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Friday, May 22, 2015

What is this?

Hair interlacing overlapping each strand over the other can be done in several different ways including the old time french braid style where its a simple center braid gathered by all the hair. Or the two braids commonly associated to the Native American Tribes. Multi-single or Individuals braids are very common and the always in trend most popular braids or woven hair, cornrows.

Braids are 3 strands of hairs combined in one to create different hair designs. This technique has been done for centuries. Many ancient statues depletes the Indigenous wearing braids or coil hair like. This hair style is a cultural style not a trend. Cornrows and braids creatively worn are now hitting runways. Except the runway models in braids arent the culture of the braid wearers but are the opposite. Does she look naturally authentic with this braid style? Usually this braid style is worn when you are putting a weave in but hey, its on the runway now....

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