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Monday, August 18, 2014

How I feel about Michael Brown

I want to say #RIP first and foremost to Michael Brown & his love ones. I have never met him but I feel for him, what he was feeling in his last moments & a lost I, too, have been hit with.

We all have. Why? Because he was amongst those teens we see in our communities. The same teen that we saw walking today up the street, at the park shooting ball, standing outside the store or just kicking it with his homeboys. He is someone we all see, everyday in our community.

One doesn't have to come to prejudgements as Hannity or Megan Kelly suggests on FOX, one can simply just come to their common senses and make sense of it.

Michael Brown was shot on the arms, eye and head. It don't matter in this case what his police records show or what he was doing before he, a teen civilian, unarmed and untrained gets killed by a 6 yr Veteran to the Department.

Why the need to shoot? Is this how they are trained is the question & troublesome. RIP for you & your family, young life lost so early by the hands who suppose to serve & protect the community, this is why the anger has risen.

Protect & serve the community not kill with insanity.
["Insanity manifest in ways of abnormality behavior,  uncontrollable impulsive behavior that continues, once too many times to revisit in insane patterns shown by law officials. When does the government think its enough already?. Killing when dark matters". - Elifi Blackroots

Killed this 18 yr old who worse crime that day was possibly stealing from a store.
Micheal Brown RIP August 09, 2014 killed 6 times by Ferguson Police Department, where only 3% of the officers are black. Serving a community that more than half are predominantly black. #Justicegivepeace #itstimealready

How I feel about Michael is how I will feel over my brother. Ed Henry and Ben Carson said Obama statement about Trayvon could of been his son was a "bonehead" or careless prejudge comment but couldn't he have been?

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