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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If Beyonce can have an alter ego and other "Artist" how come Nick Cannon can't have a white alter ego name Connor Smallnut?

Because of the hatred embedded in the melting pot of America, a comedian who doesn't have a track record with racism, racist friends or affiliated to any racist organizations, in fact, married to a biracial woman, Mariah Carey; Nick Cannon can't even dress up like a :totally rad out" white boy because it's now called "reverse racism". Meaning instead of the usual, white racist, it's now someone else returning the treatment. This term, Reverse racism, symbolizes someone who is nonwhite but does something oppressive.

Is Nick Cannon "white dude" look racist? He look like that white boy who had everyone fooled talking about his "24" or (Foes how he says it) but infact was a white boy,  mackelmore, rapping on black music/ black beats.

Is this similar to whites putting on black make up portraying black performers, to entertain or blatantly poke fun in times where slavery was legal and the equivalent of a white man and a black one was non-existing?

How come it's OK for Justin Beaver and miley cyrus, mackamore to mimic black artist and/or black culture but to promote an album called, white people party music it would only make sense, wouldn't it for Nick to get into actual character. American Idol always have whites singing "soul music" when we all know who stabilized the rhythm and blue in R&B.

If Beyonce can have an alter ego and other "Artist", How come Nick Cannon can't have a white alter ego name Connor Smallnut?

"Black face" begun in the most racist times when killing and lynching was done in the public on street corners. As early as 2008, Robert Downey Jr, in Tropic Thunder, played the whole role in "Black costume" but he's just "acting" right?


From "They would then create an offensive stereotypical caricature of a black person for humor, not giving any thought to dehumanizing nature of their act. The practice was popular during the 19th century, propagating American racist stereotypes such as the "happy-go-lucky darky on the plantation" or the "dandified coon." This so-called art was popular for about 100 years, starting in the states in the 1830's and qickly making its way overseas".. Read more

Monday, March 24, 2014

Black and White Mix

How is it to be this? Melanin skin w/ white mixed in.

Lupita Nyong'o Melanin Skin

They said, Oprah even called her Beautiful.

The preference for light skin.

By who? Who is this preference by?
Her beautiful Melanin.

Yet, in the motherland she wanted less
pigment even try to cut deals with God
so that she could have lighter skin.

Raised in Kenya and like us American Color girl,
she too, wanted skin less equivalent
becos we really haven't been taught about this magic brown skin that we are dressed in...  

Why is this?
Why would anyone want skin that doesn't have all the benefits that Melanin give?

Melanin, dammit.

VOW to know in YOU it exist.

Lupita Nyong'o  Complexion Obstacles HP

Empowering Women is Empowering The Nations

What is a woman in Nations that consider women second class citizens, inferior to the superior man, prone to rape, being assaulted, harassed and violated?

What is a role of women in society?
Who created this state of being for women?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Arizona and Georgia Immigration Laws, hate and hatred

Controversial immigration issues, Immigration decisions and laws some unthinkable. How can a actual real human come up with such buffoonery and spoof to call Old Mexicans "immigrants"?

The latest on new immigration bill constantly throw in sourness to the melting browning back of America. Pre-Americans have always been colored and the united states immigration bill has always from it's origin has been fraudulent and the mother of law breaking and human rights assaults and violations.

Protect and serve the community is in fact the organization of the brotherhood because evidence proves that the police kills those who are teenagers and now no one just about trust them. 

Anti immigration bill only is applicable to people with spanish accents, spanish last names and skin as dark as the color of the indigenous people who by many were killed by the ancestors of today's managers, business/land owners and law makers that use brown services in exchange for slave wage although, American's "need jobs" they say, but those employers who employee Melanic workers rather not pay, so they created animosity and resentment when everyone is trying to find ways to make it. Why you mad muthafukkka, why the hate bitch as Plymouth rocker, sun blocker?

SB1070 Arizona immigration law and other similar laws state wide have created tension and resentment towards another race of people who are accepting lower wages to also, like them, try to make it.

Get mad, get sad then weep. Understand the plan that comes from the powers that be.

Take the anger to the organizations
not the people putting in work for money that to them also brings shelter, food and other life needs.

Making ends meet. 

Effects of Arizona Immigration law
and placing brown kids in white environment
creating self awareness of brown hateness

Laws CEASE, breaks so many human rights, can't beg for no more mercy.

The land of the land, not the law of the man in most cases justified by the US Supreme Court.
Who am I suppose to ask for more if I can't get basic human necessities? 




Efi Boquio

Ever wonder why usually black hair is on brown skin?

Having Dark or Black Hair is the best hair color to have, that is, if you want shiny, glossy and healthy looking hair. And I am not saying this because I myself have black hair.

Usually hair looks better when it's darker and usually the hair itself is much healthier versus any  other color.

A stylist has said that he has seen the most driest damage hair look much better and a lot more healthier once he has processed hair with a darker hue.

Ever wonder why usually black hair is on brown skin? This is because of the DNA pigment, Melanin. Melanin not only gives color to your skin but also your hair. Dark hues of hair, is also Melanin.

Is hair oil good for hair? YES!

People of color, Melanic people, need their hair moisturized because of the sun contact with the top of your hair, so it needs to be hydrated and usually natural oils to your natural hair oils go hand in hand.

Using coconut oil on natural hair, or castor oil for hair is an important essential for natural black and brown hair. Avocado for black hair intensify the hair coloring and in months, that long black hair will be noticeable anywhere.

The benefits of having black hair is a long list one,, Can you name some?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Glad to see you haven't had any plastic surgery

"I am glad to see you haven't had any plastic surgery".

 Many people "think" that those who get plastic surgery aren't displeased or dissatisfied with how they see themselves when they look in the mirror. But they must be. Please don't feed that naive. 

To "try" to modify what the creator has already created by going under "the knife" or injecting chemicals inside your skin and into your blood stream that somehow "freezes" the aging of your skin as in "Anti-aging", is a mind frame out of this world of cloning, filters and botox.

The beauty about Melanin is that none of this for us is really necessary. The beauty about Melanin is that those who use "Anti-Age" products often have ZERO Melanin therefore needing "artificial" to enhance what they don't have "natural".

Having Melanin decreases fast aging (this is why commonly "Black don't crack"). The Melanin usually present in the skin provides a great abundance of collagen and pigmentation that leaves Melaninated skin usually healthy, with a glow and "youthful" looking. 

While whites have this plastic surgery epidemic on lock, many of our women of color also have fallen in the trap of "self delusion". Did Lil' Kim really have to become this species that often becomes after plastic surgery?  Lil' Kim was Lil' Kim when she first came out and once she got caught up in that industry she became less of who she was and become what the fame wanted her to become. 

While whites going out and buying color to their skin, cheek implants, hips & trying to achieve a black or Brazilian "ass"; or while they are getting their lips artificially "plumped" like Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out and more here our people like Lil' Kim or Dominican Samuel Peralta "Sammy" Sosa and Save by the Bell, Laura Voorhies are trying to achieve the diminishing of Melanin and the whitening to the beauty in brown natural skin. 

When will this epidemic end and when will people like this see the MAGNIFICENCE in being Brown and having Melanin?