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Monday, December 2, 2013

Role of Melanin and the benefits of Melanin

Many people, unfortunately, don't know what Melanin is. Those who don't know what Melanin is, ultimately, will not know themselves truly. How you can tell if you have melanin is by first looking at your parents, your family and yourself. Do you have skin that illuminates when in contact with the sun? Does your skin get browner under sunlight? No matter the concentration, from light tan to a dark rich pigment. If your skin has a tint of brown, then congratulations, you have Melanin.

It is easy to know if you have Melanin or if you don't. You can tell if you have Melanin also by your eyes. Do you have a dark coloring to your iris? Are your eyes any shade of brown, dark hazel or green? These hue's come from Melanin, the substance that gives a brown pigmentation to earth entities including huemans. If you have color to your eyes, your body can produce Melanin. 

You can distinguish a Melanic person from a nonmelanic person also by the shape of eyes, as in Afro-Asiatic, African/Black and Asian/Naive people. The outline, the configuration of the eye's of Melanic people is a attribute of Melanin.

The same Melanoid features in cheek bones are the mere definition of the quality that Melanin is. The Melanin factor also results in hair and hair texture. Do you have brown or black hair color and curls or coil texture hair?

The darker your hair colour is, the better in essence the hair follicles and properties are. If your hair requires moisturizer this is most likely, because your hair is Melaninated, activated through the energy of the sun, and since it is sitting on top of your head it gets first contact with the sun. Because of this, your hair can become "dry" and therefore, the preservation of your own natural hair oils needs to be moisturized.

Because "black" hair or strong hair, often called "Nappy" hair, retains a-lot of heat that comes from the greatest light source; the sun, hair (since it is a living source) becomes dehydrated (similar to how the body does when the body temp is hot) therefore needing to be "moisturized" and this is done by keeping your hair "hydrated" and avoiding liquidation.  

Depending on your hair texture (thick, dark hair) your scalp is actually protected from high UV Sun rays. Not providing proper care and nurture to natural coils and natural hair textures only results in damaged and destructive hair in the long run.

You can also be secure that you have Melanin when your skin actually protects you from how much UV lights your body adsorbs. Your body absorbs the sun "heat" through skin and if you are not sure if you have Melanin, this is by far a certainty you have Melanin when the energy that "burst out" the Sun to planet earth starts to "paint" your skin in shades of brown and retains it through the seasons.

When the skin tans, turn brown in hue, you have melanin and this is one of the greatest ways of being certain that you possess this ubiquitous and amazing, unexplainable chemical that connects just about all living earthly entities.

Melanin is present in the coloring in just about everything imaginable. Flowers, animals, the designs on reptiles and butterflies; in dirt, in the sea and the sea animals. The trees, plants, planets and in you. Source:

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