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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rachel Dolezal: Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin

#RachelDolezal #transracism

Ever read this book, Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin? Many things offend me on a daily basis, shit like this book and now this bitch or when white people make comments about Black and brown matters as if they can relate to it. Or this bullshit of pulling the "black card" as if Racism Worldwide has ended. They can't and never will understand how it is to live in a oppressive system when the only outlet for a better future is to leave who you are behind and assimilate. Whites think that because our community doesn't practice the same hateful tactics of racist whites, they can come and blend, begin to talk a certain way to later just self-identify because we let them, so they can. But it doesn't matter if you end up mating with the dominating race and turn out to have Melaninated kids. The reason whites can pull off things like this, saying they mix or black when they are not, is because they lack Melanin.

When you lack Melanin, you can enhance your appearance now. You can buy darker make-up, go artificially tan in booths because the natural sun UV rays does not co-exist with the non-melaninates so darker hues they can only BUY, they are not equipped. When you are white, you can easily portray something you are not by adding other layers of falseness to your image. You incorporate darker hues, you can buy hair that would make your straight thin hair more fuller and thicker. You can buy anything to alter your appearance but one thing they can't buy is a Melanin Person SOUL. This is the difference. For instance, you can listen to Rhythmic Music but can you naturally DANCE without being trained or taught?  

Rachel Dolezal in front of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
You can try to act like any other ethnicity in which you are not, but one thing you can't buy is a Melanin Person Foundation of what makes us what we are. Some have commented on this issue saying that she has done more for the community than our very own community leaders. How is this so? What exactly has she done? She is misrepresenting herself as the devil has done and continue to do. No good for our people will come by letting a white lead the way of this oppressiveness.

White woman with braids

Rachel Dolezal, Spokemane, WA NAACP President and Professor at Eastern Washington University teaching Africanus Studies, has been misleading our people - this is HUGE. Passing as a Black woman when her two white parents say that she is not. She is of German descendant. She is not even Jewish, the Jews founded the NAACP.

White woman in Black Hairstyles
She makes up herself every morning as a Black woman by styling her hair from curly hair to braids to twist & locs. She appears to have gotten a perm, which makes white people hair curly and which does the opposite for natural curly hair. She has previously recieved a full scholarship to Howard University, a Historically Black College. She says shes proud of her "Natural Curly Hair" and even gives lectures on "nappy hair".

Rachel Dolezal should not be given a pass by just simply brushing this off as her being a Narcissistic, which means someone who has a personality disorder for having an excessive interest in something or self. This white woman is involved in non-white matters getting insights on community issues and gaining the trust of those who don't trust many of her own kind. She should be faulted for this, completely released from all positions she holds as a black woman because she is not.

This is beyond a "blackface", she is living a life that she will never get. It's a difference between symthpathize and empathizing. Her foster brother said that his adopted parents, Rachel birth parents, didn't celebrate or acknowledge black culture. Rachel is white, she is going to die white and she needs to stay outside of anything that isn't white.

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  1. Talk about identity crisis. LOL. We all know how bad white people wanna' be black.