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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Circadian Rhythms | The Body Rhythmic Format

Do you know what AM and PM Stands for in time? 

Most likely, you don't. And that's OK I didn't either until I looked up what the acronym stood for. AM and PM is actually Latin. AM stands for Ante Meridian and PM stands for Post Meridiem or "Meridian" with time. Interesting Ain't it? Meridiem or Meridian is Latin for Afternoon. Ante suppose to mean Before but now it means "against or oppose". I'm not sure if AM suppose to mean before noon or if it means against Morning not sure.. but either way when you say these abbreviations you saying it in Latin.

The Clock was used by the Romans for "time" However The body goes by it's own time. Not even time, temperature - this is called Circadian [Cir-Cadian] Rhythms. When the Sun rises, the heat is beginning to "heat" up the body. Heat as in "Energy", Energize the body. This is why you are barely awakening in the Morning and get more energy throughout the day, usually by Mid-Morning. And naturally, as the day goes into the Night, our body prepares to go into REM. Wouldn't you rather want to go by this Rhythmical Natural Time instead of Man made hours? Why aren't we going by Natural time, like other Earthly Entities, instead of going by hours made up by estimating what time it was?
When I say other Earthly entities, I am meaning like Roosters and Birds for example. You ever notice how Birds wake up chirping, Roosters crowing by the rising of the Sun? Usually, more often then none, they also retire by the setting of the sun. Why are Humans not responding to life in this form?

Because we have a JOB? Because we have to work and be on a Schedule? This is Artificial Time. Not real. Circadian [Cir-Cadian] Rhythms. The body in the daytime [AM] increases energy and at night [PM] it produces. If we lived Nature as we should be, We would be getting up naturally with the rising of the sun. Not getting up by an Alarm that disturbs our Circadian Rhythms. Stress is the Number one killer in America and Stress also affects your CR [Circadian Rhythm]. Our CR's is essential responsive for our behavior. For instance, it affects us Mentally and Physically. If our CR is altered or disturbed we wake up with what? An Attitude! Still tired talking about you are not a Morning person because most likely, your sleep pattern is off and not on Natural CR time. Ever been so sleepy you can't keep your eyes open? This is an altered behavior because you are not One, so to speak, with your Natural time. It also affects a lot more, I'm sure, with time.

Love your Melanin, produce your Melatonin and get back on time with one.

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