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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sun=Light=Energy=Transmitted. Get it?

Melanin source is the sun. 

Although, people of color already have the gland, pineal glands, that naturally darkens the Skin with Vitamins it only gets activated through the Sun. Sun=Light=Energy=Transmitted. Get it? 

That's why it is very important to get natural sun light everyday especially if you are a Natural Hueman being. The darker your skin is the closes to 100% Melanination you are! That's a beautiful thing! 2pac "the darker the berry" - - the deeper the roots! was symbolizing this, Melanin.
Melanin doesn't stop there neither. Melanin also plays a portion in your eye sight and color. The healthier your Melanin production is the better your eye sight is and the clearer your color and  hair color and texture, creative and physical abilities. Basketball is a brain functioning power. Almost like being a physic depending on your energy to get your brain to transmit the power of it to the ball and into the basketball. 

Melanin is part of the brain and without Melanin your brain wouldn't function properly. How much do you know about Melanin? Wouldn't you want to know what makes your brown or why your curls are spirals and why her hair has tight curls and why her hair is thick and into a nice shape afro? Or you ever wonder why your complexion is high yellow while hers is caramel? Never thought why whites have blonde hair and blue eye, generally, and people of color range in shades of brown and hair varies? I read a bold statement today that said Sun really doesn't play any part in our life. What a bold face lie and one you should never believe if you are a person of color. The Sun to you means everything. Without the sun you wouldn't grow and the world would be a life less and cold place without any growth of anything. Plant or hueman life couldn't and can't grow without the Sun. The Sun rises and resurrects much like you do every day and night. This pattern is universal and purposeful in life. Without the other there would be none. Melanin is who you are. 

Express it by living it and loving it and wear it!

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