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Friday, May 15, 2015

10+ things you can do with Annatto Seeds

Annatto seeds comes from the Achiote Tree that derives from the tropical regions of South America & The Caribbeans. It is a common spice in Mexico. It was also used in Mexican Manuscripts & used in Brazil for spiritual ritual purposes in body decorating. Annatto has an orange-red coloring, similar to turmeric, saffron or paprika and it's used in a wide range of ways amongst the Indigenous people.
  1.  Make paste or powder from the seed.
  2. Add spice, natural coloring & flavor in food.  
  3. Make oil for body or to cook with.
  4. Dye hair.
  5. Take it orally as an digestive aid.
  6. Use as an antioxidant.
  7. Use as natural sunscreen.
  8. Use as natural insect resistant when applied to skin.  
  9.  Make water from the seeds
  10. Use as Decorative &/or Paint: 
  • skin
  • body
  • pottery
  • fabric
  • jewelery 
  • other materials
  • outside/inside textiles 

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