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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Melancholy, Melanin & Supremacy

You often here of White Supremacy; but in all aspects, You, a person of color, are the ultimate Supreme. Why are you the Supreme? Because Melanin is the true rhythm of the beat... the vital source that keeps the body in to it, so to speak. Because of Melanin and the Sun unity there is sound, strength, built, spirit, dance, vibration, movement and more... Why Mela in Melancholy if Melancholy means dark not as in Melanin but as in negative, gloomy, depressive in a deep long lasting sadness and sorrow?? 

In the Hue WO/man body Melanin activates people prime source being the Sun - LIGHT from it's rays of Energy.  It is the total opposite of what the origin of The root word for Melanin is in Melancholy. Why the root word in Melanin in Melancholy? [Melan=Melanin=Color=Black/Brown - the dark as in the dark skin of people of color and that is the explanation as to why.] Because the difference is it's not gloomy, MELANIN glows! It's not sad, people of color dance and laugh despite the struggle. We celebrate, live life under the sun and rain dance also. Melancholy shouldn't be associated to anything Melanic because Melanin is actually light activated by the Supreme Source of Energy, the Sun. Why Melanic, Melaninated, Melanical, Melanistic Supreme being of all The Earth Queendom be associated then with Sadistic??

To think about in this Eagle World of ours!

The Earth Queendom

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A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness.

Sad, gloomy, or depressed.

noun.  sadness - melancholia - gloom - sorrow - dejection
adjective.  sad - gloomy - melancholic - mournful - dismal - blueby google

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