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Monday, March 10, 2014

Glad to see you haven't had any plastic surgery

"I am glad to see you haven't had any plastic surgery".

 Many people "think" that those who get plastic surgery aren't displeased or dissatisfied with how they see themselves when they look in the mirror. But they must be. Please don't feed that naive. 

To "try" to modify what the creator has already created by going under "the knife" or injecting chemicals inside your skin and into your blood stream that somehow "freezes" the aging of your skin as in "Anti-aging", is a mind frame out of this world of cloning, filters and botox.

The beauty about Melanin is that none of this for us is really necessary. The beauty about Melanin is that those who use "Anti-Age" products often have ZERO Melanin therefore needing "artificial" to enhance what they don't have "natural".

Having Melanin decreases fast aging (this is why commonly "Black don't crack"). The Melanin usually present in the skin provides a great abundance of collagen and pigmentation that leaves Melaninated skin usually healthy, with a glow and "youthful" looking. 

While whites have this plastic surgery epidemic on lock, many of our women of color also have fallen in the trap of "self delusion". Did Lil' Kim really have to become this species that often becomes after plastic surgery?  Lil' Kim was Lil' Kim when she first came out and once she got caught up in that industry she became less of who she was and become what the fame wanted her to become. 

While whites going out and buying color to their skin, cheek implants, hips & trying to achieve a black or Brazilian "ass"; or while they are getting their lips artificially "plumped" like Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out and more here our people like Lil' Kim or Dominican Samuel Peralta "Sammy" Sosa and Save by the Bell, Laura Voorhies are trying to achieve the diminishing of Melanin and the whitening to the beauty in brown natural skin. 

When will this epidemic end and when will people like this see the MAGNIFICENCE in being Brown and having Melanin? 

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