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Friday, February 14, 2014

Cupid, God of love & sex, known for being Magical. Guess why the arrow shoots you.

Instead of just going along with this “Traditional” Holiday, We wanted to show you some Love by sharing with you the TRUE meaning of this day. Because, Certainly – if you did know its roots, you wouldn’t want to celebrate it.
Valentine’s is a day celebrated every year with Cupid, Chocolate, Cards, Candy and Roses! Unfortunately & consequently, a high number of those who “involve” themselves with Valentine’s Day don’t know the origin at all. Who & What is Valentine’s? Who was Cupid? To begin, this day origin starts in Rome and was a Ceremony Rite celebrated from the 13th to the 22nd of February for, Lupericulous. Often seen performing in goat skin thongs & other Roman Priests would gather at this time, in a Cave named, Lupercal.

In this Cave, Human & Animal (Sheep’s & Dogs) Sacrifice’s would take place & blood could be seen all over. Then they would go and smear the “purification/sacred” blood onto women and crops to make them fertile within a year. (For host of Fertility/Sex Gods go here)

Also, in this cave, The Founders of Rome, Twins Romulus and Remus, were also born and raised there by their Mother, Juno, who was also a Wolf (below). (If you live in Cincinnati, OH you can see the statue located in Eden’s Park for yourself). In 498 A.D. This holiday was outlawed (as Christmas and Easter once was) by Pope Gelasius who ended The Feast saying it was Unchristian.
Ages later, The 1st Official ’Valentine’s’ Day was celebrated in England in the 17th Century, replacing ‘The Pagan Feast of Fertility’ to “Valentine’s Day” held on February 14th in dedication to another Roman Priest named St. Valentine’s, who use to marry young boys and girls secretly (hence “Secret Crush”).

Cupid character was also changed to a healer who healed the blind, cured the sick & helped Christians flee of Roman Execution. Often showed depicted with 2 arrows, A Gold Arrow, for falling in love and A Silver Arrow, for falling for hatred. Cupid interestingly enough was son (or Lover according to other sources) of Venus, The Goddess of Beauty and the bright morning star/Lucifer.

They are countless Myth’s to these stories but as legend tells it, Venus became very jealous of  Psyche, Greek Goddess of Soul & sent Cupid to punish her (by shooting her with the silver arrow) and making her fall in love with a demon.
But once he saw how beautiful she was, he ended up marrying her. However; in her Mortal life, she was forbidden to see him. After being convinced to take a peek at him, she was sent to the underworld with a small box. She was told to use the box to collect some of the beauty of Proserpine, the wife of Pluto.

Psyche was warned not to open the box, but temptation would overcome her. When she opened the box, Psyche fell into a death-like sleep (hences Sleeping Beauty). Read full story here. The color “Red” also, is sacred to this day & popular because of the blood and the “heart shape”, which has nothing to do with “love” or the human heart (because it looks nothing like it). This shape represents the human female opening of a sacred copulation.

Wheew!  Amazing, right? With St.Valentines, Luperi, Cupid, Venus – Black History Month surely is shorter than 28 days! Even so, you shouldn’t need a month or day, to show love for your Culture or for your love ones. It is extremely important for you to identify each and everything that you come across because most likely, (as the saying goes) it ain’t all what it seems! Now, Will you continue celebrating this day after finding out the true meaning of it?
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Who is FAUNUS (left)? He is similar to Pan, God of Flock. (Actually they possibly are the same person in Roman and Greek Mythology) Both are humans who have legs, ears and horns of a goat.
Faun is where we get the meaning to favor and fawn (as in “fawn of you”).
 Shakespeare used this rite in Act I, Scene II of Julius Caesar, during the feast when he says: Forget not, in your speed, Antonius, to touch Calpurnia; for our elders say, the barren, touched in this holy chase, shake off their sterile curse.

Did you know?
Cupid comes from Latin Cupido meaning Desire.
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