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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dressing like them 4 out 5 men

Indigenous VS. the overwhelming Non
I was reflecting on being Indigenous and how those who are Indigenous now really are just physically Indigenous. What sets us apart? We just look this way & that's about it. Besides my coils, besides my slanted Asiatic features, besides this Melanin, what else reflects my Indigenous? 

We don't speak our Indigenous language, we don't eat the Indigenous way, we don't practice our own Indigenous cultures & customs, this has all been taken away. We can't even DRESS Indigenous but they sho can on runways.. (that's a diff story).. Anyway, while online, I came across this Advertising from Van Heusen, so I decided to look up this company. When I first looked at this AD, I was disturbed, confused and felt total disrespect. Disturbed because, it's obvious. Who REALLY wouldn't be disturbed seeing this Advertising? Confused because this Indigenous Man looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better in his Indigenous stage than with a collar shirt on like these white men. How we became to start dressing like THEM, this Ad explains. I was also confused because I started to think of today's "trends" and they all reflect the Indigenous; with nose rings, piercings, tattoos. Because of this total disrespect I felt.

This company, PHV, Phillips Van Heusen, Corporation has been around since the late 18 hundreds (1881) and still continues to reap in the 20th century. VanHeusen 

 Phillips-Jones Corporation first received a patent for the collar shirts in 1919 and also own neckties licenses for brands like DKNY, Nautica, Perry Ellis. They also own major American clothing brand companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, IZOD, BCBG, Kenneth Cole NY, and shockingly, Micheal Kors, Sean John and Timberland. They provide these brand products to major department stores under these brands as well as under private label agreements. 

If you SHOP & spend money on ANY of these BRANDS, you contributing to the 4 out of 5 men on this AD.

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