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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why couldn't we remain who we are culturally?

I often wonder why the need for global domination? Why couldn't we just be left alone and left in the state each of our own people were suppose to be in? Why  I couldn't be who my people was, I often think. 

Why the racial division, why Native's speak Spanish & why in America speaking English is somehow primary? Why consider Native people, illegal immigrant when we are Nomadic? Why didn't I or better yet, why couldn't I remain who my people were and who we were intended to be? 
Why don't I have that option to decide: Colonized or un-colonized? Do you agree?  

It gets depressive at times, but I guess I'm so strong mentally that to this day, still, I remain un-deranged and continue to act as a law abiding citizens or at least, accordingly. I don't walk around with hate or display superiority; I have suppressed my feelings, in a sense, because I pay to live and before I know it, 2 weeks have gone by and I find myself still living and paying to live. But everyday that goes by, I look at the plainness of the society I live in and the people who look like me or act like, creative as can be, but considered just a mere "minority" or ethnic, yet, ethnic I can't really be. 

I have been told my hair to curly and "settle" it for work. I have been told my tattoos represent crook or convict yet, my people have been getting tattooed as long as the Polynesians been using the word, Tatu. 

You see them, these people. Look at us! What do we have in common? We are all COLORED. Dressed from the Earth; furs, bows & feathers. Tribal Designs, paint from the mud, sundried fruits and banana leaves dressing our naked bodies. 

These people STILL EXIST.. Somewhere out there far from SOCIETY

This is NOT Satanic or "uncivilized"! This right here, is Gangsta! This is Individuality of Culture. True Self Expression

How many BLACK Woman do you see with NATURAL HAIR like this???? Who would want to "RELAX" this shit?

Twist, locs, braids, puffs and this. How many hair styles can one do with coils like these?? How creative and bad is this chick hairstyle?

One word: BAD, man! Compare him to these little "dweebs".

Paint from sun dried coloring. Where is SHE on a daily basis?? This could of been ME!

Images provided for visual purposes. How many of these people do you see now personally on the street? Naw, now we all in suits and briefcase looking hella busy yet, going to nowhere road as we continue to the  dead end zone with our dead end job [JUST OVER BROKE]. 

Look at my gangsta ass people. My people; exotic, creative, swagged the hell out hueman beings. We wore tight as shit and colorful clothing, body ornaments and tattoos even covered some of our faces, backs and even some whole bodies, being who WE ARE - TRIBAL. Imagine us then and look how plain we now are. Disgusting. (Spray painting, adding color and creativity to the public is even illegal and sentenced to time in jail, what the fuck is this shit?). 

Do we just belong in the Zoo's and in museums talked about as if we are past tense? Was this so bad who we were and so ugly that my culture has been completely replaced? Why did all the color go away and now we simply live so god damn plain? 

Tan, white and black. Uniforms, white plain collar shirts with black or blue slacks. Tan shorts in the summer possibly. My people didn't dress like that, damn. How did we transform and how much of this was voluntarily. I'm so damn sick and tired of being sick and tired. Y Tu?

Why couldn't I remain my culture? Who my people were and still are in uncolonizing, undeveloped places? Why couldn't I be left for what I was? Why have to be born into this war? 
Why am I not speaking my Indigenous language, living as an Indigenous person? 

This isn't anti-government neither. It's just me expressing my emotions and mind state. Why the force extermination and experiment? Why the boarding schools and assimilation to make English my primary language? Why the English customs when I am not? Why brown people speaking English and expected to speak it properly? Why people associate Immigration with people who have been here nomadically living for ages? 

All these questions when I just want to know what I am. And what I am ain't English. I am not from England and I didn't come on the  Mayflower and I didn't land on a land foreign neither. 

I want to be who my people are; Indigenous. I want to live from everything they have taken. They go there and vacation to my root of origin they have taken. They have stole the making of who I am and who we are if you look anything like me. You see? 

Do you have brown skin (any hint of hue to you) or do you have "black" features like black, thick or curly/coiled hair or do you have high cheek bones or structure to your face like a Moor or a Asiatic Woman or Man? 

If so, then your roots too have been pulled forcefully from the ground up and re-planted with a whole nother form of mind now hybrid.

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