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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Eye sight with brown eyes and blue eyes

Have your eyes ever felt tired or dry? Maybe irritated or even blurry? Have you seen double after spending hours in front of a computer screen? Has your head hurt or have you gotten overwhelmingly sleepy after being on your computer or cell phone or anything else that's a device?

What has caused 1/3 of all Americans to wear prescribed eye glasses? What has caused our kids to start wearing glasses at 2 years old? I have seen a 2-3 year old in some pretty thick glasses. What has caused this?

Studies have shown bad eye sight is now common and that 50% to 90% of people who work in front of a computer screen has had symptoms of headaches, migraines and eye problems. These are common symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. Our eyes are being put to work overtime. We are living in the computer world instead of the real one and our eyes are paying a price.

Adults spend a lot of time online because of work but kids are spending equally just about the same amount of time. This not only create present problems but long lasting ones. Our eyes should not be straining as they are. We are over forcing our eyes to focus drastically.

Sitting long hours in front of a screen not only reduces eye health but you are also not allowing your eyes to naturally refresh. This is why many rely on artificial tear drops and eye drops. For your eyes to refresh naturally, your eyes have to blink naturally. Looking into a digital device for periods of time reduces the natural ability for your eyes to blink causing dryness and itchy eyes.

Your eyes and worse; your kids eyes are being over worked to focus on detail really nonexistence. Time spend in front of a device should really be limited up to a couple of hours, especially for kids.

Even though, people who have brown or darker color eyes are less sensitive to light because the pigment in the eyes block the light from the retina; it is still important, if not the absolute more reason why not to spend too much time online and instead turn off from it. If you have blue eyes, because your eyes have less pigment you are more at risk of sensitive to colors because your eyes can't reflect light from the retina as those with darker color eyes.

If kids, particularly those with the pigment hue of black/brown, Would of been left at their natural inhabitant which included no television urgency or electronic dependency, would these kids have better eye sight?

Many think so. Kids need to be outdoors, outside with grass to play in natural light in a world away from digital. Many believe are convinced that the retrogressive strength of eye sight is because of eyes constant contact with changing artificially colors, shapes, movement displayed on TV.

America lifestyle at a youth and under age is very robotic like: Wake up, have cereal, get dress, go to a school they most likely hate to  be at with the exception of recess or lunch and friends. They have the same 8 hour shift adult workers have.

They go home and glue themselves to the TV or to their phone, tablet, laptop, pc, etc. Say it isn't so?

These are one of the main reasons why kids as early as 2 years old are walking around with binoculars or with prescribed eye's.The modern made up world of reality TV and the internet are devastating to not only the human mind but human health.

Carrots and other fruit and vegetable help retain eye strength but if your child or you yourself are spending more than an hour watching Television or on a computer, your health is slowly but surely deteriorating. If you have to be in front of a screen, try taking a break away from it every 20 minutes.

Look away at least 20 feet, take deep breaths and after 20 minutes you can dive on back into the internet world. Doing this helps at least a little retain some of your human eye natural functions.

Most importantly, Vision works by converting the energy of the "light" or the reflection of the color of light into the chemical signifying Melanin. If you are a person who has darker features, the sun should be absorbed from head to feet including not blocking the chemistry between your eyes and the light of the electromagnetic radiation. 

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