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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Olmec Civilization | Olmeca & The Olmec

This Generation Olmeca

The Ancient Olmec Civilization in North/South/Central America predates any Colonizer and The Colonizing Religion. The Olmecs are one of many Indigenous tribes that empowered me to create Melanic Tees. During the time of Ethnic Cleansing amongst Indigenous Mexicans, I felt obligated to pay homage to everything Melanin including the Olmecs. Many "Archaeologist" claim that the Olmecs, along with their Cultures, have been lost or vanished, they don't know what happened to their civilization but this is false, if you look at any Native Mexican, you will see the Olmec linage by natural evolution process and the irrefutable fact that we have just been renamed to a mere Hispanic with no Indigenous heritage! Ha! We know better, it's in our blood. 

The Olmec religion is unlike this new world religion of medieval times, cruciform and churches that sends out missionaries on a mission to convert massive of people who believe more in The Universe and Mother Earth. This was the Olmec Religion. Understanding and being one with the cosmos, worshiping not a man but the souls of the Supernatural beings, Olmec Gods, like the Serpent that is centered in the localized area that resembles coils in Melaninated Beings, Earthlings.

The Olmec Art displayed untouchable comparison to today's Modern Statues. The Olmec Artist were sculptors of unexplainable, mountainous Olmec stone heads carvings that were relocated, unfortunately taken from their natural habitat, into archaeological sites. They were natural engineers and architects of pyramids, stones and pottery. The Olmec history may be a mysterious one but the Olmec people of today know that the Olmecs culture is instilled in them, one way or in some way.

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