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Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to remove black spots in face naturally

The best method on how to remove black spots in face naturally is always better rather than with chemicals and artificial ingredients found in make-up that over time can worsen the black spots or blemishes and your overall skin appearance.

Removing black spots in face is better done with natural ingredients because your skin recognizes the benefits of natural goods rather than man made ones. Black spots usually begin as brown marks but due to the production of Melanin in that area the color increases when direct or indirect contact with the sun. Because the Sun also plays a role in the development of Melanin it can cause a discoloration in that area since it is sensitive to the exposure.

The best natural ways to remove any marks on the face is to not apply anything to the skin and leaving it at it's natural stage. This includes make-up, lotions, any skin care products that have ingredients that you can't pronounce or have never heard of. If there are ingredients, even one ingredient, that you have never heard of or are not familiar with it is best to not put it on your skin. The reason for this is because most likely these products will not rectify your problematic skin but instead make you dependent to the products that only temporary offer a "quick fix".

Lemon for centuries have been the best natural source in the treatment not only skin discoloration but the whole body wellness. Lemon can be applied to the skin directly and as you know, taking internally by eating it or by drinking it.

When applied to the skin, you can use lemon in just about anywhere you have spots on the body. You can apply lemon on your face, elbows, underarms, legs, feet, etc. Applying lemon will help to decrease the skin discoloration and bring the skin back to it's natural color by naturally bleaching and fading the marks away. Time varies on how quick lemon can treat discoloration on the skin but you can usually notice a different within two weeks if you apply this lemon remedy daily. Sugar, natural brown sugar will also bring your skin color back to it's natural stage. You can cut a lemon and sprinkle some sugar on it and rub it onto your skin in a circulating motion. You can also add some sugar to a teaspoon or so of water or buttermilk and apply it with your fingertips by "exercising" the skin for a few minutes at night.

If your eyes can handle the aroma of onions, slicing an onion and rubbing it on the affected area can also diminish skin discoloring. If the odor of onion is too much to handle alone, you can add honey to the onion slice and apply it in rotating motion to wherever you like. It is also expresses that other natural elements like tomato juice, papaya juice and garlic applied topically also helps eliminate the increase supplement of Melanin in any particular area.

Treating natural causes is best done with ingredients such as these because not only will it treat the problem but it will also provide powerful nourishment for the longevity in your skincare treatment. ​

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