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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years 2014 | What this New Years Resolution is...

When is New Years depends on what calendar you are going by. In America we go by the European Gregorian Calendar. Typically in America, all Americans, despite nationality, origin or religion, begin The New Years countdown at the last day of December. A Big festival of lights and alcohol takes places after a new years celebration on new years eve.

Many for the new years, vow to a new years resolution: to lose pounds of fat around their waist (or waste) and to be in shape, eat healthier, stop spending freely, buy a house; all so determined to challenge themselves for the new year to come.

On New Years, I did the same, I must admit, no lie. As a Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, it can get hectic becos money is on everyone's mind when it comes down to bid'ness. So, my new years resolution was to develop a network of young, small business owners with big minds to barter talent, creativity and multiply revenue by exchange ideas and creating fire!

This is my New Years Resolution, what is yours this year and will you come through with it? New Years is big in the Gregorian Calendar and maybe the idea even of a New Year becos this symbolizes (in every calendar I'm thinking) a New start! Is new years a holiday? I am not sure but it is a day of festivity to many because of this new chapter in life that begins with a New Year. A New Year to not relive what happen the last [year]. You should find improvement in self and surroundings and want to resolute and be persistent to improve your overall well being.  

A New Year means to me a New start. Get rid of everything from last year that didn't make sense, didn't make you feel good, held you down or didn't make you feel as you should. This could apply to a person, to clothing, to a credit card debt, to shoes, to other material possession; anything that should of been left in the past leave it there and come into that determination.

This is what a New years resolution is all about. In 2013, Melanic Tees was suppose to launch a, soft launch spring tee edition. This didn't happen. Mostly because of preparation but this taught me what I shouldn't do, how much time I need to prep (how much goes into putting this together) and most importantly, what I am not going to do the second time around.

Last year, 2013, I did a lot more planting seeds rather than watering but this is just another lesson in the chapter I needed to get through. Get to the roots of things from last year seeds that you planted and this year, watch the outcome off the seeds grow!

This year, 2014, different laws take place politically but personally, put the law of attraction to work. This year become a better for you. Because a better you does create a better world.  

You know... The oldest calendar was the unit of the moon and the season into a new moon or lunation. The Calendars of The Egyptian, Maya, Roman, Gregorian Calendars all origin arise from the Lunar calendar, the oldest calendar known to man kind.

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