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Friday, May 15, 2015

20 Things US Indigenous People would or would not do

  1. We would not remove trees, plants or other plant life forms from their natural inhabitant. We would not remove trees for power lines or relocate them for "show" in suburban areas.  
  2. We would not have Zoo's nor remove, ship off or send wild animals to be held in bondage. We would try to place them back in their original location surrounding its original people. 
  3. We would give back the land mass that belongs to Mexicans and Native Americans before the removal by Colonels and Colonization. 
  4. We would try to dis-assimilate from English language, culture and customs including being at a workplace during sunlight for 8 hours. 
  5. We would immediately tear down any unnecessary buildings, starting with churches and schools. 
  6. We would eliminate paper money. Indigenous way of life was trade, the better way.  
  7. We would completely get rid of any food, fruit or vegetable hybrid genetically modified/gmo, artificial, cloned or injected with pesticides, etc. 
  8. We would not have "junk" food or carbonated beverages. 
  9. We would no longer use fluoride an anything. 
  10. We would not use any man made or "medicine" that is chemically filled. We would exclusively use the natural medicinal herbs that most US Drugs take from. 
  11. We would not spray any kinds of chemicals or biological agents in the Air or use any form of weather manipulation. 
  12. We would not play God but instead respect Mother Earth and live accordingly to co-exist with it. 
  13. We would try to re-fertile land that has been contaminated as well as water. 
  14. We would not charge for electricity, water or food and it would be available for everyone at their disposal. 
  15. We would still have a form of government but a more sense-able one. 
  16. We would not microchip animal nor human. 
  17. We would provide free dental, eye/vision and medical.  
  18. We would not build dams and ruin perfectly arranged river and water streams. 
  19. We would not dump oil on forest lands. 
  20. We would respect all Indigenous & different tribes of people. 

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