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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Differences in Melanin and Melatonin

Melanoma is a diseased caused by cancerous cells that eventually spread further causing contamination enough to cause death. Melanoma is one of the deadliest skin cancers out in this age. Melanoma is caused by exposure to the Sun UV rays.

However, people that have Melanin, contrary to developing Melanoma, are able to withstand long periods in direct or indirect sunlight, not affected by the sun uv ray, which doesn't result in red or burned skin but the total opposite, darker pigment with usually a sun glow to the skin.

People that have Melanin, including animals and plants, have a high compound hue mostly showed in skin color, hair color or dominating, as in black or brown, eye coloring. In addition to adding color, it also has many health benefits having color.  

Melanin is a sun adaptive trait that can be seen almost as a natural survival kit as the melanin you have, when exposed to high UV, can still absorb energy or light, even when your body has penetrated enough Sun energy.

Without the sun, the world wouldn’t be warm or warm enough to maintain earth survival. Melanin is now, like Melatonin, created in a lab synthetically. I wonder where they are getting the "Melanin" from to make synthetic melanin or melatonin, which is able to be purchased now in stores in pills or in liquid forms.

Melanin, melatonin, carbon and oxygen all are natural living compounds  that coexist naturally with mother earth. These high broad class of substance is being tested, studied with still no clear assumption as the real role melanin plays in the body.

Melatonin is something that usually older people buy in a synthetic form. Made from real Melanin that is produced by Melanic animals, plants or humans, to help them sleep better since nonetheless, their own body is unable to produce Melanin.

Because they are unable to consequently, they are also unable to produce the natural sleep hormone, Melatonin, that is secreted by the pineal glands that maintains proper function of our biological functions including the body's circadian rhythm.

This is a major health concern and something people shouldn't take lightly of.

Melatonin much like Melanin helps act as a shield to extreme or hot environments.

In studies it is proven when humans eat Melatonin rich foods such as pineapple, bananas the blood levels increase melatonin massively. Similarly in animals such as when birds ingest melatonin rich plants, the melatonin forms quickly together in the melatonin receptors in the brain. Some interesting facts about stuff your body produces naturally, melanin and melatonin.

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