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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Indigenous and Colonization of America

It's early in the morning. And as I look out the window, hear the birds chirp, see the trees blow from the wind, I started to think about this Great Country we live in. I begin to examine the struggle, that's been real, since the founding of the United States of America. Sometimes, with all that has happened, it seems like it's better to keep things swept under the rug, to not bring anything to surface to avoid hostile feelings or to avoid an argument because your realization of things may differ from the person you are conversating with.

But I, often, sit back and just drift, say to myself, "this I just don't get it". I go back to the early 19 hundreds, when the US was establishing itself and women then, didn't have the same rights as men and weren't seen as equal but were treated as less. This woman suffrage, I still see women suffer today, the exercise to just be a woman and having to work on such days. The worse pain, besides labor pain, possibly, to me is menstrual pain (OK, and maybe dental pain). The woman body, monthly, goes through a cycle that sometimes I can't even bare. Most woman, or at least myself, during this time, don't want to be bother and want to be left in peace for the most part. To not have this recognized at a workplace, and to be subject to endure such distress at this time is insufferable and essentially, has no comparison to male counterparts. It's disparate and I hope for a change that will provide women additional days off during the time when only women go through a series of physiological and psychological unpleasant discomfort. Grant, menstrual leave (or Woman Relief Leave to not have to disclose your private business every time) as workplace grants maternity leave. To make sure this time is not being abused, since most cycles last 5 days, women should be given 3 days off a month during this time. 

Women in America aren't the only one's who have experienced inequality. People of color of all backgrounds whether be, Black, Hispanic/Latino and Asian have also been heavily discriminated against.

We all know of the long, inhumane drawn out pure hatred towards the black race by their opposite counterparts dating back to before America became America. Too much quite frankly for me to give into bringing it all up here. But from that time to the mid 1960's where they were given the rights to exercise their voting rights, there has been major disconnection between black people and those in Authority for far too long and now its a universal disparity. Imagine, attempting to go to the poll & having to ward off the evil spirits that still linger on or simply having to be murdered all for their attempt to be PERMITTED to having just a decent life.

Hispanics, similar to the dominating Melanated group, since the time of the mid 18 hundreds, Manifest Destiny, that took the largest Hispanic population land mass away, Mexico, and the California Gold Rush, Mexicans and other "Latinos" to this date are viewed and treated much like they were back then. Servants and domestics for the white race who were lucky enough to have weapons that would force millions to be marched away from their very own homelands to later becoming aliens subject to discrimination for illegally being there.

In the mid 19 hundreds, as I type this in phantom, I feel for the Asian Japanese who during World War II were rounded up & similar to the Native Americans, in the early 16 hundreds, relocated and removed forcefully to internment camps reservations in the United States. I feel for the Chinese with Acts like the Chinese Exclusion Acts and I only can't help but to wonder, why is no one else bothered by this? No one seems to get, besides us, the powerless, how all this of the past would be the reason the present is the way it is. Why aren't the descendents of these colonizers and lawmakers making a righteous change? Oprah said it best and they want to turn around and call her a Racist. 

We are dealing with beings who have a fixation for war. We are quite the opposite. Think about how different this global world would be, if there were never any weapons invented like firearms and nuclear bombs. I can assure you this, there wouldn't be any world wars, intimidation or force labor to the extend of cross country and ultimately, we wouldn't live nothing like this. Who would be the majority and who would be superiority? Thinking this way is the only thing that gives me hope.

Hope that one day, since we have to live colonized, because it's pretty much no going back to living non-colonized since this is the only way we know, I'm hoping that the world diseases that was brought with colonization would ceases and that finally, we wouldn't need a law that says we were FREE because it wouldn't be a privilege it would be a natural human right that would just naturally let us be because it would be just naturally given. 

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