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Sunday, August 3, 2014

More benefits of Brown Skin/People of Color

Some of the benefits of Brown Skin is not needing to go out and buy Sunscreen. Sunscreen is not needed by people who have Melanin because the Melanin itself  protects us from in taking too much Sun energy.

The cells that regenerate from sun light protects Melanic people from receiving "too much" sun UV. When you go outside and your skin is exposed to the sun, melanocytes cells begin to go into production which produces Melanin, the hues of brown in the skin that is a natural "sun screen" and needs no additional chemicals put on it.

The darker the flesh then the deeper the roots. This refers to the Melanin you produce which ranges from 100% to 50%-100% from the Sun. People around the world from millions of years before any sun screen was created lived nakedly around the sun strongest equators points & all have an abundance amount of Melanin.

People of darker hues which reflects dominated in dark hair or dark eyes, dark eyebrows, dark skin; are Melaninated. People who have the opposite in color, have little to no melanin production.

Why are People of color, people of color again

People of color are considered a person of color, no matter what part of the world they are from, if and when they have brown skin or strong hair coils as in Afro texture hair or even in Asians who Melanin is formed in the delicacy of their eye structure.  

Because of this brown pigmentation in people of color, they are able to saturate the sun light heat & penetrate the energy of the sun exposing more hue to the skin. This occurs only in people of color who have melanin. The benefits of having brown skin is it's natural ability to take in enough Melanin and still resistant to the intake of more.

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