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Saturday, June 6, 2015

How would you rather live like?

I was doing some research on the Aboriginals Papua New Guinea when I came across this image. I just stopped and stared at it for a minute. What I gathered from the moment, from the Papua New Guinean, from their home was in essence, peace. I thought about how it would be if we were allowed (yes, allowed, it ain't like land is just free) to built our own homes. The Indigenous way of life home is not only the most creative dwelling but it's probably one hundred times better and healthier than the houses and apartments infested with lead and other hazardous, dangerous and unsafe chemicals. I started to ask myself, how is it that the way we live now, colonized, better than this? 

Imagine, building your home with natural resources like tree stumps and banana leaves. Having no worries, financially, because your home you would truly own. It wouldn't be owned by the bank or a lender. You know how cool it would feel in the daylight with the sun out and at night with the night breeze? I would rather live like this, The Indigenous life.

Which one would you rather live in? The home you could built on your own, or in a house with 4 walls or an apartment complex of about 80 units in them. 

Don't think with a material mind, but instead just an earthling living on Planet Earth attempting to just co-exist with it. How cool would it be to just live? Let's see...

Living Indigenous VS. Not living Indigenous

  •  In the Indigenous Home, weather, temperature, upholding and possibly predators would be, most likely, your only concern.

  • In Colonization, your home whether House or Apartment, requires a list of amounts of money owed to a corporation.Some of these bills would include paying bills like rent. Rent is a regular payment, usually paid out every 4 weeks or 30 days to the landlord of the property you are renting on. In addition, on a regular monthly basis, you are demanded to pay an electricity or gas bill, sometimes, even both. There is also a water bill that comes along with this possession and if you desire enjoyment like watching actors and performers on Television, a cable bill is charged and a phone bill if you wanted to tele-communicated. Not too mention, when you live in a house you have to pay a mortgage and despite how many years you have been paying on it, it will get foreclosed if you missed a payment. In addition to mortgage, property taxes and home insurance also takes a chunk of your income.  

Indigenous Papua New Guinea on the Left. On the Right, a foreclosure home in a community and an apartment complex.

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