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Monday, June 15, 2015

What's real about this female?

Fake Hair sits on her crown. 
Fake eye lashes on her face, she's bad but hard to see how
Fake altered Nose.. Fake lips.. everyone knows
Make-up caked, false advertisement
Fake Nails
Fake Ass, Fake Tits
How to exist?

What's real on this female if nothing about her is legit?

Point is, don't fall for this. 
Who this person is you don't wanna live with

Fake hair is damaging, you may end up balding 
from hair disease
Fake eye lashes can cause blinding, besides who hair is it?
Nose jobs, breathing difficulties
Fake lips, infections spread easily
Make-up compiled from all kinds of cancerous things
Fake nails chemicals also a coprit
Fake ass, google the results of complications
Fake tits, another health binding

How to exist? Without any of this.

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