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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Behind the Colors of Race

Black get Back
Brown stick around
Yellow mellow
White right

What is the message in this coloring of Races? If you can read, then everyone knows exactly what this mean, because it means just what and how you read this.

Black may rhythm with back but all over the world you will see the Indigenous people of just about every country including Europe are Black. "Black" people are actually a person of Brown skin just a darker hue than someone else so while they gotta get back a lighter shade of brown person may be allowed to stick around.

Yellow people, which are usually Asians and who are usually considered "Model Minorities" are mellow because of this. Often in our society, the lighter you are, the straighter your hair is ---- you are more Albus friendly.

Albus, the Latin word for 'White' and the origin word for Albinism has got us all fucked up. Being WHITE isn't RIGHT. Being WHITE is something that lacks pigment in most of the body organism and usually is associated with bad eye sight and damage from the natural light source; the sun, causing cancer and life threatening diseases like cancer that often results in death.

What's RIGHT about this shit and why is being this RIGHT?

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