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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What does Cinco de Mayo Celebrate?

The meaning of Cinco de Mayo is not chips, salsa and getting drunk drinking cerbesas. The origin of cinco de Mayo is a very brutal one involving war and the taking of one country by one that mission was to come to that country and invade the land, minerals and metals. The History of Cinco de May begins with Napoleon of France. He did not go to Mexico because Mexico couldn't pay back war debts to Europe. This like many other facts in these last few centuries about much of the History are fabricated and just plain manipulative to try to justice Europeans Invasions on The Indigenous.

There was a Treaty of London in 1861 with an Coalition between the French, British and Spanish but the Spanish and The British withdrawal. Napoleon arrived in Mexico's main port of trading in Veracruz, Mexico to invade Mexican Mountains that was composed of Silver to fund his Empire. The French were an enemy force, Military Operations took place and would attempt to siege Mexico but only losing with The Mexican War winning Victory.

During the Franco-Mexican War as it is called, The US was also having a war called The Civil War of their own between Slave States that wanted Secession from the US to continue enforcing slavery on those against their will and The Union or The North. Back to Mexico, In 1862, May 5th, The Mexican Forces defeated the French Army in what is called the Battle of Puebla, The Battle of the Pueblo, and this is why in America there is a Cinco de Mayo Holiday.

Unfortunately, French Reinforcement arrived with more French Troops between September and October occupied the Port of Tamaulipas and without any further known challenges they seized Veracruz. So, this is what inspired Cinco de Mayo celebrations. The fact that at one point the battle of puebla was won. Cinco de mayo colors are the same color of the Mexican Flag, red, white and green. When we say, feliz cinco de mayo, we are saying, Happy Cinco de mayo because that was a happy time for Mexicans to have won th french opponent.

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