bothered by this? No one seems to get, besides us, the powerless, how all this of the past would be the reason the present is the way it is. Why aren't the descendents of these colonizers and lawmakers making a righteous change? Oprah said it best and they want to turn around and call her a Racist. 

    We are dealing with beings who have a fixation for war. We are quite the opposite. Think about how different this global world would be, if there were never any weapons invented like firearms and nuclear bombs. I can assure you this, there wouldn't be any world wars, intimidation or force labor to the extend of cross country and ultimately, we wouldn't live nothing like this. Who would be the majority and who would be superiority? Thinking this way is the only thing that gives me hope.

    Hope that one day, since we have to live colonized, because it's pretty much no going back to living non-colonized since this is the only way we know, I'm hoping that the world diseases that was brought with colonization would ceases and that finally, we wouldn't need a law that says we were FREE because it wouldn't be a privilege it would be a natural human right that would just naturally let us be because it would be just naturally given. 

    Wednesday, May 6, 2015

    What causes skin color? Inferior Complex - Do you have one?

    What causes skin color, in fact, all the colors in the world, is Melanin. Do you have a complex about your skin color? Are you proud to be your ethnicity? Do you prefer your 2nd language over your first language? Do you feel inferior? Do you know you are superior? Do you find it hard to accept having a accent or accepting others for their skin color or nationality? Would you say you feel insecure or have self esteem issues because of your skin color or your race?

    Every other Sunday we will be host a hour long session about these topics via web series.

    Would you be interested?
    This show concept will be about: Inferior Complex - Do you have one? 

    An inferiority complex is the state of mind in which people of color are in almost as if people of color are under a trance. This is a direct consequence due to mainly, the English Colonization that has only manifest a few centuries back. If only people of color knew the greatness key of life that they display in just their outer appearance, the soulfulness of Melanin. Soul music, soul food,  soul people, it's not hard to decipher why these soulful expressions identify and conjoin to the people who are the dominated earthly race.  

    Melanin is the total opposite of Inferior but due to this colonization that came with a inhumanely force of authority, weaponry and brutality, wiping out races of Indigenous Natives with mere contact to these White Settlers due  to their immune system unable to fight off the diseases that they settlers brought with them. The fact that this non Melanin active race brought these diseases and now on average a vaccine and immune shot, mandate in some places, is promoted year round sends a red flag that non-whites could possibly still be threatened by these same white beings.

    Not having an immune system strong enough to fight disease brought on by whites isn't inferior. Having skin that coexist naturally with the sun and obtain health benefits from absorbing this light, is not by any means inferiority. Having hair that produces natural oils and frequency coils, is also not inferior. To have a superb, unexplained (despite countless of research and studies)  brain that can naturally express creativity in all forms, is not inferior but at a all time greatness, as great as the pyramids and ruins that they go and also exploit and explore.

    Having Melanin, the same Melanin they synthesis to save non-Melanic patients are not factors that characterize an inferior complex. Overcoming Inferiority Complex will only begin when you understand the utmost worth that you represent with this Melanin.

    Causes of Inferiority Complex is Colonization and assimilation. The decimate of people with pigmentation, plants and animals all have been affected by the actions of Colonization worldwide. To be assimilated is nothing to have a shrug on the shoulder about. To be further away from who you are only to succeed for a position in a corporation is an act of a Greek Nekros, nothing more, nothing less.

    Much like animals who are  captivated and taken from their natural habitat to be placed in an environment such as a Zoo that mimics their natural dwelling is beyond illogical and completely barbarous and unfortunately, we are living the same way too. These are all forms of Colonization. We only have a Inferiority complex because we are forced to. We  define this inferior complex disorder solely to a skin color that has been oppressed but is incredible and undefined and that some even call magical. 

    Tuesday, May 5, 2015

    What does Cinco de Mayo Celebrate?

    The meaning of Cinco de Mayo is not chips, salsa and getting drunk drinking cerbesas. The origin of cinco de Mayo is a very brutal one involving war and the taking of one country by one that mission was to come to that country and invade the land, minerals and metals. The History of Cinco de May begins with Napoleon of France. He did not go to Mexico because Mexico couldn't pay back war debts to Europe. This like many other facts in these last few centuries about much of the History are fabricated and just plain manipulative to try to justice Europeans Invasions on The Indigenous.

    There was a Treaty of London in 1861 with an Coalition between the French, British and Spanish but the Spanish and The British withdrawal. Napoleon arrived in Mexico's main port of trading in Veracruz, Mexico to invade Mexican Mountains that was composed of Silver to fund his Empire. The French were an enemy force, Military Operations took place and would attempt to siege Mexico but only losing with The Mexican War winning Victory.

    During the Franco-Mexican War as it is called, The US was also having a war called The Civil War of their own between Slave States that wanted Secession from the US to continue enforcing slavery on those against their will and The Union or The North. Back to Mexico, In 1862, May 5th, The Mexican Forces defeated the French Army in what is called the Battle of Puebla, The Battle of the Pueblo, and this is why in America there is a Cinco de Mayo Holiday.

    Unfortunately, French Reinforcement arrived with more French Troops between September and October occupied the Port of Tamaulipas and without any further known challenges they seized Veracruz. So, this is what inspired Cinco de Mayo celebrations. The fact that at one point the battle of puebla was won. Cinco de mayo colors are the same color of the Mexican Flag, red, white and green. When we say, feliz cinco de mayo, we are saying, Happy Cinco de mayo because that was a happy time for Mexicans to have won th french opponent.

    Monday, May 4, 2015

    The Olmec Civilization | Olmeca & The Olmec

    This Generation Olmeca

    The Ancient Olmec Civilization in North/South/Central America predates any Colonizer and The Colonizing Religion. The Olmecs are one of many Indigenous tribes that empowered me to create Melanic Tees. During the time of Ethnic Cleansing amongst Indigenous Mexicans, I felt obligated to pay homage to everything Melanin including the Olmecs. Many "Archaeologist" claim that the Olmecs, along with their Cultures, have been lost or vanished, they don't know what happened to their civilization but this is false, if you look at any Native Mexican, you will see the Olmec linage by natural evolution process and the irrefutable fact that we have just been renamed to a mere Hispanic with no Indigenous heritage! Ha! We know better, it's in our blood. 

    The Olmec religion is unlike this new world religion of medieval times, cruciform and churches that sends out missionaries on a mission to convert massive of people who believe more in The Universe and Mother Earth. This was the Olmec Religion. Understanding and being one with the cosmos, worshiping not a man but the souls of the Supernatural beings, Olmec Gods, like the Serpent that is centered in the localized area that resembles coils in Melaninated Beings, Earthlings.

    The Olmec Art displayed untouchable comparison to today's Modern Statues. The Olmec Artist were sculptors of unexplainable, mountainous Olmec stone heads carvings that were relocated, unfortunately taken from their natural habitat, into archaeological sites. They were natural engineers and architects of pyramids, stones and pottery. The Olmec history may be a mysterious one but the Olmec people of today know that the Olmecs culture is instilled in them, one way or in some way.

    Sunday, May 3, 2015

    Function of Melanin | The Power of Melanin

    The Power of Melanin By A. Ray I was looking for a word in my Webster's dictionary and stumbled across the word, "colored". The definition stated: "having color; often offensive; belonging to a race other than the white; esp. to the black race." Then I thought to myself, "Why on earth would anyone get offended being called "colored"; or having melanin for that matter?" Actually, there are several reasons why one should be proud to have melanin and remain blessed for its' many benefits. Diet An inadequate diet, physiological weakness and brain drain deplete melanin. Lack of adequate amounts of melanin deplete nutrition and increase fatigue; in turn, there's inability to fight infection and stabilize immunity, resulting in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fatigue. Melanin is, in fact your personal power. Read on and you will see.

    Computer Radiation The body is composed of minerals, electricity, magnetism, melanin and various biochemical substances. When the body is subjected to harsh bombardments of cancer-causing synthetic radiation from computers, x-rays, appliances, airplanes, cell phones, electronic games, etc., this radiation can cause cancer, blood clots, stress, headaches and a myriad of many other diseases. The darker the complexion, the higher amount of melanin one possesses and the higher the amount of toxins that individual will absorb.

    Metals such as jewelry, multiply the levels of radiation in the body (big gold chains for example). Melanin and Nutrition Melanin is the foundation for immunity. It is a free radical scavenger; it aids in digestion, antioxidants, bones, nerves, cellular and hormonal functions.

    White Sugar and Melanin White sugar destroys melanin centers (where melanin is produced) and causes diabetes. Gems or Crystals in Melanin Crystals were worn to elevate the spirited mind and stimulate the melanin and master gland (pineal). Melanin makes the brain cell for all cells in the body. When melanin is active, the higher thought is active. Melanin in Anatomy White people: -have the least amount of melanin -have the least ability for any purpose Food or Drugs Drugs cause the biochemistry to slow down, speed up, genetically altering and /or exhausting the body's' melanin.

    Drugs cause nutritional imbalances, addiction and a melanin drain. Most food is served as drugs; improperly prepared and with many additives; which alters its chemical and nutritional balance.

    The Effects of Microwaves on Melanin As mentioned before, many electrical appliances have negative effects on people with the highest amounts of melanin. Microwaves change the molecular structure of food. This radiation and toxins keeps people of melanin in a constant weakened state of nutritional, emotional, physical and psychological imbalance. Colors and Melanin The black color in skin comes from melanin and the pineal gland secretes melanin. Melanin is a gift from GOD. The ancients call the location of this gland, in the center of the brain, the cradle of GOD. Black is the essence of all colors.

    White is not a color; it is simply nil, blank, empty, zilch. Color has character; white has no character.

    Sun Exposure -sunlight increases melanin secretion, melatonin and serotonin Sex and Melanin Sex is neither physical or mental. It is a melaninated harmony of the earth, lunar, solar and galaxy cycles of the body that is ancestral, Godly and spiritual. Melanin energy convergences generate an electromagnetic flow toward the external atmosphere while receiving energy flow from the internal atmosphere. An insufficient or deficient amount of melanin spells disease. Melanin can be continuously drained due to stress to the body, mind, emotions and spirit; as well as oppression, radiation, synthetic chemicals, junk foods, drugs and environmental stress.White people use their ultimate weapon against people of melanin - oppression. People of melanin hear, sing and play music superiority because of the high amount of melanin in the inner ear bones and greater bone density; and in the melaninated hair of the cochlea receptor. The high amounts of melanin causes the ear to absorb more sound (overtones). The white racism addiction complex defends the psychosis of white supremacy regardless of ones nationality; and unfortunately, many people of melanin worldwide support this notion. The proof lies in the fact of how they view themselves; the desire to be white or light in order to access privileges. It is founded upon the belief that whites are supreme. It has created the myth that albinism (deficiency of melanin) is superior.