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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Rifle & Bible Tee

States murder rates, firearms that take millions of countless lives everyday in America at times for no just reason or from gun violence or from hate or vicious violent crimes, is now very common in modern USA and for this reason this Tee was created. 

This Tee was created to not forget the foundation of how we live in this society in which we live in. These two things were used heavily during the manifest destiny, trails of tears and other relocation and displacement operations. 

Gun control always seems to be the topic of the evening news yet yearly murders or killings from guns are growing higher and higher. Teens, the young and the old, men and women die from fire arms, guns and rifles. Many also, inside and outside America, die for and because of religion, for the cross that represents sacrifice. 

Animals, even, get murdered as a hunting sports game played mainly by White Europeans and white Americans. Fishes, birds, pigeons, rabbits and dears are some of the victims to this taunting game. Moose's who heads are hung on old walls also are a result to this twisted game of preying on the defenseless.  

The History of Colonization in America is deeply rooted  with the domination of religion and the weaponry used to make sure the mission was concluded.

The Rifle & Bible Tee was inspired by the formation of corporations in the making of America's Guns, rifles other land and air weapons that have been used to dominate since the beginning of contact with those wanting to colonize and control races not common to theirs.

The origins of Rifles as to why they were made is always difficult to trace but where rifle/guns were made started in Europe and brought into America. 

Historically since the beginning of colonizer's (or missionaries like the Knights Templar, Christian Crusaders) time, weapons have been used and wars have been going on. Guns, rifles the seven year war, the American war of Independence, the war of 1812, countless battle wars with Native Americans and the wars in Iraq and Syria today; the domination of guns and rifles and the efforts to convert Indigenous people into a one world religion, This Tee Rifles & Bibles, only made sense to be properly names.

This Tee is important to wear because you want to exploit the matter that Rifles & Bibles are being used each and everyday senseless. Some that hate other races simply based on race, own guns and are part of the NRA or National Rifles Association Agency.

If you don't have a gun, hopefully you have something to protect yourself with and if you don't own a weaponry, it may be time to get yourself a gun, a steel bat or a pepper spray, especially when wearing this Tee because you putting those who use the combination of these two together straight on blast.  

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