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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Function of Melanin | The Power of Melanin

The Power of Melanin By A. Ray I was looking for a word in my Webster's dictionary and stumbled across the word, "colored". The definition stated: "having color; often offensive; belonging to a race other than the white; esp. to the black race." Then I thought to myself, "Why on earth would anyone get offended being called "colored"; or having melanin for that matter?" Actually, there are several reasons why one should be proud to have melanin and remain blessed for its' many benefits. Diet An inadequate diet, physiological weakness and brain drain deplete melanin. Lack of adequate amounts of melanin deplete nutrition and increase fatigue; in turn, there's inability to fight infection and stabilize immunity, resulting in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fatigue. Melanin is, in fact your personal power. Read on and you will see.

Computer Radiation The body is composed of minerals, electricity, magnetism, melanin and various biochemical substances. When the body is subjected to harsh bombardments of cancer-causing synthetic radiation from computers, x-rays, appliances, airplanes, cell phones, electronic games, etc., this radiation can cause cancer, blood clots, stress, headaches and a myriad of many other diseases. The darker the complexion, the higher amount of melanin one possesses and the higher the amount of toxins that individual will absorb.

Metals such as jewelry, multiply the levels of radiation in the body (big gold chains for example). Melanin and Nutrition Melanin is the foundation for immunity. It is a free radical scavenger; it aids in digestion, antioxidants, bones, nerves, cellular and hormonal functions.

White Sugar and Melanin White sugar destroys melanin centers (where melanin is produced) and causes diabetes. Gems or Crystals in Melanin Crystals were worn to elevate the spirited mind and stimulate the melanin and master gland (pineal). Melanin makes the brain cell for all cells in the body. When melanin is active, the higher thought is active. Melanin in Anatomy White people: -have the least amount of melanin -have the least ability for any purpose Food or Drugs Drugs cause the biochemistry to slow down, speed up, genetically altering and /or exhausting the body's' melanin.

Drugs cause nutritional imbalances, addiction and a melanin drain. Most food is served as drugs; improperly prepared and with many additives; which alters its chemical and nutritional balance.

The Effects of Microwaves on Melanin As mentioned before, many electrical appliances have negative effects on people with the highest amounts of melanin. Microwaves change the molecular structure of food. This radiation and toxins keeps people of melanin in a constant weakened state of nutritional, emotional, physical and psychological imbalance. Colors and Melanin The black color in skin comes from melanin and the pineal gland secretes melanin. Melanin is a gift from GOD. The ancients call the location of this gland, in the center of the brain, the cradle of GOD. Black is the essence of all colors.

White is not a color; it is simply nil, blank, empty, zilch. Color has character; white has no character.

Sun Exposure -sunlight increases melanin secretion, melatonin and serotonin Sex and Melanin Sex is neither physical or mental. It is a melaninated harmony of the earth, lunar, solar and galaxy cycles of the body that is ancestral, Godly and spiritual. Melanin energy convergences generate an electromagnetic flow toward the external atmosphere while receiving energy flow from the internal atmosphere. An insufficient or deficient amount of melanin spells disease. Melanin can be continuously drained due to stress to the body, mind, emotions and spirit; as well as oppression, radiation, synthetic chemicals, junk foods, drugs and environmental stress.White people use their ultimate weapon against people of melanin - oppression. People of melanin hear, sing and play music superiority because of the high amount of melanin in the inner ear bones and greater bone density; and in the melaninated hair of the cochlea receptor. The high amounts of melanin causes the ear to absorb more sound (overtones). The white racism addiction complex defends the psychosis of white supremacy regardless of ones nationality; and unfortunately, many people of melanin worldwide support this notion. The proof lies in the fact of how they view themselves; the desire to be white or light in order to access privileges. It is founded upon the belief that whites are supreme. It has created the myth that albinism (deficiency of melanin) is superior.

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