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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What causes skin color? Inferior Complex - Do you have one?

What causes skin color, in fact, all the colors in the world, is Melanin. Do you have a complex about your skin color? Are you proud to be your ethnicity? Do you prefer your 2nd language over your first language? Do you feel inferior? Do you know you are superior? Do you find it hard to accept having a accent or accepting others for their skin color or nationality? Would you say you feel insecure or have self esteem issues because of your skin color or your race?

Every other Sunday we will be host a hour long session about these topics via web series.

Would you be interested?
This show concept will be about: Inferior Complex - Do you have one? 

An inferiority complex is the state of mind in which people of color are in almost as if people of color are under a trance. This is a direct consequence due to mainly, the English Colonization that has only manifest a few centuries back. If only people of color knew the greatness key of life that they display in just their outer appearance, the soulfulness of Melanin. Soul music, soul food,  soul people, it's not hard to decipher why these soulful expressions identify and conjoin to the people who are the dominated earthly race.  

Melanin is the total opposite of Inferior but due to this colonization that came with a inhumanely force of authority, weaponry and brutality, wiping out races of Indigenous Natives with mere contact to these White Settlers due  to their immune system unable to fight off the diseases that they settlers brought with them. The fact that this non Melanin active race brought these diseases and now on average a vaccine and immune shot, mandate in some places, is promoted year round sends a red flag that non-whites could possibly still be threatened by these same white beings.

Not having an immune system strong enough to fight disease brought on by whites isn't inferior. Having skin that coexist naturally with the sun and obtain health benefits from absorbing this light, is not by any means inferiority. Having hair that produces natural oils and frequency coils, is also not inferior. To have a superb, unexplained (despite countless of research and studies)  brain that can naturally express creativity in all forms, is not inferior but at a all time greatness, as great as the pyramids and ruins that they go and also exploit and explore.

Having Melanin, the same Melanin they synthesis to save non-Melanic patients are not factors that characterize an inferior complex. Overcoming Inferiority Complex will only begin when you understand the utmost worth that you represent with this Melanin.

Causes of Inferiority Complex is Colonization and assimilation. The decimate of people with pigmentation, plants and animals all have been affected by the actions of Colonization worldwide. To be assimilated is nothing to have a shrug on the shoulder about. To be further away from who you are only to succeed for a position in a corporation is an act of a Greek Nekros, nothing more, nothing less.

Much like animals who are  captivated and taken from their natural habitat to be placed in an environment such as a Zoo that mimics their natural dwelling is beyond illogical and completely barbarous and unfortunately, we are living the same way too. These are all forms of Colonization. We only have a Inferiority complex because we are forced to. We  define this inferior complex disorder solely to a skin color that has been oppressed but is incredible and undefined and that some even call magical. 

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