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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why does it matter who designs Tees or Clothing in general?

It doesn't matter necessarily who are the designers of brands. But it matters when the owners of these brands have Melanic designers on board however, ads and spreads don't display that. Instead they show white "models" who are dressed in creative, "hip hop" or "urban" clothing and/or have Melanic characteristics (big coil curls, or enhanced lips and/or tanned pretty Melaninated skin). We are not the minority in Music nor in Fashion and instead of trying to "find" that one brand, I decided Why not be that brand! I design it, Me! Who looks like you!

Does it matter to you who cloth you wear? Do you wear the "label" or the "designer"? <How would you know if what you wear is the "brand" because you have not met the designer (yet!)

Nice to meet you! 

Melanic Tees?

Melanic Tees is a Set of Cool Tees (Coolection) specifically designed for Feminine Girls who appreciate and see the value in Self Expression Tees. MT's (Melanic Tees') is Extraordinary paying gratitude and acknowledgment to the root of all creations: Melanin. Rest assure, These tees are not coming from "Brands" who pay people to design for it's company. It's coming from a group of people who look like you, think like you and is creative as you! Like 80's & 90's Hip Hop, Melanic Tees is more so of the goods in the message then for profit. Melanic Tees for every Melaninated Women&Girl! Exhibit your Melanism!

Why Melanic Tees for you?